WATCH: ISIS Executes 3 Young Men With Handguns in Syria

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants in “Wilayat al-Furat,” on the border of Iraq and Syria, shoot three young men accused of being spies in the head. The video was released on May 2 on ISIS terrorist channels. It is titled “The Greatest Losers as to [Their] Deeds.” The men are accused of spying for al-Qaeda.

In the video, three ISIS militants, two masked one not, murder three men accused of treason against the Islamic State. The executions take place after a lengthy interview portion of the three condemned men by ISIS interrogators.

After the executions, shows more footage from past violent videos.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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They really made a show of it didn’t they? They sure love to hear themselves talk, I was waiting for one of the condemned men to turn around and tell them to shut up and do it already. It’s obvious they love to kill, notice how they continued to shoot after it was obvious the prisoners were dead?


One does wonder if human qualities supersede religious extremist qualities, it appears that the mortal version of heaven on earth is chaos and that the lie of ice-cream and lollies production a facade delusion of wanting peace. As such power, greed, sex, money, and the like must have a value in the internal structure, as in a sense black lists of execution targets must contain some form of symmetry, such as heads of family’s where potential wives are desired, community leaders in the historic tribal sense, and personal grudges. The displayed ego and gamesmanship is all indicative of extreme religious beliefs being biased and neutral (from their perspective). It is not overtly stated to what part of the command ladder this system rests, but it appears the authoritative persecution has an accountability nature that is purely religious in the legitimacy of that authority.
To superimpose this concept onto a western setting, it would be likely that slight deviations away from pure religious militant beliefs has a lower success rate than the core command structure and power control unit, as such an intermediary middle ground would display some levels of intelligence, and social awareness in avoidance techniques of the more extreme members of the group, or at least an ability to through innocent civilians under the public militant bus.
It appears that the most immediate power structure that brings the most immediate peace, is a likely target, because earth heaven is a form of chaos even if it has no strategic military objective, because it invokes a kind of religious fever, a public park close to the UN seems plausible but obvious, so maybe something a couple rungs down.
additionally, the people being executed are decided on the method of their execution based on the information they give, a bullet for compliance and a beheading for non compliance, so an additional target would be an associate of the person being executed, they seemed super conformist and a bit fairy with historic child abuse, broken nose, chipped teeth, homosexual opium eyes.

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