WATCH: ISIS Executes ‘Apostate’ in Message to Egypt & Israel

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State in “Wilayat al-Fallujah,” Iraq, an ISIS militant executes a man with a handgun after delivering a threatening message to Egyptian President al-Sisi. The video was released on May 6 on ISIS terrorist channels under the title “Surely, With Every Difficulty, There Is Ease,” which comes from Quranic verse 94.

In the video, various images of Egypt and Israel are shown prior to the execution which begins at 13:50. The focus of the video is on the Sinai peninsula, or “Wilayat Sayna,” where the Islamic State is currently running a guerilla campaign against Egyptian forces.

ISIS has increased violence against people in the region, with a photo report released on April 18, 2016 showing an alleged Israeli Mossad agent being beheaded. The violence is having a major impact on Egypt’s tourism industry, with The Jerusalem Post reporting that the amount of visitors has dropped 41% since last year.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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external pressure on group core mechanics would have higher levels of resistance and social camouflage, it appears that the duality of the young boy/man serves the purpose of duality. In retrospect to the child soldiers, one pivot point is the an additional layer of security on terrorist leaders families (that is in the sense of family hierarchical systems and male dominance and entitlement). the tight knit group of soldiers seem like an inner internal core to an outer command security platform (if you assume that images and graphs are an inkblot test), to what external pressure has forced the expression of a personal security frame is unknown, however i have considered video editing software, graphics and the like, to be similar to an ink blot test.
in a combat phase any resistance leading to professional soldiering may be indicative to an inner core of personal security, however that would be a last resort to social camouflage, and it would be treated as an infected virus, as such personal security may be frustrated with a high level of discipline and a low level of action (there has to be a trade off).
the execution is very much a form of entitlement and appears to be, (as previous to other comments referring to partial identification of facial recognition with ski masks) to be a crash test dummy.
in such a position, I would use the inner personal security in two teams, the first as a “gate Keeper” to the holy lands of religious war, where war grooming, and elite entitlement can take place, (as this also reaffirms the identity of a command structure and thus legitimacy of that command structure, Yet also the mystery [legend] of that command structure so it is mythical but real), and a second team of off site personal security (possible out of the military physical frame [body] but counter offensive able) that can transition between both locations, as such team members from both teams can have exposure to action, as commitment and discipline is illogical but must also be fed.
I think what we are looking at is a true reflection of their inner most core as a layer of security, a proven son and a backup son, in a comfortable peaceful (as peaceful as the middle east can be) place that mimics the rewards of Islam but also where the father can maintain saintly dominance in his sons eyes.
If this was the case, the sons prestige and entitlement would be a virus were external evils are guarded strongly, however depending on the internal loss and the conflict of ones own wisdom this may cast doubts on the ability to hold that security, depending on the internal workings and paintings of core group affiliation (as it acts as cancer cells the tumor or core and to effect the saturation of identified random cells to become tumors in the growth cycle), it is possible that the young son looks like the older militant and the younger militant looks like the older son, (first born tend to develop resistance to a parent such are the nature of beards!).
They may live in-between the Holy-lands and western lands, with gate keepers that operate in both worlds, as a passive non-violent system, Skewing away from Morocco and Spain, yet interestingly their execution victims look very Egyptian, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are not suitable to the language barrier and to some degree the Western Arms that operate against militants, I would say between the boarder of Tunisia and Algeria, with a lose connection to Italy, and passenger flights to Cairo, It is a good split with the most equal benefits, and maybe that is just to obvious….As the level of benefits decrease to geo-position, maybe they may live beyond a core geo position but can travel to it, with ease, that is another layer.

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