Dan & Carleen Turner, Brock’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dan & Carleen Turner, Brock's Parents

Dan and Carleen Turner pictured in her Facebook profile photo.

Convicted rapist Brock Turner shouldn’t spend years in jail for “20 minutes of action,” his father argued to the court in a letter that sparked intense backlash. His mother also penned a plea for mercy and glowing assessment of her “beautiful son.” The 20-year-old former Stanford swimming star will serve about three months behind bars for sexually assaulting a blacked-out victim behind a dumpster.

Judge Aaron Persky, himself a former Stanford athlete, cited positive character references and lack of criminal record when sparing Turner what could have been 14 years of hard time.

Brock Turner’s letter to the judge has also been made public. In the letter, Turner defends his actions, blaming alcohol and claiming the victim consented. You can read the full statement here.

Leslie Rasmussen, a longtime family friend, has also come under fire for her letter in support of Brock Turner. Her band, Good English, has had several shows cancelled because of the outrage directed toward her.

Brock Turner and his two siblings were raised in Dayton, Ohio, by his father, Dan, a civilian Air Force employee, and his mother, Carleen, a registered surgery nurse.

Here’s what you need to know about his parents:

1. A Financial Support Page Was Set Up on Facebook to Help the Family Pay for the ‘Tragic Situation With Brock’

Brock Turner with his parents, sister and brother. (Facebook)

Brock Turner with his parents, sister and brother. (Facebook)

In May 2015, a friend of the Turner family set up a Facebook page designed to help raise money for the family to aid Brock’s criminal defense. The page was deleted, but you can see a screen shot of it below:



The fund the friend was soliciting donations for was set up by Dan Turner, according to the Dayton Daily News. The account is still open, the Wright-Patt Credit Union told the newspaper.

The page reads in part:

As a lifelong friend, mother and person who has watched this family grow, I am reaching out to you on behalf of Dan Turner and Carleen Bradfield Turner.

They are dealing with a monumental life-changing and tragic situation with Brock and their expenses continue to mount. As a mother and friend, I would do anything to help my child and save him.

I am asking that you donate what you can as every donation not only helps to ease the financial burden, but it is also a show of support, friendship and solidarity.

It continues after giving readers instructions on how to donate:

Most of us personally know Car, Dan and the kids. I know that while we are not experiencing what they are feeling, my heart and faith continue to want to help and be supportive. I am asking for your help with this.

We can’t ease their pain but I hope that we can help ease the financial burden that this situation has caused.

One friend of the family wrote under the post, “Yes thank you for doing this!!” It had 44 likes when it was deleted and showed a photo of Dan and Carleen together as well as a family photo. A meme featuring a person sitting on a bench and the words “I am strong but I am tired” was also featured.

Another family friend, Marco Saccaggi, told the Dayton Daily News he plans to donate to the help Turner, who he called “extremely respectful.”

“My wife remembered he was always the first one to say ‘seat belts’ in the car,” Saccaggi told the newspaper. “For us, it was really a shock. It is not the Brock we know.”

READ: Full Letter to the Judge by Dan Turner, Brock’s Father

Dan Turner, the father of convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner, came under fire for a letter of support he wrote to the judge. Read the full statement here.

Click here to read more

READ: Brock Turner’s Mother Carleen’s Letter to the Judge

Carleen Turner, mother of Stanford rapist Brock Turner, wrote an appeal for mercy for her "beautiful son."

Click here to read more

2. Dan Turner Has Been Harshly Criticized for His Plea for Lenience, Citing the ’20 Minutes of Action’ Involved in the Attack

In a letter to the judge that he read aloud in court, Dan said his son was already paying “a steep price … for 20 minutes of action.” He went on:

He will never be his happy go lucky self with that easy going personality and welcoming smile. You can see this in his face, the way he walks, his weakened voice, his lack of appetite.

Dan joked that his son no longer had a hunger for steaks or snack foods and said that prison would not be an “appropriate punishment.”

He added that his son would be “totally committed to educating other college age students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity. By having people like Brock educate others on college campuses is how society can begin to break the cycle of binge drinking and its unfortunate results.”

Read the full letter here.

According to military documents, Dan Turner works as a civilian contractor for the Air Force, assisting with technology projects needed to help build weaponry.

A photo from Carleen’s now-deleted Facebook page from June 2015 shows Dan Turner with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Brock Allen Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brock Turner, a 20-year-old former Stanford swimmer, was sentenced to 6 months in jail for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman.

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3. Carleen Turner Was Active in Her Son’s Burgeoning Swimming Career & Was a Scout Leader

Brock Turner Mugshot

Brock Turner’s mugshot. (Santa Clara County)

On her LinkedIn page, Carleen Turner says she works as a surgery nurse at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. She got her degree at Wright State University and previously worked at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Until 2008, she was a girl scout leader.

Carleen also helped to organize events for Brock’s high school swim team.

The Spring 2007 issue of the Samaritan Health Foundation magazine features the Turner family as being active with the Good Samaritan hospital. Their activity is done in memory of Carleen’s brother, Scott Bradfield.

Leslie Rasmussen & Good English: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Leslie Rasmussen, rapist Brock Turner's childhood friend, has come under fire, along with her band, Good English, for a letter she wrote in support of him.

Click here to read more

4. Barry Bonds’ Lawyer, Nicknamed ‘the Last Hope,’ Will Represent Brock in His Appeal

Palo Alto Online reports that Turner is planning an appeal against his conviction and has enlisted Dennis Riordan, an appellate lawyer.

SF Gate reported in 2011 that Dennis Riordan represented Barry Bonds against perjury charges. The feature notes that Riordan “probes prosecutors’ cases for legal weaknesses — the evidence that violates hearsay rules or the latest court precedent, the proposed jury instructions that tilt the scales toward guilt — in hopes of getting charges narrowed or dismissed. While other lawyers question witnesses and argue to the jury, Riordan tees up the issues that often decide the outcome in higher courts.”

The New York Times referred to his nickname as “the last hope” while also calling him “one of California’s top appellate lawyers … known as a brilliant writer of motions, briefs and jury instructions.”

Judge Aaron Persky: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Judge Aaron Persky sentenced former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman.

Click here to read more

5. The Victim’s Impact Statement Has Increased the Calls for a Harsher Sentence

Prosecutors in the case had been asking for Brock to serve six years in prison for his crime. Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford alum, said at sentencing, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others.” On June 7, Persky is facing an election, unopposed, in the Santa Clara county election. A petition has circulated calling for Persky to be recalled.

You can read the full victim’s impact statement here. “You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today. The damage is done, no one can undo it,” the victim read aloud in court. “And now we both have a choice. We can let this destroy us, I can remain angry and hurt and you can be in denial, or we can face it head on, I accept the pain, you accept the punishment, and we move on.”

READ: Brock Turner Rape Victim’s Full Impact Statement

Read the devastating impact statement written by the woman who was raped by Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

Click here to read more

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  1. Wait till he gets out of Jail. He will get what is coming to him. Hope he gets gang raped on a dark street, beat up and left for dead. What a piece of crap on earth.

    • It’s amazing how the radical left-wing is always supremely and exponentially more violent than regular normal law-abiding conscientious and righteous people on the right side of politics. You people are the product of the hateful socialistic feminist movement (that was actually anti-women’s rights) of the 1960s. You people feed off of violence, adore violence, need violence, yet all the time you display the most massive hypocrisy of modern times when you claim to be against violence. Kind of reminds me of Mao Tsdong, who killed 50 million of his own countrymen during peacetime-and the masses of China, even the false “tiger moms,” went along with it and bought the whole plan.
      Also, any story that has any hint of sex at it, The radical idiotic left-wing goes out if it’s way too obsessed over it and talk about it with their perverted minds. However you love it, you love the talk about sex or sexual acts in a court case because of your perverted mental states. Your perverted minds are geared to sex you cannot help it, you don’t have the power to resist because if you’re weak minds and immaturity. Pornography and the sex culture of the modern times has destroyed your lives and your minds , your education-you’re very character-and you were so weak you actually let it happen. You have been fed this your entire lives and you pathetic people did not have the willpower to know the difference or to fight it. You truly are not freethinkers who are academically or socially autonomous.

        • It’s just to demonstrate how absurdly fascinated you morons are with the story when you don’t even know the facts

      • You just described republicans and Trump, “Hey, don’t you love my rally’s?? More fun than any ones, oh, I’ll pay your legal fee’s, oh yeah…I will”. That’s what the right has to offer……So, my mind is geared towards sex? Why, because I find an unapologetic digital rapist and his family reprehensible? Go Bush!! Take us down again…..Steven…

  2. So…on appeal by the parents’ lawyer to get even MORE leniency than was already meted out, iis it possible a new and more decent judge can instead give a more appropriate and mush deserved HARSHER sentence?

    • The appeal is structured to the verdict not the sentencing. Can only be overturned to a Not Guilty verdict; if not then the original sentence stands………. Remember inmates only need 21 minutes of action for human justice to prevail. If he was violated non-stop at 20 mins each time (Approx. 6,480 times) he could be hoping for Dad’s steak instead of Jail meat.

      • Just imagine the fun this lily white baby-faced young thing, with his swimmer’s androgynous body, will have in prison surrounded by a bunch of horny thugs. His only recourse would be to beg for solitary confinement otherwise he would experience real rape (endlessly).

  3. What a shocker. A privileged white male judge gives a privileged white male student an exceptionally lenient sentence for raping the sh*t out of an incapacitated woman. Or, as Turner’s depraved father so eloquently stated, for “20 minutes of action”. Persky is not worthy of staying on the bench. He’s a corrupt facilitator of a culture that promotes systemic dehumanization of women and I hope the effort to impeach him succeeds.

    Failing that? I take some comfort knowing that the sociopathic Brock Turner, his equally despicable father, and the criminally inept Persky will spend the rest of their lives wondering if anyone currently issuing death threats is going to follow through with those threats. It will not be an easy life for any of these deeply reprehensible men. Every time a car pulls up to the curb in front of their houses, every time a disturbed-looking person who looks like they might be packing a gun passes them on the street, every time there’s a creak in the floorboards late at night, they’ll be shitting their skivvies. Funny how the universe often tends to right itself, Just give it time, people. Every member of the Turner and Persky families will go to their graves never again knowing what it’s like to feel safe. Sort of like . . . the woman who was raped?

    • You do realize that your dismissal of the judge on the basis of his white background is in no way different from that which Trump made about the judge who has received the suit against Trump. But i bet you’re one of the loudest attackers of Trump in making such a racist statement.

    • Excellent post, Blue. You nailed it. This case highlights the shadow of white (straight) male privilege: Institutionalized sexism and racism…perfectly played out by Judge Persky’s ruling. My only solace in this matter is my faith in…as you so eloquently stated…the universe righting itself.

      BTW, I’m a white male; not straight; as such, excluded from that privileged fraternity…

    • He was caught in the act and tried to run! Nice try though. You might be able to buy judges, but you can’t buy us!

      • But the girl was drunk and consented!!!!! You don’t know the whole story and the FACTS. She even stated she doesn’t remember anything! So is Brock Turner such a monster for taking part of an act the girl doesn’t even remember! If it wasn’t him it would have been somebody else in this situation!

          • Why did Kobe Bryant get off from rape charges? He paid his way out by making a bogus massive out-of-court settlement when the prosecutors should’ve prosecuted. Mike Tyson actually write someone yet everyone’s loving him. Under California law Brock is not a rapist he did not penetrate with genitalia. Also this girl was at the party with Brock and they walked out holding hands there’s more to the story than just a pathetic 12 page letter about how she’s a victim. The drive-by media has you people all amped up and you believe everything you’re mentally fed, like cows is at the slaughterhouse. The media knows that you need a bogeyman to hate, something for you to constantly hate. They tell you want to like and what to hate they ignore facts and they make their own lies and The majority of you idiots lick it up in the streets. Now they come up with this false white privilege privilege clause when a black Kobe Bryant gotten much better treatment than Brock. It’s amazing, you have a bunch of idiot white people on TV were all claiming that this is white privilege and you actually believe them. The drive-by media spoonfeed to you information that is false & twisted and you gladly eat with glee because you do not know when you better.

            • I sure wish that someone would spoon feed you some grammar. Your common sense is running on fumes as well. Do some homework — everything you claim as fact is bullcrap.

        • Troll. Scumbag. Filth. Get your thrill seeing how many comments your post can get? Maybe you’ll know someday how this stays with you, how it never leaves.
          I, thankfully, raised my children to be decent, kind, and caring individuals.

        • If it was consensual, then why would Brock run away from two Swedes on bikes? Yeah, know the facts. No plausible reason to RUN and leave your consensual partner behind, unconscious.

        • You’re right. If he hadn’t raped her, he would have found somebody else. Nobody was safe from him that night.

        • He said he asked her if she wanted him to finger her and she said “yeah”. Really!!! What guys asks that? She had dirt, pine needles and abrasions in her vagina from his hands. That would have been very painfully and not enjoyable like he said it was for her. He was caught dry humping her unconscious body by two guys. He ran and one of the guys chased him down. He told the police she took his hand and walked. They laid on the ground with all the pine needles behind the dumpster. He said he was just getting up to leave because it was getting late when he got attacked by the guys. He did not run anywheres. The police said he had a hard on in his pants. After he found out she had no memory of anything the story changed. In court he said he was taking her to his dorm when she lost her footing. They played around when he felt sick and he was walking around looking for a place to get sick when one of the guys came towards him. So I guess she became unconscious within seconds of him getting off of her. Those are the FACTS in the police report and on record.

        • If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else!!!..You sick person. How in the world does that even make anything ok? wasn’t anyone else WAS HIM. You see that is what is horrific about this is YOUR Mindset. If a woman is unconscious someone is going to rape her. a foregone conclusion because ..Hey she’s unconscious..everyone line up! How about not RAPING unconscious women? If you can pass by a store and not run amuck stealing the flowers or the outside deer feed, or mulch or whatever the hell is displayed you can NOT take advantage of a vulnerable woman and commit a crime. She wasn’t a fracking daisy on the road, that anyone had a right to. She is a human being. Now to your claim: She “consented” and those were the “facts” ..funny the jury had access to the facts far more than we do and guess what..they convicted him of 3 counts of felony rape. KNOWING the FACTS! Your lame excuse..she doesn’t remember makes it better how? The fact that the girl doesn’t remember but has to be tested now in a few months for HIV, that she had cuts and debris inside her vagina, scrapes from being does her memory affect her pain receptors? Do you think she is felt all of the physical damage? Do you think she was scared that she would test positive for HIV She didn’t even accuse him, he was caught mid rape and fled and was chased down. He wasn’t some drunk guy with a drunk girl. He was sober enough to haul butt…but not sober enough to realize that she was unconscious? I don’t care one bit IF she had said yes 10 minutes beforehand. Guess what? When someone passes out..ANY CONSENT ENDS right there. You can not be consenting if you are unconscious. You see what really makes me feel horrible about you Anonymous..(we all know why you are a coward about your name too) Is that you think..that in this situation, if it wasn’t him it would have been somebody else because YOU ANONYMOUS feel that a male is ENTITLED to doing whatever they want to a vulnerable unconscious woman. Ack you make me sick.

      • A little known fact you can look up for yourself. As douche bag Duane calls him “Mr. Turner” tried making out with her younger sister earlier on that night and she shoved him off.

    • It’s not hard to see you’re a woman hater, just by looking at your facebook page. But you got your dig in here.

      • OK let’s all go protest outside Kobe Bryant’s house and then we’ll go to Mike Tyson’s house and then we’ll go to Bill Cosby’s house and then Bill Clinton’s house.

      • OK let’s all go protest outside Kobe Bryant’s house and then we’ll go to Mike Tyson’s house and then we’ll go to Bill Cosby’s house and then Bill Clinton’s house.

    • Sure he was what was her motive, really you are an idiot. It’s people like you that continue to violate victims over and over again.

    • You are a misogynist- pure and simple.
      Do you ever put any thought and/or compassion into your brain at all?
      Ever? Or only when it effects you personally?

  4. Simply horrible. 20 minutes of action? Try saying assaulting an unconscious person! First of all the criminal should be put away for a much longer time to reflect on the damage he has caused. Then the lawyer should be disbarred for the egregious defense he tried to concoct. My heart goes out to the victim.

  5. Thank you, for setting up a petition to strip Aaron Persky of his Judgeship. Dumb, misogynistic dinosaurs like him need to go extinct and have no business presiding over a courtroom.

    I would love to know just where exactly Dan Turner does his contract work for the Air Force in Ohio. Guess “Deadbrain Dad” Dan gets his opinions formed by one of the biggest rape cultures there is: his workplace. No wonder he’s such a soulless asshole.

    • Based on little tidbits in the article I am going to guess it is Wright- Patterson AFB near Dayton. The USAF needs to take a look at dad and his comments– if he has a security clearance ( which he probably does), it should be revoked being the crap bag he is. His comments reflect the upbringing his son probably had!!

  6. Good lord. Look at these pampered idiots and the pampered media that supports them. Brock Turner, Brock Turner, Brock Turner. How many tragedies have we non-elites suffered since the media started promoting this story? What an utter failure our system is; nothing but money, privilege, and power. Nothing.

  7. The dad should be ashamed first for his primitive ” 20 minutes of action” rhetoric. He should also be ashamed of raising an out of control monster like Brock. I hope somebody kills him in Jail.

  8. I bet if it was the judges wife ,daughter, son, mother or any family member it would of had a different out come, unless a cousin payed for a lesser sentence as might of happened in this case.

  9. He is not a very attractive young man..Probably can’t find a sober person to agree to have consensual sex so he has preys on young women who are intoxicated or stoned completely out of their minds!!! Can’t believe his parents are condoning his behavior especially the mom who is also a nurse.He is one sick cookie..Maybe he will get at least 20 more minutes of fudge packing action while he is in jail!!!

    • Both parents should be jailed for the felonious procreation of an idiot. She was a stay-at-home mom for Brockie-poo yet he began school not even knowing his alphabet. What does that say about them? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. There needs to be an investigation on the judge as well.. we all know he has accepted the bribe thats about to ruin his life too

  11. It is truly horrific what Brock Turner’s ACTIONS have created, as the young woman he ASSAULTED suffers, it seems the RAPIST BROCK TURNER cares only about himself. His father as well. It is very disgusting how narssisistic they are, and how they cannot profusely apologize to this young Woman, who has gone through hell and back. It is very sad how dark a person really is when they no longer can see themselves for what they REALLY are!! That is the human being’s most sadistic trait! Not to feel deep remorse for this Woman, to help her heal, and STOP worrying about themselves! I am so sad for this lady, and so sad to see Mr. Turner and Brock Turner at such a deficit in Charity, I am talking of real Charity that exudes from a few hearts in this cold world. It is the epitome of the failure of the whole world, when Charity does not exist in the heart of a human being. My Love goes out to this young woman who suffered, and I Thank God for her rescuers, and for her bravery to come forward for all people, women AND men who have been ASSAULTED!! Beaten, tortured, raped, and abused. Forever will you be in my thoughts and prayers.🌹

    • What about Boku Haram? why is that not news? What about, “Bring our girls home?” There also is a Dutch girl in prison for being raped and that is not even in the headlines of the news.’ Your priorities are mixed up, people. I believe you people wanted to trash the name and reputation of Stanford University and a successful student. All of you here probably could not even dream of attending Stanford. Jeolosy hurts you. :P

  12. I wonder what the fathers statement would be if it was Brock’s mother or sister that was the victim ….. Shame on this family and friends (and the judge) for perpetuating this young girl’s most horrific night.

  13. I would wonder if Brocks. Sister would her have to experience something like this and endure 20 minutes of action, would his dad support the man who securely assaulted her???

  14. In reading through various articles, I noted that Persky, the lovely judge, was also a Stanford athlete. Surprise, surprise.

  15. Brock Turner has a sister. If that sister got raped, I wonder if her dad would ask for leniency for the rapist. It was only “20 mins of action.”

      • let’s hope two monster c** for each hole…then let’s see if her dad would be okay with that 20 mins of action…

  16. What if that twenty minutes happened to Dan’s wife, daughter, or sister. Would it be worth jail time then?

  17. One word Karma … for Brock Turner and Judge Aaron Perskey … as for the father can’t fault you for standing by a son … but your parenting is certainly in question … Karma

    • Are you worshiper of South East Asian religions? Are you some sort of expert on theology or the theology of the Asian region of the world? You cannot judge the fathers parenting you were not there when he raised his children. Please abstain from your negative comments and check your distressed mental state. That boy’s family is feeling just as much pain as that girl and her family it was a bad situation for both parties. My personal belief is that this is some sort of revenge for what happened at the party that night. Remember, the rape kit from the hospital and the police forensics unit came up negative. And the prosecutors threw that out .

      • Jared: You need to remember that Brock was found guilty of three felonies. California law requires genital contact for a rape charge — many other states do not. Brock got lucky once again for using a Californian dumpster for his “20 minutes of action”. Our bicycle heroes likely intervened before he ejaculated. Lucky again! As to the parenting, the proof is in the pudding. Any “distressed mental states” are also linked directly to Brock. Naturally his family is anguished over his behavior — most people get that — it is their unqualified defence of his criminal acts that cause any moral and ethical person to be distressed. Regarding your personal belief, it is laughable but you should see a therapist in any event.

        Stand back and take a real look at the damage Brock has caused to so many people. This is the thanks he gives his parents for his privileged upbringing. Lucky lad!

        • The forensic rape kit came back negative. How can you explain this? What does that tell you? He had plenty of time before the bicycle guys came, to take his pants off,yet he didn’t. Is my professional opinion that he will get an appeal and get the conviction overturned in full. This resembles a massive “witch hunt” perpetrated by the liberal radical sicko sex obsessed left-wing.

          • Professional opinion?? Are you serious? The forensic exam did find dirt, pine needles and vaginal trauma. All THREE felonies he was found guilty of require he register under section 290 of Ca Criminal Code. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what you think it resembles, Brock is a RAPIST by definition in most jurisdictions and you’re more than delusional to think his felonies won’t be upheld on appeal. There are also these pesky eye witnesses or do you think they were planted by the left-wing as well?

            • Negative there was no DNA semen or any saliva or any other human fluid besides her own in her vagina. The legal around requires physical evidence from the perpetrator, not physical evidence from some stupid pinetree. That is why the prosecution through the evidence from the rape kit out-it was negative. It would not hold any legal credibility in court and the prosecution knew it. Also a thorough review of California state law yields of information that states that Brock is not a rapist by any legal definition in that state. I’m sorry to inform you of the fact that California is not the rest of the country- it is a totally different state from other states with its own set of different laws. One also have to realize that she did not remember what happened to her until the hospital employees suggested that she was raped. I don’t like it anymore than you do but as court official myself, this is what you have to look at. My forecast: these felonies will drop like a lead anchors in freshwater.

              • Jared: What is wrong with you? The arguments you offer would never be advanced by any court official. I conceded from the get-go that California law required bodily fluids be present yet you keep yabbering on about it to the exclusion of his actual legal woes. We all have the misfortune of knowing people who love the sound of their own voice. You seem enamoured with your written word. The rape charge was dropped but haven’t you noticed the 3 others felonies of which he was found guilty? As to why his pants were still on, you have no idea of the time that passed since he dragged her to his “love nest”. He was noted to have his “junk at full attention” by at least 3 people. Additionally, take out one of your inflatable “darlings” and try to remove your cargo pants while dry humping her [eye witnessed] and shoving debris up her vagina. It’s not easy — even for a Stanford lad. I bet the poor victim had words other than “stupid” for those pine needles. Shame on you. What is you conspiracy theory as to how the dirt and pine needles jumped into her vagina? Did they come from the left too? What about the vaginal abrasions and his admission of “fingering” her? Why was he even indicted on these counts given his crackerjack defence team unless the evidence supported them? You need to stop making such inane “forecasts” and mop up the dustballs you missed under the defence’s table. The onus was NOT on her to remember his assault on her [ see details of the Vanderbilt cases of Batey, Vanderburg, McKenzie & Banks in Tennessee — that victim was initially convinced by Vanderburg that she had been sick all night and he tended to her. That alleycat even had her apologising!]. At the time of his felonious attacks, Turner’s victim was medically unconscious and remained so for close to 4 hours afterwards. There was no consent. Since you seem unable or unwilling to understand my conceded technically as to the rape definition and continue to argue issues either resolved or agreed, you are best advised to go back to your collection of True Detective magazines or direct your attention to the felony charges of which Brock Turner has been found guilty. It is obvious & suspicious that you keep hammering away [unilaterally, I might add] on the dropped rape charges while avoiding the three felonies of which he stands guilty. You began your grandstanding on East Asian religions [they don’t own karma], parenting & mental health issues and now you press on as a court official. Good day, Reverand-Doctor-Judge Jared.

                • Point is that she could not remember if she said “yes.” You can’t ruin a person and commit grand character assassination based on the compromised and unsubstantiated memory of an intoxicated woman who was over 3X the legal limit with alcohol. This is California, not Tennessee. They have different statutes as to what rape is. That case law would not apply. Different circumstances and different people. As I stated, Turner is only a felon temporarily. An appeal will happen and he will be reimbursed for wrongful imprisonment and civil lawsuits will follow like a firestorm-he might even graduate on time while suing Stanford. The prosecution really had nothing to go on. Pine needles don’t come from humans. A vagina is an orfice and debris can get in them, especially when wearing tiny panties, extremely drunk and doing who knows what in the yard outside the building.

                  • No, the point is that you are beyond a reprehensible liar. As such this will be my last comment to you, My point about Tennessee had nothing to do with case law re: rape and everything to do with consent. You see Dumbo, it doesn’t matter what she said or didn’t say when she was conscious because it all became null & void when she became unconscious. Any character he had was ruined the second he engaged in sexual activity with an unconscious person. Most middle schoolers could understand that. You never before stated that Turner was a temporary felon — FACT is, he is NOT — he is a tried and true felon who sits in prison as I type this and will remain there for a pathetic 3 months. Then he will spend the rest of his miserable life trying to dodge the ramification of being a life-long sexual offender. He won’t even be able to get a job as a bag boy in a supermarket because it is a crime for him to be around children. It is cretins like you that make moral & ethical people like me difficult not to further despise the criminal/felonious actions of Brock Turner! If you truly feel for him, do him a favor and shut up! His parents/friends should have done so too. Your double-speak is embarrassing and you last comments are too inane and repulsive to merit a response. If I were you, I would withhold spending your welfare check on a “gently worn” sports jacket for any future graduation of Brock Tuner because it simply ain’t going to happen. But …… look at how well you turned out …… NOT ….. despite the fact that you know seem to claim fortune teller as one of your many pseudo-professions. You nauseate me.

                    • It was only my opinion that he is a temporary felon. In ever stated it as a fact. It was also my OPINION that he might graduate. Stop with the falsities and illogical standpoints. Your logic is flawed. As an officer of the court I see Turner winning in the end. You, as always, are entitled to your fiction.

                    • It would not be a crime for him to bag groceries as a bag boy because children might be around the store. It would only be a crime for him to be in a position Thant would have him working around children in a continous manner or in a position where he would have direct adult authority or supervision of children in a public real and manner. Stop making up false laws.
                      I am on welfare as the Reaganites would say- I work for the government!! Thank you for the six figure salary and free bi-yearly issued GMC Yukon Denali XL with all the free gas and free insurance.

                • The onus and burden of proof is on the state. Three serious felonies? Guess what? Turner is out of jail sept 2.- not close to 14 years or even 6 months. And he is being treated very well from as the news reports. 3 months. Kids with marijuana get more time than this. I think the judge and prosecutor knew and know turner is innocent. The media is only feeding you what you want to hear about the victim. The media is not telling you turner’s side.
                  Also. It is illegal to publically call Turner a rapist and carry signs with his name and face with the word Rapist when he was never even convicted of rape. Just like you can’t yell fire in a movie theater. If he were convicted fine, call him a rapist. But ruining ones reputation for a crime one did not commit is illegal. That is also public slander. Turner can now sue on three fronts and get his felonies erased. I blame you idiots and your left-wing media. You know what? I actually hope Turner gets off.

              • Why are you bringing up the fact that the victim did not remember? Any court official would know there is a law prohibiting sex with an unconscious person — how could anyone remember if unconscious? The jig is up — BUSTED!!

    • It is one thing to stand by your son but quite another to excuse his criminal acts and show no empathy whatsoever for HIS victim. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  18. we all live with choices daily…It’s his choice that got him into this …everybody pays for their choices..nobody should get a free pass We have to teach our children this wrong choice can change your life forever..THINK BEFORE ACTING…

  19. As a mother of multiple children, an ex-prosecutor, and an ex-defense attorney; it is not popular to point out that this case was settled justly and reasonably.
    I’m sick of seeing outrage from social media and misinformation repeated. Judge Persky did his job and he did it well.

    1. Mr. Turner was NOT charged with nor convicted of rape. Stop calling him a rapist. Repeating that term is only used to fan the high emotions it solicits. It is a disservice to any discussion. He was charged with 3 felonies because the prosecutor chose to triple charge, instead of charging one appropriate (misdemeanor) charge.
    2. There is the question of consent. Yes, as her reputation forewarned, she became unconscious at some point — was it after consent as likely witnessed when they were at a party and left together? She cannot deny this objective view because she can’t remember anything about the entire night. When you are 3x the legal limit, it is hard to remember. He could be “continuing to claim” consent because it is the truth.
    3. The fact that “the victim” had no idea anything had happened until she was instructed that she was (pardon the term) “fingered”, nullifies the extreme trauma-drama she so loudly wants to scream. I’ve heard hundreds of victim’s statements, this one was over the top. The license to create a 7,000+ word emotionally drenched ‘statement’ for something she didn’t actually experience may have been further fueled by the fact that she is allowed to remain anonymous, while his name is in every headline nationwide. The over-wrought victim’s statement of the pain she has suffered is outrageous in that she takes no personal responsibility of any kind. She also stated that she was the only person who ‘internally’ suffered. Really? He is being shredded daily. He is shamed. His world was tangibly shattered and his future impaled because of your outcry – which is at its core, based on the statements of others.

    The unbelievable degree of social ridicule Mr. Turner has received and will continue to endure until social media moves on, is shameful. If contributors and trolls to social media feel the need to pile opinions on, why can’t they be placed with uplifting positive stories instead of other’s pain? Leave it alone and move on.

    • I am desperately hoping your children grow up to be better than you. That is the hope for every parent. You are a terrible mother with no empathy, but you did already tell us you were a defense attorney. No one really likes attorneys because they lie for a living.
      I believe in justice, but I want you to experience yourself what the survivor experienced. I guarantee you that you would be outraged and disgusted. Good god I hate that people like you exist. You’re just scum of the earth.

    • And may one of your children suffer the same fate! It wasn’t you or your kid but if it was…….yea keep talking idiot!

    • Your first point is technically correct. He was not convicted of rape as defined by California law. He was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person, penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object and penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object. Compared to the prosecutor request for 6 years, the 6 month sentence plus 3 months probation is very light. Many people evidently think the former Standford athlete judge didn’t do his job when it came to sentencing.

      Your second point is off target. His story that they danced and kissed at the party and left holding hands was contradicted by other party goers. He had been aggressive with two women at a party the week before, walking up and grabbing their hips, pulling them towards him after having his advances rebuffed. The victim remember much from that night, just not late that night. He could be continuing to claim consent as a way to defend himself. He did lie to the judge about previous alcohol and drug use as well as previous law enforcement interaction, so I don’t find it so easy to trust him.

      Your third point is ridiculous. She had physical damage to her vagina, which had dirt and pine needles in it as a result of being penetrated by his fingers. While you are evidently offended by her long statement of impact, you don’t seem to be bothered at all by his 11 page statement blaming the campus party culture and alcohol use as well as sexual promiscuity on campus for his actions. It is amazing that you claim she made a statement about something she “didn’t experience”. True, she was unconscious at the time. The experience consists of far more than just that period.

      I have been around women who were very drunk. My only thought was to get them home safely. That was true regardless of how much I had to drink myself. The anger towards him is, at least in part, due to statements by he and his father that fail to take any responsibility whatsoever for his actions. They both blame alcohol and promiscuity. A friend of his also blamed political correctness.

      Bottom line, if you sexually assault an unconscious woman you should not be surprised by social ostracization. It is ironic that you socially ridicule the victim to complain about the social ridicule of the perpetrator.

    • Legal Mom??????? You said Mr Turner was not charged or convicted of RAPE…. That is why Judge Persky ( whom attended Stanford) did NOT do his job you sick twisted pathetic so called mom. I would shudder in disgust if you birthed me…

    • Why is the degree of social ridicule he has endured shameful? He sexually assaulted a woman, we will never know for sure if it began as consensual but if the person passes out that would seem to be an indication to stop. Also running from the scene doesn’t exctly scream innocence especially as he could not have known whether she would or would not remember what had happened to her that night so if it was consensual why run? Shouldn’t we as a society strive to improve and remove predators such as Brock Turner.

      • He’s not a predator. He’s not a rapist by the laws of the state of California, either. If in fact he did do this it was a one time thing being that he has no prior history of this. And I strongly believe that he has no prior drug usage because the NC AA tests for drugs at the collegiate level. The NCAA and major universities are very very strict about drug usage on their major sports teams. You have to remember that a major universities popular sports teams have to be well-regulated because those sports teams make major money for the institution. That is why they drug test like crazy.

    • I am SO happy to see your post–and not just because you are (were) a defense attorney….I completely agree with everything you have pointed out–the glaring question in my mind is “how exactly did she end up behind a dumpster?” Brock Turner answers that question by stating she went with him after they had already been grinding while dancing and kissing..After reading Brock’s statement, it appears that he is an inexperienced kid from a nice family, observing his friends,wanting to be cool,etc. etc…I can certainly believe that he did, in fact, ask her if it was ok to “finger her”–excuse me… my take on the whole thing is that Ms. Purity “Victim” and her ‘powerful’ statement was beyond ridiculous and over the top…in addition to the embarrassment she felt at being exposed lying behind a dumpster…for people to call you the scum of the earth is shameful –people are allowed to have a different opinion about the whole thing..the ‘victim’s’ lengthy thank you to everyone who helped her reminded me of an actress accepting an Academy Award…I have a 29year old daughter–graduate of Va Tech–I strongly educated her before she started school that she is not to ever get so drunk that she can’t handle herself and her surroundings…and if she did get so drunk that she was to stay with people she knows… we don’t live in the Land of Oz–EVERYONE has a personal responsibility to protect themselves in this society. Dan Turner’s comment about ” of action” is clearly being taken out of context by many people. I see that he is a military man–he isn’t using the term ‘action’ as slang. Brock Turner’s life is ruined and sadly it appears that so many are joyful about it. And the ‘victim’s’ life ruined?? DOUBTFUL…no rape victim sits around waiting to see in the news what happened to them. She is full of crap. You aren’t alone with your thoughts and it’s a certainty that the thousands of savages who have posted about this “finger rape” would gladly hang both of us.

      • I am impressed that this kid from a “nice family” stopped to take a picture of her breasts and sent them to his equally saintly friends. You are part of this sick rape culture always blaming the victim. Shame on you.

        • There’s no actual proof of that picture. Right now that is pure fiction in the legal world. The police could not find it and the prosecution admitted they couldn’t really use it for evidence. In the legal world you need evidence to prosecute. As a prosecutor myself this is why I believe his conviction will be overturned and a major series of lawsuits from him and his family will be sent upon Stanford University and the city of Palo Alto California and major news media outlets. Why do you think the police didn’t release his mug shot for 16 months, even when the whole bay area everyone was crying for it. This young man will be financially well off and clear of convictions and a lot of people will be out of jobs. Do I want that to happen ? No I don’t I want to see justice served but this is how I believe it will go down and play out. The victim story and case is very weak because when she woke up in the hospital she didn’t even know what happened to her she couldn’t recall. And the two passersby that found the situation only saw one side of the story, not to mention the fact that Brock was fully clothed. The prosecution knew all this-I hope. That is why Turner got the light sentence. All you uneducated idiots screaming for punishment are lucky he even got what he got. If no media were involved this would’ve disappeared really quick.

          • Dear Mr. Prosecutor: How can she be expected to remember a crime committed upon her body when the said felony is sexual activity with an unconscious person? You can’t have it both ways! Your predictions are pipe dreams — perhaps like the pipe Brock Turner used to smoke dope and then lie about it under oath!

      • How dare you, a man, presume to know how a woman, who has been assaulted thinks or feels or whether any comments she makes of any sort are “beyond ridiculous and over the top”. How dare you. You can’t even know or understand a woman’s thoughts ever, so get out of your elitist male gutter and shut up. You are clueless. And no, because you’re not a woman, you would have no way of knowing if he asked to finger her. I don’t care if he was inexperienced or not, I’m 71 years old and have never had a man ask to finger me, inexperienced or otherwise. That sort of intimacy only follows prior intimacy of a willing and cooperative female, you butt head. You are stupid. Your defense of Brock and his father is also stupid and makes me wonder if you have some hidden rape or unwanted fondling or fingering in your background? Men who abuse women stick up for other men who abuse women. It doesn’t matter if she had consented at any point along the way. The moment she became unconscious no one should do anything to her body except see that she gets home safely. The fact that you have no pity or empathy for her in the situation, tells me you’re just like Brock and probably would have done the same thing he did in a similar situation. Shame on you. In time she will heal I hope and go on with her life. Brock is just beginning to learn how his life will go from here on out. I hope she files a civil suit and let a jury grant her a multimillion judgment. Not that she’ll get any money, but just to put him through hell again and get him more nasty headlines. Maybe he’ll have to run to another country and hide because now he’s as notorious as Casey Anthony. And just how would YOU know what a rape victim does or doesn’t do after an assault??? YOU are the one full of crap.

      • I don’t exactly follow what you are saying but I suppose that you must have been sexually penetrated while unconscious and feel guilty about it — as if you are somehow responsible. Why do you think this way? Its not your fault. If it happened to you then i think the man who raped you is clearly wrong and is responsible for criminal and moral wrongs against you.

      • “legal mom” — OMG, there is so much wrong with what you wrote that I truly don’t know where to start so I will just say that I know I speak for many others when reading the “ex” before your claimed professions.

        If you think Brock Turner’s actions were a mere misdemeanor, you are part of the problem. If his world is shattered, he has one person to blame and only needs a mirror to see him.

        I truly hope your “multiple” kids managed to develop some character despite their mothering.


      • Dear “legal mom’s new bff: Did you select your nickname in response to being asked how much empathy, morals and ethics you possesses?

        NONE indeed!

      • None…I bet you were glad to see this tripe because in your justifies your own sick thinking. He raped her, convicted by a jury of his peers on 3 counts. She is the victim and not him.. and you are stupid if you think that” yes..let’s go lie down under a filthy dumpster” is what a woman thinks is romantic. may be right..we all have a personal responsiblity to protect ourselves but there is the opposite thought of this. Vulnerable people ARE NOT FAIR GAME simply because they are vulnerable. He is a PREDATOR plain and simple and he ruined his own life. She was unconscious and did NOTHING to him. She didn’t scream, nor fight, nor consent..a passive unconscious victim. ALL of the criminal actions were his.

    • How dare you say the victims letter was over the top? For her own healing, for the world to get a glimpse into abuse cases, it was essential! She never would have HAD to write the letter if Brock and Dan did not want him to get off Scott free with their lies!! Like it was not enough, what he did to her! I can’t even imagine how hard that would be to have to go through a trial?! when he was caught red-handed with WITNESSES!!
      Damn right I would have to at the very least write a ‘lengthy’ letter. For someone who thinks themselves intelligent and thoughtful, you really have a one-sided brain. You have obviously never been raped or abused in any manner. Who are YOU to defend someone that finally is getting shamed for hurting another human being that was in such a vulnerable position? And then LIES about it and blames the victim!!
      You are very obviously a SIR, and probably no MOM!! I believe you may be a lawyer but may be in some way related to the case, trying to ‘defend’ a dishonourable man.
      I’m sorry but he deserves to have that follow him around. His father and him deserve it all. Let us also realize that all this is SAVING God knows how many other daughters/mothers/wives by bringing attention to this and keeping the next ‘drunk’, idiotic boy/man from sexually assaulting someone when they think they can get away with it. It’s a price to be paid, and rightly so. It is absolutely shameful how ugly the legal system is, and lawyers out there (like you) are certainly cruel and must think people very stupid to try and say he ‘May’ be innocent!!! Please! Look at the evidence. For that family to put her through those stupid questions and absolutely outrageous judgements for such a long time. How dare YOU write such a stupid defence! She was extremely brave and is undoubtedly helping the world bring these ugly things to the forefront for discussion. I can understand why she would want to be anonymous and would not want her picture plastered everywhere. I too would not want to be a celebrity because of a horrible experience in my life, to be defined by that only. Damn right we should know what a rapist looks like! And you are an idiot if you think he would not have stuck his penis in her if those guys did not come by. Why is it better that she not ‘experience’ it? Is it not worse to know it happened so callously while she was so defenseless? How scary and traumatizing that would be! What else might have happened? She was not even worthy enough to have her head held up as she was dragged on the ground.
      Of course he would have done this again and again. He would have become a predator if he got away with it. Instead, privileged people may think again before
      feeling they are anonymous in a dark alley or back bedroom!! We need to look out for each other and make it our business!

      • I agree with what you say except I don’t think he was ever going to have intercourse with her. Either because he had no condoms on him or he didn’t want to leave any DNA semen on her. Her top and bra were pulled down and breast exposed. Her dress hitched all the way up to her waist, legs exposing everything. Her underwear in a ball next to her. He on the other hand was completely dressed. If it was consensual why weren’t at least his pants unzipped or opened? Wouldn’t you want to feel skin against skin even while dry humping? I think she passed out at some point and he took advantage of it. Rubbing himself on her while trusting his fingers in her to get himself off. That’s why there were abrasions, dirt and pine needles in her vagina. There was no tender “fingering” of her that was enjoyment. Only rough intrusive fingers to get his jollies off. Too bad he got caught before blowing his load. Still had the hard on when the police got there.

    • As a survivor of sexual abuse, nothing “nullifies… trauma” as you put it. While from a legal standpoint, I am aware of the law, why Mr. Turner received a lenient sentence, the impact this sentence will still have on him as a young man, and the horrendous impact prison would have on him. I get it. Do I agree, no, but I understand our justic system. Your statements pertaining to the victim, seem well out of your realm. The terror and fear a victim feels concious or finding out about the violation, will forever be with them. I endured sexual about from my stepfather, terrified to tell anyone until I was older. Put him in prison, yet he still denies it. His denial, doesn’t make the fact that it happened, my depression, my struggle to feel comfortable in my own body, my paranoia or need to be alone disappear. As a teen, When I was sleeping my stepbrither decided to grope me, my friend stopped him from going any further. The trauma from that was also very damaging. I beat the shit out if him as soon as he denied it. He never looked at me again. It doesn’t make it less traumatic that I didn’t know it was happening. I doubt you are all the things you claim. You need some classes in trauma, assault, and victimization.

  20. He is a rapist. The only privilege involved here is an Alma Mater and money. Both of which anyone can have. Brock deserves to have the jail lifted up and placed on top of him and not see the light of day until his offending parts don’t work anymore

  21. This “boy” will never learn respect, decency, or what it’s like to ‘ve an adult. Mommy and daddy are still defending him for rape! I’m thinking this “boy” has never been held responsible for anything he has done wrong. Who’s to say this is the first time that he’s done this? Concerning the judges far too lenient sentencing and obvious disregard for the young lady who has suffered trauma far beyond what he, the “boys” family or the the “boy” will ever understand, could he have been paid off, promised financial backing, free something to go easy on the “boy”. This is a total disregard for the seat and the oath this judge is supposed to uphold. It is sad that a rape victim has to go through this type of trauma and disregard for her feelings and life. What has this world come to when money is far more important that a humans self worth!

  22. So he does have a daughter. With the remarks he made, I bet he wouldn’t care if his daughter got raped. I get that they’re the rapists parents, but they didn’t have to be such assholes.

  23. Prison isn’t just to protect people from criminals. It is also intended to punish people for breaking the law. He broke the law, he was convicted on 3 accounts. There is literally no reason for him for him to have a short sentence. He is not repentant, he is still trying to say he didn’t do anything wrong bar getting a bit drunk and dining HIS life. He doesn’t even mention the pain he caused the victim of her family, only cares about him and how his life has been ruined. He still thinks it was fine and above board. When someone is unconscious you do not strip then and assault them.

    I am so thankful the sweedish students found her before he could do anymore to her.

  24. Not condoning the situation, and I certainly was not there that night.
    But as women (especially) women in our mid twenties, we need to be aware of our surroundings. If drinking excessively impairs that, then we should evaluate our behavior.

    • Our behavior when we are drinking is to be drinking..we’re not “asking for it” ..How bout men being aware of their surrounding while they drink and if one of their “friends” is creeping on a drunk girl, stand up and step in for BOTH of their sakes. You see I’ve seen this comment alot. “Don’t drink to excess because you are vulnerable”. Girls can be roofied with a glass of water..what then? You see, the automatic assumption is that IF you are vulnerable then you are FAIR GAME…why doesn’t our society have a zero tolerance for Predators? There are a lot of fabulous men out there that step up and step in, Good men, decent men, who love and care for the women in their lives. These Brock characters would shut down pretty quick if their buddies reacted to them in this situation as if they raped a baby. (another vulnerable being) but no,…they are enabled and women are taught how to “avoid” and “protect” themselves..when are we going to teach guys as a society that this is WRONG and not pass it off with a joke, a nudge and a wink? When? Certainly his sentence isn’t the message that needs to be sent to other young men. Maybe losing his beloved swimming and having his shame made incredibly public will be the incentive other guys will need.

    • All those girls found him very attractive during that party and on that campus. when the girls were in his presence they were like butter cups in warm Georgia spring breeze. That’s one of the best athletes the school had and one of the best looking guys on the campus. who would not want to be around him?

      • Gosh..probably anyone who wouldn’t want to end up raped behind a dumpster..AND Fred, I bet he was being very charming in a group of people, predators usually are when they are hunting, just ask Ted Bundy. The true mark of a person is what they do, when they are alone and no one is watching. Well…guess we all know what Brock is truly like. especially around a vulnerable person.

  25. I love the fools whining about “white privilege”. It’s even funnier when they’re ‘Yuppillenials’ who have no idea what life is like for those of us who didn’t grow up in the Burbs, with parents who made six figures. I seriously doubt that a black, 20 year old, squeaky clean star athlete would receive any harsher punishment from a Good ol Boy Alumnus. Especially if his daddy was a upper middle class war profiteer with enough money to hire the best legal defense in the state. And if you don’t think there are many such African American men working as civilian military contractors, you’d be wrong. And a little racist.

    But let’s flip the script, shall we? How do you think white privilege would work out for the tatted up member of the Aryan Nation, with his rap sheet of felonies and state prison? Do you think for one second that the judge would feel bad about Nazi Boy’s future? Of course not. He’d have thrown the book at that punk and nobody would have even heard about this case outside the Bay Area.

    I have a neighbor who’s whiter than Dick Clark. He’s done time in the state pen. Where white privilege isn’t even a silly idea bantered about by sillier liberals. Each and every one of his sons is on a first and last name basis with every sheriffs deputy in the county. (remember what I said about not living in the Burbs? It’s real out here) The reasons they had trouble with the law? The same, EXACT REASONS why poor, disenfranchised black folks from the inner city end up in trouble. Generational poverty, lack of positive role models, no job opportunities, etc, etc.

    And my whiteness has never seemed to endow me with much privilege either. I’ve noticed how many times I’ve been turned down for jobs by other white guys. And once by a black guy. My stomach hurts when I have not eaten in a while. Just like darker complected people. I get cold in the Winter, and my white skin doesn’t shed water one bit better.

    Wake up, pull your heads out and smell the freaking coffee. It’s class privilege, dummies! A lot of you -black, white or Asian- have it. My neighbors and I never will. But until we all start working together and lose the divisive BS, it’s going to stay this way.

    And don’t worry about Brock getting punished. Even 3 months in solitary is going to do a number on that boy. They will have to put him in protective custody for the simple fact of how weak he is. The streetwise, tough white inmates (like my neighbor and his family) would immediately extort him for commissary. And he’d be more than happy to pay up. Because if he didn’t, yeah, he would find out what “20 minutes of action” feels like when you’re awake.

    And make no mistake about his life being ruined. It really is. Where is he going to finish his degree? Who’s ever going to hire him? Do you think anyone will have forgotten his name in 3 months? Not in ten years. My guess is he’ll end up killing himself. He’s going to pay a high price indeed.

  26. Pathetic loser guy!! I’m so angry I have no words to express. Such people are a burden on earth. Parents have no sense of right and wrong, and the son is a total piece of crap. Isn’t there some way he can be jailed for the maximum term!?

  27. Totally agree with parents and judge! Disregard statements of reckless , envious people who will pull your beautiful son down..God Bless….

    • Laurel. Would your sentiment be the same if you were the one that was raped??that a stranger placed his penis in your vagina when you were unconscious.

      • You envy the fact that they come from a higher class than you and he went to a university that you could never even dream of getting into. You reek of envy and jealousy. From all your superfluous posting it’s painfully obvious. You need some sort of help.

        • John Myles. You are sadly mistaken if you think this is high class and one doesn’t envy a pile of excrement for being merely recognizes it and steps over. Laurel..Brocks OWN ACTIONS pulled him down.

            • Yes, because being people want to be a “high class” rapist. Good job John Myles if you think Stanford is the best. P.s. I got into Harvard and I’m still not jealous.

            • Yes, because people want to be a “high class” rapist. Good job John Myles if you think Stanford is the best. P.s. I got into Harvard and I’m still not jealous.

              • Everyone here seriously doubts that you could ever get into an Ivy League school stop playing games with us stop lying to yourself and to us and stop making a fool out of yourself.

        • Both my under & post graduate studies top his [and yours’ too obviously] even if Brock could gain entrance to any after this boner. If you base class on income, I have him beat there too but if you base it on character, he’s not even on the charts. No one in my lineage sexually assaults unconscious women. There’s nothing to envy about him or his ilk!

          • What you said stated and how you stated it kind of makes you smack of jealousy. You argued with the idiot above and made some transparently false statements about yourself and your pedigree.

            • Wtf are you talk talking about John Myles and his new bff. Don’t know how Leah’s comments came off as jealousy. You sound like a jackass and what great school did you go to that makes you think you can question her?

  28. Would Brock’s father have the same sentiment if it was his daughter that was raped behind a dumpster. That 20 minutes of action would be forgivable or would he be outraged like the rest of the country. Everything that’s happened to Brock was his doing. He raped someone..

  29. He’s a total scumbag and so is his father prayers to the young lady who had to endure this horrible act that was afflicted on her.

  30. The sad thing is Brock Turners family is making it worse for him whether they realize it or not…..the more they plead for a mistrial or even less of a sentence the more rage and hatred they create. By writing letters and showing how insensitive they are to the real issue the more people are enraged and the more they want “justice”….if they think getting him off completely is going to bring their happy little boy back they are in for a rude awakening… you think he can ever go back to the Stanford Campus with out ramifications from other students? I am not sure where he and, now his family as well, could go without facing the “shame” of what he did..whether he or they want to knowledge it……

  31. Would love to see the letter from the mother and father if this happened to their daughter… Brock would this be ok if someone did this to your sister……guess so…family seems to condone the behavior….little sister you better lock your door at night and not be around Brock if he is drinking

  32. The actions of this rapists parents are a good indication as to why he did what he did, it appears that he was raised with no morals and ethics, just narcissistic rendnecies displayed by bith parents. He shoyuld be put in genweral population where he can get the proper punishment that he deserves.

  33. I think its only normal that the rapist’s mother would want to raise money to help her son’s defence. But I have a question: did she also make some kind of effort to raise funds to help her son’s victim?