Omar Mateen: Photos of Orlando Night Club Shooter

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  1. Such a waste of lives. Why can’t we live ad one in this society? Hate crimes suck. Everyone has a right to life as they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. RIP

    • Islam leaders ought to declare to the Nation that this crime is repulsive and it conspire against all muslins in the world.

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  2. i am a gay born in Saudi Arabia i converted to christianity out of SA, muslims all are terrorist i beg the next president to ban them coming USA and terroring guys, they punish the gays by cutting guys head with sword

  3. 1st of all President Obama wasn’t the President 29 years ago so do the math. Here we go with ignorant people. Pray instead of condemnation. Nothing is happening today that is not written already in the bible and that can’t be healed by God. God wants us to love one another not hate. How do we look to God when his children are fighting, killing and hating one another. We all have the same Father people. We are all related believe it or not ❤️

  4. This is crazy… 1 thing after the next. I’m sure the government has something to do with all of these terrorist attacks . Years ago Islam’s were chillin in the white house and now they’re killing us… Alot of their weapons are provided by us. They have access to the states even though they hate us and they praise murder because they think it’ll give them a higher rank in heaven. None of this is adding up… It’s sad to suggest that they should all be kicked out… But why is it any different than all blacks being viewed as violent and ignorant because of the few bad apples??? Sad to say but you can’t tell who is and isn’t a terrorist, so they all need to leave. But that won’t happen because the government wants another world War and what better way to initiate one than to make us all upset? The government plans all this shit… Otherwise it wouldn’t keep happening. Now they have the gay community on their side. All this is leading to the end. This shit is a set up… Sorry for all the lives lost but no one is of value anymore.. At least not to the government or Muslims. They want us all dead.

    • They all need to leave i guess your referring to anyone who isn’t white correct u must be white & racist but u blame the government but there all white correct hello what about the chucky doll looking white kid that killed those people in the church he was white hello wake up anyone any race can do this u are ranting & raving stupidity & u sound as such how about u pray for those who lost there lives & were hurt & there families u idiot your accusations sound retarded about the goverment please dont repeat that infront of anyone u will sound & look like a complete idiot

    • Some experts call it “projection”: “a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. It involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings”
      Thats why many, many people love to call others names on the Web. If you dislike a video of their favorite pop star over, say, at Youtube, they will immediately and profanely change the subject to your alleged sexual preferences, because that is what they really want to talk about as they adore their male rock and rap stars.

  5. Ramzan Mubarak !
    Remember ,
    only mass murder, beheadings , mutilated bodies ,suicide bombings, gang-rape ,slavery and child abuse …pleases our supreme Fairy Tale -> ALL*H

  6. This atrocity has nothing to do with race or religion. It’s based in hate. Hate for themselves that they project on to others. Self loathing people, typically young men, filled with anger nothing more.
    It’s up to us to not allow politics or the medias manipulation to create further hatred and bloodshed. . This is a human issue. Do not answer hatred and bigotry with hatred and bigotry!

    • It may not have anything to do with race or religion but then why are the media stating this…11:15 AM PT — There are now reports Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS before carrying out the deadly shooting. He also mentioned the Boston Marathon bombing.
      ISIS is taking credit for the attack, saying, “a soldier of the Islamic State has carried out the attack.”
      If this is true then it is another sick person who believes in killing cause it was the proper thing to do for religious purposes.

  7. In the fotos he tries to look so masculine, but real men don’t have to try so hard, nothing but a piece of shit, low life murderer, he will be in hell. Watch his father he seems like a Physco also! NYPD take a look at him wearing all those NYPD shirts and make sure that all your people are NYPD from now on!

  8. May hell haunt him for a long, long time. The heaven he seeks does not exist, there will not be 45 virgins waiting for him. Instead there will be a hell waiting for him. He will have to live the deaths of those people he killed and injured. Reliving the pain and anguish through their eyes over and over for a thousand years until he makes ammends for his crimes.

  9. att ples before u all talk about GAY or whatever… have u all think about palastine ?? syria everyday killing over there…. have u all know who do that??? is that muslim?? i think NOT! U ALL DONT NEED SAY ALL COMES FROM MUSLIM THINK IF I SAID THIS COMES FROM U RELIGION U MUST ANGRY RIGHT!

    • yes jaiz you are right..but its a sad thing over in Syria as well..people are acting like animals like life is worth nothing. This all needs to stop, and is not acceptable. The questions I have is why 25-30 yrs ago we were not seeing this type of thing we didn’t have any problems with arabs and muslims, it always seemed to be blacks and whites fighting…why now all of a sudden its with arabs and muslims..can someone shed light on this.

      • We already guessed: this disturbed guy turned out to be a regular visitor of the club. Struggling with his sexual preference in his Islamic context. (Toxic combination indeed, Human Folies). He got angry when he saw other men kissing…. duuuuh. Most certainly also among IS ranks there must be quite some gays: the type desperately trying to prove they’re not, by killing other gays. Not brave at all! A chicken shit medieval mass witch hunt in the name of a “god”.
        What we experience in many European countries: the 21st century gay basher is a young Muslim male (often repressing his own homosexuality). Islam should move forward.