Orlando Terror Attack Victims List: Names, Profiles & Photos

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  1. Juan you were a funny funny co-worker you made coming to work at the suntrust call center worth it. Rest in heaven, remember our inside joke, “I’m in! for the 100th time” you’re in juan… you’ve made it to heaven buddy!

      • We need to ask, Obama how come he has a advisor ,that has been advising him for years, that belongs to the Islamic social of North America said to have ties to muslim tairist groups….yes!! we need to start at the top and work down! We can’t not allow this to go on,who is this man given Obama advice ? who is Obama?

        • WND Exclusive. Obama ignores evidence of Baltimore mosque ties to terrorist ! Mohamed Elibiary is a senior member of home land security…. he tweets: American and yes I do consider an Islamic country with an Islamiccally compliant constitution move on! 10:33 am -31 Oct 13… what is going on, we need to ask Obama and yes start at the top

          • I am truly sorry for the the bad guys,but it’s there plan to (de arm) the United States of America with help from the top,if you don’t want or like what are moslum president is doing speak out and fight for freedom, because if you don’t the bad guys win the hole thing and the prize is the United States !!! When people start talking about taking rights a way you need to be concerned! What freedoms will they take next? I say this with a heavy hart of sadness my friends,what do I have to gain? It’s this the freedom to be ME ,I can not just look the other way and say nothing, I must worn you and try and maybe someone else will join the fight,and help save are believed United States of America MICHAEL

    • I am so very sorry for your loss! Reading this comment I started to cry thinking about how tragic and real this is. I am devastated and heartbroken for the victims and their families. I have been praying and asking God to please watch over the victims and help them transition into heaven peacefully with all of their loved ones whom have gone before them right there to greet them. My brother passed away a few years ago and my father just passed away- not making it about me at all, just explaining how I have received so many signs from them. If you are open to it you will see how special the bond you have is and how very much alive it will always be, you will feel their presence in the faith. I send you all the love from the bottom of my heart and I pray that some how the strength to put one foot in front of the other is bestowed upon you. God Bless<3

  2. The day we all stand and walk on the streets claiming that all Muslim families raising terrorist individuals will have to pay for their sons actions in cash and property and live this country for good, no more terrorism will be occurring in owr home. This families will be very careful and strict with their kids. They will learn to respect our society,our values..

    • Stanley deserves a better eulogy than this piece of political/religious nonsense.

      To Stanley’s family, friends and colleagues from an Australian who is beyond appalled at this crime: my heart goes out to you in your time of grief. I’m sure Hughes won’t mind his poem being borrowed for the occasion.

      “Because my mouth
      Is wide with laughter
      And my throat
      Is deep with song,
      You did not think
      I suffer after
      I’ve held my pain
      So long.

      Because my mouth
      Is wide with laughter
      You do not hear
      My inner cry:
      Because my feet
      Are gay with dancing,
      You do not know
      I die.”

      – Langston Hughes

    • This is a brilliant statement i hope lawmakers see this and really adopt it someone needs to be held accountable for this horrible horrible tragedy being sorry and holding press conferences is just nog enough anymore. We need something more heads need to roll starting from the top to the bottom because this is where this started from the top and reached innocent unarmed people on the bottom

    • This is a brilliant statement, i totally agree Vianney , i hope lawmakers see this concept and take serious action to really adopt it. Someone needs to be held accountable for this horrible, horrible tragedy being sorry and holding press conferences is just not enough anymore, these seem to praise efforts of the police departments after the fact, instead of giving us some clue as to what exactly is going to happen next that will rectify or at leadt ease tension throughout the community. We need something more, heads need to roll starting from the top to the bottom because this is where this started from the top and reached innocent, unarmed people on the bottom.

    • Homophobia is everywhere. This has nothing to do with muslims. Our government terrorizess lgbt people everyday!!! And they are mostly evite men.

        • That’s right, clyde. This was a HATE crime. Not a religious fanatic doing the work of ISIS, Taliban or any other radical group. His father says so. His ex-wife says so and so do the pundits. He just happened to be Muslim. He made a last ditch effort to save his soul by calling 911 and pledging his unity to ISIS so that Allah would save him. I don’t think God works on last minute requests like that, but I digress. There is not one shred of evidence that he had any ties to any religious fanatical group at all. He made off-handed (terrorist) remarks to intimidate his co-workers to intimidate them. They complained to the FBI. The FBI interviewed him, surveilled him and cleared him. I personally think he was ‘in the closet’ with homosexual tendencies and couldn’t live with himself or his anger toward himself for having “feelings” for men. He had frequented that club on many occasions. He was there the whole evening, having drinks until last call. It’s people like you clyde, jumping to obvious conclusions without knowing the facts and taking the time to educate yourself, that keeps us unenlightened and blaming whole groups for everything.

  3. To the family and friends of Edward, Juan, Eric and everyone else who died in this horror, please accept my condolences as expressed in my previous post.

    All of them will become better known to me than the man who took their lives, about whom I wish to know nothing further.

    May they all live in our hearts and minds for as long as we live.

  4. Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord,this country has boldly parade sin in the face of almighty God,judgement day soon th cometh

    • Its sad that that happened, feel sad for the familys . That should never have happened. However , why would you say to an homosexual , see you in heaven ?? , when clearly it isnt so . God does not condone men sleeping with men , or women sleeping with women . Read romans .

      • In a time like this you say such an ignorant thing , and are afraid to post your name ? Well , let me say this ; these men and women were children of God no matter their sexuality . This is why this country is going to hell in a hand basket , people like you . Instead of giving your condolences , or keeping your damn mouth shut .. You spew hatred . Please say nothing people , unless you’re here to tell these peoples families how sorry you are for their losses . Judgement is not yours now , or ever . To the families , I am so extremely sorry for your losses . There are no words I , nor anyone else can say to ease your pain , but please know we are praying for you .

        • The Judeo Christian God created all of us. He loves all of us too.
          Each of us is special and unique. As we go through life we make
          choices. Where eternal life is spent will be determined by whether
          you gave your heart to Him and tried to follow His example and join
          His adopted family or made the choice to reject Him and
          His teachings..That isn’t “hate speech”. Its what the Bible teaches.
          I can’t imagine the helplessness and horror they experienced.
          What I do know is that the Judeo Christian God will NOT reject anyone
          who reaches out to Him. I am hopeful that many did. I have no control
          over their fate but I can pray for the loved ones left behind and hope
          they are lifted up over this horrible, horrible tragedy. NO human being
          deserved this. What this Muslim did was wrong. Know you are cared
          about and loved too.

        • Meredith I understand your anger and sadness and I feel for the families of the victims, I really do,. This is a horrific thing that has happened and these poor people did not deserve this , no one does . We shouldn’t judge but it would be hypocritical to believe and say that gay people will go to heaven if they live a lifestyle that is against what God of the Bible says. Do rapists and paedophiles or murderers go to heaven? If a person believes in God and in their Salvation through Jesus then they would do everything they can to live their life obeying God and repent for their sins. It would be hypocritical to expect protection from God from such a horrendous act when they are doing the very thing that God says not to and partying, drinking and most likely taking drugs at a gay nightclub , by not suppressing their sinful desires they are not obeying God. Just as a paedophile or rapist who does not repent or suppress their sinful desires won’t go to heaven according to the Bible, neither will gay people . If you believe in the God of the Bible and don’t agree with this, then please read the Bible and beware of any Church that tells you otherwise cause it could cost you your salvation.

          • Those without sin please throw the 1st stone.. We all sin there’s no little or bigger sin a sin is a sin.. If that’s the case we all going to hell.. What about adultery, abortion is killing, having sex without being married, thy shall not judge.. I just love when people concentrate on certain thing or part of the bible but yet they sin just by opening mouth.. As a family members to one of the victims jason Benjamin josaphat my nephew didn’t deserve to have his life taking away by someone who wants to play God.. Some of these comments make me sick.. At a time like this if you have nothing nice to say just read & keep it moving.. On my mind i know who my nephew jason Benjamin josaphat was.. Rest peacefully sonny.. Tati”s angel see you in HEAVEN baby boy

      • Their sin in romans came from turning away from god, though they knew him. Read it again with love in your heart instead of hate.

        • There is no need to be hateful I agree but this is an opportunity to spread the truth. God is a forgiving God but one must repent.
          Matthew 7:21-23New King James Version (NKJV)
          I Never Knew You

          21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

      • I read Moby Dick, 20000 Leagues under the sea, and a few other classic books well written, yet I believe they are only books to be interpreted.. Religion and money is the cause of all terror.. I’ve read the Bible, the only message I think I need is “God is love, love thy fellow man, and love thy neighbor”
        What else is needed??
        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not at the cost of someone else’s rights or feelings.
        I am gay, and I do not condemn Muslims as a whole, nor Christians, Catholics, Buddhist, Protestant or any other believe… It’s only a minority few that give the rest a sour taste.
        Live and let live, in peace and love.
        Eye for and eye?? Vengeance is barbaric and outdated, killing on all sides gets us what exactly?? Other than killing on all sides! And heart broken families.. No-one has the right to take another life. How much has this world lost because of different religious beliefs? Entire civilizations and cultures…
        The only message that should be shared is “live and love in peace”
        As for sharing your beliefs… “Thall shall not preach” comes to mind.

        To my lost friends, sisters and brothers, climb the rainbow of love, to higher plane xx

    • So, you actually think GOD did this? I find it crazy how all the anons can’t put their names up, yet they are so quick to pass judgement. I knew, and worked with some of the victims that died. It’s so sad, that some think GOD would do such a thing. You quote bible verses like you’re a Sunday school teacher. You have no right! You’re GOD, You forgot GOD is love. He always showed love in everything he did. Every life mattered at Pluse. What about the mom that was there with her son? A Cancer servior twice and has 11 children, and loved to dance. The mother that showed how much she truly loved her son, by becoming his shield. Let me ask you this anons, did GOD do that? What about the shooting in the church? What would you call that Judgement? Or wrong place wrong time. Every life matters. Don’t be so quick to judge anons, I’m sure you have many skeletons in your closets. To all the families that lost a loved one. You have my condolences, you will be in my prayers. To Luis Vielma I will never for get your smile. To Coey Connell I will miss your helpful heart and of course your beautiful smile. My heart goes out to all of the victims and families.

  5. god damn just read this article i am so sorry about what happened to your son it is absolutely horrible i can not imagine how it must be if you know that you’re gonna die or this bastard is coming closer to you! i am sending you lot’s of love and that you find your way back to life!

    • I agree….to think how afraid he must’ve been having to come face to face with that evil. My heart hurts for him and his mom. And for everyone who had to live through that nightmare.

  6. R.I.P. To all the people that were killed at the pulse in Orlando and sending 🙏🏼🙏🏼 out to the injured and to the families that have lost a love one.

  7. If this mans family are not legal US citizens why are they not being deported IMMEDIATELY! How many more need to die this way before we put political correctness aside.

  8. The further I read into this. The more my heart breaks. Someone said in an interview that we are all effected by this. Which is very true. I feel for the families, the friends, even those who were simply touched by each of them. I can not digest this. Simply because this is just not understandable. I just pray for those involved in anyway. That we come together not only as community hopefully as a nation. Mmmm my deepest condolences.

  9. I can NOT wrap my head around the fact that you are no longer here Shane!! I miss you so much and will always hold on to memories of our long talks, singing sessions together especially when riding in the the car, hanging out and having a good time, and both laughing at different situations and issues. My heart goes out sincerly to you and your family and I especially hope that your family can find some type of comfort and peace during this time of tragedy and loss. I am hurting and thinking about our times we shared together. I Love you Shane!!

  10. i’m so sorry every one life counts for something no matter what life they wont too live you all in my prayers love you all keepv fighting I’M GAY AS WELL

  11. You will truly be missed Javier, this is too hard to believe! You were such a caring and loving person I do not understand why this has happened to you may you rest in peace we love you, B

  12. This website requires you to scroll through each slide to see the names of the victims – why updating the advertisements on the right.

    Nothing like trying to profit on tragedy. Despicable.

  13. I pray for all of those who were taken away from their loved one at such a young age. The time in their life when they are learning to stand on their own and impressed a new world where the LGBT community has more rights than ever. This nation need to stsnd together these people were slaughter for being on a gay nihht vlhb enjoying life. We are humans we all mean something to someone else. What is happening g is our socitey is I excepting of those who are not the same. It. Has been that way for centuries, but we are all made of flesh and blood and depending on who you worship defines what is exceptacle in your world.

    I had read post that sicken me. Where people don’t want to take their kids to Disney because if is immoral for excepting the GLTB community. I think Disney is teaching the right thing in saying you have to except everyone and welcome them into your work and Disnry welcomes everyone.

    I am bisexual and I have known that since k was young. I have dated both sexs and I am currently happloed married and I have no problems with people knowing my sexuality. I embrace who I am. I am not in an PRN Mayfair. My husband gets me. I see we need to tamely exceptance and respect to all. That is the only way we will see change.

  14. Mateen’s wife should be put in jail for not notifying the police as soon as she had any idea about what he was going to do. She should get life for the killings.

    • Before it news .Com : ( muslim radical are talking over the wight house)………….. In may of 2015 former ARMY SPECIAL FORCES officer Scott Bennett, revealed that he had irrefutable proof that the Obama administration had been funding ISIS through swiss bank account

  15. Is there anyway to find each victim’s Facebook page. I know a lot of people want to leave messages to family members, etc.

  16. If someone can’t understand My prior very serious comments let’s ask the Thousands of decent, honest, hard-working and peaceful Muslim families migrating to this country from all times running away from terrorism, genocide and wars if they ARE willing to tolerate any kind of violence, radicalism or extremism that compromise or jeopardize their American kids way of life and freedom. Just think about it. It is times to cry and pray,but this is the time for action,time for change. We have to have 0 tolerance with whatever Treathing our stability. This is a priority.