Pray for Orlando: Images & Memes to Show Support for #prayfororlando

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  1. Stop hating it is not ok I love all of you people equally you all are amazing don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😘😘

  2. Prayer does not work. Being proactive and stop letting muslim people in to collect welfare makes sence. Stop all medieval fable indoctrination & it would be a better world.

    • What the hell is wrong with you – letting muslim people in to ‘collect welfare” what an ass – when was the last time out of all of the last 133 mass shooting in the US since the beginning of the year where it was a “muslim” or especially a “muslim collecting welfare” also sense is spelled with an S dear

    • You’re a complete dumba$$ and part of the problem.Do some research!Blaming a whole religion on radicalized extremists tsk tsk..Um this guy was born here in the good ole’ USA..Oh and newsflash there are more WHITE AMERICANS on welfare that refuse to get a job and work .Taking our tax dollars.
      You sound like hitler I mean Trump…A twit!

    • If you so choose to do that, by all means do. But, people who pray and believe that good will come out of it , well ,we will do what we do best. So quit the hate, and remember why we are all here.


  4. Such disguest over the shootings in Orlando last night ! We as people have to figure out something so that this never happens again- We are afraid to go to the Movie Theatre’s, Run in a marathons, relax at a Outside Cafe and now afraid to go to a
    Night club ! We have to stand up to this and be alligned every step of the way- I want my children, grandchildren, to have the same freedom I had to do all the above things without fear ! I ask that we all pledge to do what we can to make the world a kinder, safer place for everyone !

  5. Sunday, June 12, 2016 was undoubtedly The Darkest Day in the history of Orlando and the state of Florida !
    We shall never be the same.

  6. Dios te pedimos mucho consuelo, paz y fortaleza para las familias afectadas con esta terrible tragedia.
    Pido sanidad para los heridos. Calma Señor el dolir, la angustia y el Sentido de impotencia de los que no pueden estar con su familiar por la distancia. Gracias, Señor Jesús, amen

  7. Our state and country will rise from the ashes,United We Stand,Divided we fall!

    Seeing the outpouring of love,support and humanity from fellow Floridians,the country and world shows us there still is some hope amongst the hate and ignorance.

  8. God may we one day know the sincerity of love,unity and freedom. There is no good to come from any hatred! #PrayforOrlando…..Condolences to all the families and friends of the loss. Blessings to all who are still in the hospital. LOVE!!!! UNITE!!!

  9. my love and prayers are with all who witnessed and perished during the orlando attack. i pray that God brings healing and comfort to the family and friends. have cried muliple times after hearing new information on the incident.

  10. Its either you’re gay or a lesbian or fat or skinny we should all stand up for this this’ is

    not right at all in this is why we should all #prayfororlando

    • Why has this tragedy become a platform for the gay movement . These people should be remembered as Americans, not as gay