Has ISIS Claimed Ansbach, Germany Music Festival Bombing?

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(Twitter / B3zero)

At least one person is dead after a suspected IED, or improvised explosive device, was detonated at Eugene’s Wine Bar in Ansbach, Germany. The explosion occurred as an outdoor music festival, attended by 2,500 people, was held nearby.

The blast was caused by a bomb, possibly an improvised explosive device, or IED, according to the German newspaper Bild.

SWAT police teams could be seen in the aftermath of the explosion, with helicopters overhead, as seen in the videos above, and below.

Initial reports that the explosion was caused by a gas leak were contradicted by the city’s mayor, Bild reports.

Is the Islamic State behind the attack? As of now, there is chatter regarding the attack on ISIS-linked channels. However, there is no official claim by ISIS.

If ISIS is behind the attack, historically they won’t release an official statement right away. It took them 10 hours to claim the July 19 Wurzburg, Germany attack and 36 hours to claim the Bastille Day Nice, France attack.

The bombing comes hours after a refugee from Syria killed a woman and injured two others with a cleaver attack near Stuttgart, Germany. German tabloid Bild reports that a man attacked a woman of Polish descent, believed to be pregnant, at a restaurant in the city center with the weapon.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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Poor marginalized immigrants, chronically unemployed minorities, troubled teens, petty criminals, denied asylum, mental health issues, etc. Over and over, the MSM finds an excuse for their behavior.

But, as usual, they fail to discuss the one thing these murderers have in common.

The elephant in the room.


actually i was talking to a friend about my visit to the casino (have spent about 200 dollars in total my whole life) as i enjoy to go their and people watch, when I played the coin machines, you have the typical algorithms, I am a very conservative gambler, but I felt the machine was responsive to this behavior, in that it rewarded conservatism with a reward equal to the initial amount I put into the machine. the win loss ratio then switched to a win a single credit lose two credits, stagnated across the total amount i had, until it was nothing. this happened roughly on about three occasions, of increments of $5:00 or $10:00.
I thought that in the future or perhaps what already exists a computer would use computer recognition technology to store a gambling profile to maximize the amount of money you spent, i.e a particular algorithm for your most represented behavior.
In a public monitoring frame you could use the same algorithmic/behavior profiles to find security teams protecting terrorist cells, if the technology already exists.
So one algorithm might contain- former colony- military matrix, petroleum resource- private security mix, international rules of operation- airport security, conflict-guerrilla tactics, technology- adaptation curves, etc…
so thought as energy pressed to materialistic realms, (this is why you probably should have an international accountancy and code of conduct in the style of international law).

but a security team should standout in a monitoring system, if that technology already exists then your winning.

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