Has ISIS Claimed Reutlingen, Germany Syrian Refugee Machete Attack?

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A refugee from Syria has killed a woman and injured two others with a cleaver attack near Stuttgart, Germany. German tabloid Bild reports that a man attacked a woman of Polish descent, believed to be pregnant, at a restaurant in the city center with the weapon.

German newspaper Stuttgarter-Zeitung reports that “a 21-year-old asylum seeker and a woman who worked in the [restaurant] got into into an argument.” Mohammad Alhelo, a friend of the attacker, also told the newspaper that, “[The attacker] ran with the cleaver through the restaurant and… swung it over their heads.”

The Independent reports that the attacker has been apprehended but police have yet to release his name. He arrived in Germany 18 months ago.

Has the Islamic State claimed the attack? As of now, there is no chatter regarding the attack on terrorist networks. Terrorism expert Michael S. Smith II reports:

If ISIS is behind the attack, historically they won’t release an official statement right away. It took them 10 hours to claim the July 19 Wurzburg, Germany attack and 36 hours to claim the Bastille Day Nice, France attack.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

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