Stephen Brumby & William ‘Clayton’ Brumby: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stephen Brumby. His mother, Elizabeth, posted this photo to Facebook, saying "There are no words..." (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

Stephen Brumby. His mother, Elizabeth, posted this photo to Facebook, saying “There are no words…” (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

A Sarasota, Florida father, William “Clayton” Brumby, a church sign salesman and religious book author, accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old son at a gun range on July 3, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The Times said that Stephen Brumby was standing behind his father when he was shot and killed. The shooting was an accident, said the Tampa Bay Times. The father is the author of the book, “Do You Still Think God is Good? Candid Conversations about the Problem of Evil.”

On Monday night, William Brumby (sometimes called Clayton Brumby) told CNN that he took responsibility for his son’s death. He told CNN:

The gun didn’t kill my boy. I did. Every round in the gun is your responsibility. When it fires you need to stand to account for it it. That’s what I’ve spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error.

William "Clayton" Brumby. (Facebook/William Clayton Brumby)

William “Clayton” Brumby. (Facebook/William Clayton Brumby)

Here’s what you need to know:

1. William Brumby Accidentally Fired His Gun While Trying to Remove a Casing From His Shirt

Stephen Brumby's parents, William "Clayton" Brumby and Elizabeth Brumby. (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

Stephen Brumby’s parents, William “Clayton” Brumby and Elizabeth Brumby. (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

The Tampa Bay Times says the father was shooting rounds in the far right shooting lane of the gun range, next to a wall, citing witness statements and video footage. “One of the shell casings hit the wall, ricocheted off and dropped down the back of Brumby’s shirt,” the newspaper said.

Brumby tried to remove the casing using his right hand. He had that gun in his hand. “While doing so, he pointed the gun behind him and accidentally fired, deputies said,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. However, an WFTS reporter in Tampa Bay Tweeted this:

William Brumby told CNN the round hit the ceiling before striking Stephen. He added, according to CNN:

It was a very freak accident. I made a mistake. It doesn’t take but a split second for something to go wrong and that could be [the case] with a gun, it could be with the wrong medicine, it could be with any number of things.

2. The Gun Store Had Previously Posted a Meme of a Child Holding a Rifle

CBS News reports that the shooting range posted a meme on its Facebook page just last month that showed a child holding a rifle and the words, “Properly trained kids don’t have accidents.”

“At High Noon Guns, we are firm believers that safety comes first. And part of that is ensuring we teach our children gun safety,” CBS News quoted the site as saying. Several memes on the Facebook page show children.

According to the shop’s website, people 14-years-old or younger are able to shoot free if a parent or guardian is along, said CBS News. The gun range has posted a skull and crossbones as its profile picture on Facebook. Other memes posted on the Facebook page include such comments as “Happiness is a warm gun,” and “Let’s just take a moment to admire this .357.” The gun range Facebook page also says that it offers a parent-child safety training course.

3. Stephen Brumby’s Siblings Witnessed the Shooting

"Love these sweet boys," Stephen's mother, Elizabeth, posted of this photo. (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

“Love these sweet boys,” Stephen’s mother, Elizabeth, posted of this photo. (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

William Brumby, 64, was at the shooting range with Stephen, another son, and his daughter when the shooting occurred at the High Noon Gun Range in Sarasota, Florida, said the Tampa Bay Times. According to the Go Fund Me site set up for the Brumby family, Stephen Brumby is the fourth of seven children in the family.

According to WWSB TV, Brumby’s 24-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were present, but neither was injured. Stephen Brumby was taken to an area hospital, where he died.

“What a beautiful spirit filled family! I love the Brumbys!” said one comment under a family photo of the large family.

William "Clayton" Brumby made this family photo his cover picture on Facebook. (Facebook/Clayton Brumby)

William “Clayton” Brumby made this family photo his cover picture on Facebook. (Facebook/Clayton Brumby)

4. William ‘Clayton’ Brumby Sells Church Signs & Authored a Book on God

Clayton Brumby, his wife, Elizabeth, and one of their children. (Facebook/Clayton Brumby)

Clayton Brumby, his wife, Elizabeth, and one of their children. (Facebook/Clayton Brumby)

According to his Facebook page, William Brumby, who goes by the name Clayton Brumby on social media, works in sales for J.M. Stewart Corp., in Sarasota Florida. He studied speech communication at Florida State University and is from Coral Gables, Florida. William Brumby’s LinkedIn page says that he is the author of the book, “DO YOU STILL THINK GOD IS GOOD?” The page says that he is Sales Manager for Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Mexico for the corporation where he works, adding, “I consult with our church customers, then design and sell church signs. We are the manufacturer.”

William “Clayton” Brumby has also worked in financial services and was a youth pastor at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Thomasville, Ga, his LinkedIn page says. According to his author bio on Amazon, “Clayton Brumby graduated from Florida State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in speech communication. He spent ten years in youth ministry, both urban and high school, before entering a sales career in 1986. His articles have appeared in Touchstone (the Society of St. James) and Your Church magazine. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife and family.”

William “Clayton” Brumby also wrote an article entitled “Outside Darwin’s Box” about “Surviving Obsolete Science.”

5. Stephen Brumby Loved Fishing & Knife Throwing

Stephen Brumby's mother wrote on this photo, "Stephen and Thomas at the Sarasota Open with Kei Nishikori, the #4 player in the world!" (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

Stephen Brumby’s mother wrote on this photo, “Stephen and Thomas at the Sarasota Open with Kei Nishikori, the #4 player in the world!” (Facebook/Elizabeth Brumby)

The Go Fund Me site set up for the family calls Stephen Brumby “a meteor that couldn’t be contained” by his family or anyone that knew him. The site says that Brumby’s favorite activities were fishing, tennis, music, archery and knife throwing. The site continues that:

He had an insatiable appetite to learn and was constantly sharing his wisdom with those around him. He was passionate about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to sharing his hope with everyone he met. The families’ only comfort is knowing that He is communing with the heroes of his faith and rejoicing in paradise.

WTSP TV reports that, according to sheriff’s officials, criminal charges are not pending against William Brumby. The Sarasota Herald Tribune says Stephen Brumby was home schooled.

William Brumby told CNN: “I can’t fix this. It’s just a great loss but thankfully we’ll see him someday. I have a feeling he’s on a great lake out there.”

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      • Not at all. Myshee is pretty right on target. Let’s see…dad more concerned about keeping his gun than his son’s death. He’s posting a GoFundMe account and will be profiting off of the whole tragedy.

        Yeah…he’s a d-bag. Totally.

        • A Go_fund me account for the funeral. He seems to find the money to buy guns and ammunition. I guess selling his guns to help pay to bury his son would be too much to bear!

    • Clayton is an amazing father! This is a horrible tragedy! You really are the D-bag commenting on something you know nothing about!

      • I’ve been to Sarasota, this kid is better off dead anyway. And in tragic situations like this I always look on the bright side….it didn’t happen to my son.

        • Hey Truff, you’re an asshole. Also, if you, as a father, have this little empathy for a family who lost their son, then you must be a terrible father.

      • If your definition of amazing father is shooting your kid in the neck then he deserves that “World’s Best Dad” mug

        • “If your definition of amazing father is shooting your kid in the neck then he deserves that “World’s Best Dad” mug”

          Now that is damn funny. I guess he told you! LMAO. Well if he gets a mug for that I wonder when I get a trophy! LOL

    • Hey blackie kkk,, too bad we can’t bring back slavery and put you negroes back into the filth that you look like.

      • pls try to grow up a bit Johnny..your hateful & violent attitude says so much about what sort of a person you are..on par with a serial want to enslave a people.?

  1. It would be difficult to find a more accomplished family. The parents’ marriage and their love for their children, all over whom are bright, excellent students, accomplished musicians and speakers of more than one language and the siblings’ love for each other, are exemplary. It is disheartening almost beyond bearing to see the ignorant, ugly. cruel and politicized comments. It’s bad enough that any half decent person would have the thoughts but inexcusable that,veiled in anonymity, anyone would put those sentiments into print.

    • I agree. The lack of empathy is unbelievable. This Father will live the rest of his life for the part he played in a knee jerk reaction to a hot casing that ended his son’s life. My God…. I can’t even begin to think of his grief. I pray for this family….

      • I pray that children’s safety comes before the madness that would fight to the death to protect the ownership of fire-arms..lay down your guns

  2. Tragic accident. A hot casing ricocheted of the wall next to him and went down his shirt, he tried to remove it with his gun hand, gun discharge ricocheted off the ceiling (contrary to MSM reporting that the gun was pointed at his son) and struck his son behind him. The anti-gun wackos are already blaming the gun! *SMH*

  3. Actually, he was the 6th of Clayton’s 9 children….Clayton has two children Meghan and Seth with his first wife, Callie…Clayton is actually a Grandfather to three, also.

    • Turn the comment around a bit. It is you who are the heartless asshole. Accidents happen. Tragedy happens. You’re an immature dickhead for even having to make such a ridiculous comment.

  4. That poor boy was executed! Out of their 7 (now 6) children, suddenly–not even a day later, they set up a GoFundMe page??? Ah, shouldent they be in *SHOCK* right now and not worrying about bills? OH, but they already have a GoFundMe page for another one of their kids, so, it was probably a sinch to set up!


    • Excuse me, but as lynne hansen wrote, on July 5, 2016 at 12:18 am:
      “Actually, he was the 6th of Clayton’s 9 children….Clayton has two children Meghan and Seth with his first wife, Callie…Clayton is actually a Grandfather to three, also.”

      PS Nice that this sight as assigned me a swastika for profile image. (Only in Florida!)

    • You are heartless. The family has a gofundme page for their child who has spina bifida. an incurable condition which require chronic therapy and mulitple surgeries. And if I know them, It was probably a friend you set up the Gofundme page for Steven. When you are making your comments please consider the fact that this is a real family with real kids with real pain.

  5. The religious notion that the deceased is in a blissful state of heaven is fabricated purely to console survivors.

    • Hey blackie kkk,, too bad we can’t bring back slavery and put you negroes back into the filth that you look like.

  6. The point is, this ‘father’ could have been doing so many other things, but decided to take his kids to a shooting range. Not playing outside, not going to the pool, not reading a book, not playing with other kids. “Hey kids, lets go to the range, so that we can practice killing things!” So very sad and a waste.

  7. I know this family and they are the most devote Christian people, to God and their family and friends! As parents, I can honestly say, they are probably the best parents I have ever know. This is a horrible tragedy! Accidents can happen to anybody but it breaks my heart to know that this has happened to such a wonderful family! God Bless you Clayton and Elizabeth!

    • I think the final results indicate otherwise but like I posted I’ve been to Sarasota. That kid’s better off dead. Hey just keepin it real.

  8. Further proof folks that guns don’t kill people, it’s da bullets that do da trick! Yup, just keepin her real here folks.

  9. He had me until this…”It was a very freak accident. I made a mistake. It doesn’t take but a split second for something to go wrong and that could be [the case] with a gun, it could be with the wrong medicine, it could be with any number of things.”. I’m thinking that’s the same explanation he gave to his wife to justify this “freak accident” of losing her precious son. That statement rubs me the wrong way! May this little angel rest in paradise.

    • I know. He’s sure being fair about this. It’s like “Oops, that’s one on me. My bad!” LOL. I mean you wouldn’t hand a chimpanzee a gun….

  10. This family is without a doubt the most loving, genuine, and incredible family I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. They are like family to me. Clayton taught me to shoot at that same range a couple years prior. He taught me how to shoot safely and properly. What happened Sunday was a freak accident, nothing else. The comments dragging this family through the mud, pushing their own political agenda, and ripping them apart is disgusting. We are a community in mourning. A family lost their CHILD. Let’s not forget that.

    • This is a beautiful family who has lost their child through a tragic accident! I know them to be a wonderful, loving and giving family. I am so disgusted by some of the comments on this thread. These people are the kind of people who would do anything for anybody in need, even for the despicably, cold hearted, judgemental people commenting here. I promise, you couldn’t come close to being the quality person that Clayton Brumby has been his whole life. Let this family grieve without your ugly and disgusting comments and thoughts. Try praying for them instead. And while you are at it, you might try praying for yourselves as well. Sounds like you may need it.

      • They can’t pray for themselves until they have Jesus in their heart. Everyone makes comments about things you really don’t know about. If you don’t know these people personally how can you point your self righteous fingers and say the things you are saying. It sounds like Stephen has a heart knowledge of Jesus and if so then he is in heaven. You can believe it if you want to but just remember one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord…By then it just might be to late…Also even though a lot of you have said ugly things God loves you and He sent His only Son to die for you. Jesus took your sins upon Himself so you could be free. He arose from the grave and He is alive and well and He says who so ever will come to Him can have life everlasting….So you can make the choice. I have done my part to tell you the truth! Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to come and live in your heart forever more……

  11. This mother and father have the nerve to ask for money for their expenses!! They have a nice house, 7 kids, and mom doesn’t need to work. And the public should donate money for him killing his son. Or as the mom said “going to paradise”. It’s disgusting!

  12. A dad kills his kid through his own negligence and sets up a gofundme account for funeral expenses, subsequently netting over $28,000 in donations (and counting) in a single day. Unbelievable.

    • Yeah, amazing that he battled through the tears to set up a funding site less than a day after he shot and killed his kid. Way more successful than his gofundme site to pay for medical treatments for his daughter, which only netted 1600 in a year. Goes to show how politicized this gun thing is — that a guy who tragically kills his kid through his own negligence is given tens of thousands of dollars. A tragic medical condition will only net ya a measly $1600.

  13. William Clayton Brumby needs to do some prison time. He also needs to never legally own a gun again. He is just another hypocrite christian… would jesus teach kids to use handguns that only purpose is to kill people?

  14. Clayton and Elizabeth: Although truly sorry for your loss, shame on you! Still young children in your home, however, keeping that gun and purposely taking them to a dangerous environment twice a month? How long have you had guns, and how many times have they been needed, or used, for home defense? Although you certainly have the right to defend your home, we also have Police trained to do so, simply dial 911. Our tax dollars provide us this protection, although you probably pay none? The Church feels it is tax exempt and usually sets up ways to exempt employees as well. All said and done, it took just one “accident” as you call it to end your son’s life. Clayton was the one supposedly teaching them about gun safety? Knowing your son was behind you, why use your gun hand to remove the casing from your shirt? Why was your finger on the trigger and pointed back toward your son, and most importantly, why wasn’t it on safety immediately after discharge? You’ve stated your children are home schooled. Is their teaching handled with the same level of negligence? You seem to have used the death of your son as a statement for the NRA. “The gun didn’t kill your child, you did.” I honestly don’t know which is more pathetic, your defending the gun which ended your child’s life, your belief that he’s on a fictitious lake with a fictitious entity you claim to devote your life to, or collecting $30,000.00 in a day’s time from others through the “go fund me” page Elizabeth set up to pay your parental responsibility? You so called “Christians” are all the same, claiming to live life in accordance to a book written by mortal man, (a Harry Potter tale of that century, talking snakes and living days inside a whale to boot), putting on appearances for the world to see, while being some of the most judgemental and hateful people on the surface of this planet. Yes, funny how the 10 Commandments and other aspects of the Bible never apply to you, including “judge not, lest ye be judged.” Public schools aren’t good enough for you, you’re above that and all those you judge, those not living like you or under your beliefs simply aren’t good enough for you? Your son sounded wonderful. We are truly sorry he didn’t have the opportunity for life, and only hope the gun you readily defend doesn’t provide another accident on remaining family members. I’d have gotten rid of the damn thing instantly. Actually, never had one to begin with, yet life goes on just fine. I thought the Wild West century, the days of gun fights on the streets had passed us by, however, people like you are Hell bent on putting them in everyone’s hands, once again. Are they, or amendments, more important than the life of your child, your loved ones?

  15. The venom spewed in these comment to this loving and extraordinary family, not to mention the descent into racism and limited levels of education and rationality evidenced by spelling and grammar and unwarranted assumptions about who set up the account, make it hard to be optimistic about the future of our country. One has to hope that the vile remarks here are made by people who are unrepresentative in their delight in the unbelievable suffering of others.

  16. Christian father killing his son, from a family of 7 kids?? How does he afford to pay for medical expenses, food, shelter and GUNS, too? He wants money now for funeral expenses and money left over will pay for …food or just more gun ammunition? If you don’t have money to pay for a funeral, don’t have children! He is 64, an old man and his wife is going to be stuck surviving paying daily bills when he dies. He does not have money to pay for a funeral expenses, then he should not have so many children. DO NOT GIVE MONEY ON GOFUNDME.COM

  17. Here are the FACTS as stated in the police investigation report, as evident in the security camera footage of the shooting and as stated by the Medical Examiner.
    1 – This horrible tragedy was the result of a personal failure of following the safety protocol of handling a firearm by the father. This was a terrible incident that should have never happened if the individual implemented safe handling of the firearm.
    2 – The shot that was fired in this incident came directly from the weapon held in the fathers right hand as he attempted to use the firearm to remove a casing from his shoulder neck area, with finger on the trigger and firearm pointed over his shoulder directly at his son he fired the shot directly toward his 14 year old son striking him in the collar neck area.
    3 – There is crystal clear film footage of this tragedy. When played in slow motion it all becomes crystal clear without a doubt. The firearm was pointed over his shoulder and directly at the boy. IT DID NOT FIRE INTO THE CEILING, IT DID NOT RICCOCHET, IT was fired directly pointed at his son. This is evident in the film as well as the investigative reports.
    4 – This was not an accident that a child or kid had, stop trying to associate it with children and guns…this was an accident or incident that happened with an adult.
    5 – We can only hope and pray that this family will pull through this tragedy as best as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

    High Noon Guns