Cheryl Jennings Photos: Pictures of Malcolm Evans Shooting Suspect


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Judah Nazura

blue eye check pig skin check dog smell check nothing another mutant cracker from the euro continent!!!!!!


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” firearm possession during the commission of a felony”
is this that mysterious “gun crime” all the weirdos are babbling about? Have they tried to pass a law making that illegal?

“possession of a firearm by a person prohibited due to past felony conviction.”
is this one of those “illegal guns” all the weirdos keep babbling about? Have they tried to pass a law making that illegal?


maybe she thought he was going to rape her, or something :o or confuse him for someone else. i mean, it’d be understandable…

Erika Beard

Just for the record she is not my friend. I met her once through a friend of a friend. I was just stating a fact. Not condoning what she did or anything!

Lee Doglin

Maybe it was a road rage incident. It says he was driving while he was shot and crashed his car. Sometimes people accidently make mistakes while driving, or do sudden lane changes, and others are enraged thinking it’s intentional. Sometimes words are exchanged, things escalate and the firearms come out. Just speculation.

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