Earledreka White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A scene from the Earledreka White video. YouTube

A scene from the Earledreka White video. YouTube

A surveillance video shows a Houston social worker’s physical confrontation with a Metro police officer after she called 911 during a traffic stop to say she “was really afraid.”

ABC 13 says the Metro Police Department denies the officer harassed Earledreka White, 28, who was arrested after the traffic stop that some are comparing to the Sandra Bland case, although Bland died in jail.

White’s attorney, Zachary Fertitta, told the TV station, “(The video shows) she was not acting aggressive. She was not combative.” White’s attorney released the surveillance video that shows the arrest with the 911 call playing as it unfolds.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. White Has No Criminal Record & Was Stopped For Crossing a Double White Line, Police Say

Earledreka White

Earledreka White. (Facebook/Earldreka White)

The police say White, 28, who has no criminal record and a master’s degree in psychology, was stopped “for crossing a double white line while driving,” ABC 13 says.

White says on Instagram that she is trying to become a beauty consultant. On Aug. 1, she posted on Facebook, “I’ve gone through so much this past year…. ((and others 🙄)). I’m just ready to be happy. I welcome it. ‪#‎nomoretears‬💃🏾”

Heading to a mixer to become a #beautyConsultant // #makeupartist 👀👏🏾💃🏾😍🙄😩😂

A post shared by ✨ Beauty. Brains. & Braids! ✨😜 (@missdreeks) on

In January, she posted a video resume seeking work. It says she has a master’s degree, LPA licensure, and five years experience in “service, teaching, and program management.”

The officer tried to arrest her “by pinning her arms behind her back and White appears to struggle while yelling, ‘please stop’ and ‘I’m a woman.'”

2. White Called 911 During The Traffic Stop to Report She Was Afraid But The Officer Grabbed Her During the Call

Earledreka White, Houston police

At one point in the video, Earledreka White and the office go in a circle. (YouTube)

In the 911 call, White says in part, “I’m calling to report an event, I was just pulled over by a police officer. He’s saying I crossed over a solid line and I did not…he raised his voice at me…I’m really confused… my heart is racing. I’m really afraid.”

Earledreka White

Earledreka White with a friend. (Facebook/Earledreka White)

“I’m calling to report harassment by a police officer,” she says into a phone at one point during the stop. The officer then takes out handcuffs to arrest her and they go around in a circle, and then he puts her against the car.


The Houston Chronicle says it received a 40-minute version of the video from White’s attorney.

The Chronicle says the video “was captured by a surveillance camera of a nearby business and combined with the audio recording of White’s 911 call.”

3. White Was Accused of Resisting Arrest & Spent Two Days in Jail

Earledreka White

In the video, the officer eventually arrests White. (YouTube)

White was charged with resisting, ABC 13 said, for allegedly refusing “to provide identification and obey lawful orders.”

According to The Houston Chronicle, White spent two days in jail after the arrest, which some are comparing to the Sandra Bland case, who spent days in jail after a traffic stop and died in what is considered a suicide.

4. The Police Officer Was Exonerated During an Internal Investigation

Vera Bumpers

Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers. (Metro Police)

The police chief denies the officer was aggressive and an investigation found “no wrongdoing” on the part of the officer.

“She was uncooperative but he did everything reasonable within the law,” Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers told The Houston Chronicle. “He explained what was going on, what the violation was and that he was focused on her safety, as well as his.”

On Facebook, White posted a list of questions for the Officer, identified as Gentian Luca:

“Officer Luca, I have 🗣 3 questions for you. 🤔
1. WHY NOT JUST ISSUE A 📝 TRAFFIC TICKET (if there was any offense at all) instead of trying to break my arm?
2. WHAT DID I DO THAT WAS SO BAD 😒 that justified THAT arrest and mistreatment?

5. The Head of the Local NAACP Has Spoken Out on White’s Behalf

Earledreka White, Houston Police

The incident occurred in March and the officer was exonerated during an internal investigation. (YouTube)

Although police exonerated the Officer, the head of the local NAACP says he doesn’t think the officer handled the incident correctly, says Raw Story.

Earledreka White

Earledreka White. (Facebook/Earledreka White)

“He got impatient,” said James Douglas, the NAACP president, according to Raw Story. “This is obviously a police officer who needs some training on how to de-escalate a situation, and I would think it would be especially important in today’s climate.”

In July, White wrote on Facebook: “If you know me, you know I won’t go down without a FIGHT. And this one is BIGGER THAN ME. I’m not just fighting for me. I’m fighting for generations to come. Something has to be done. SOMETHING!!!”

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  1. how about i answer your questions to the officer considering all of your lying most likely prohibits a direct response…are you with me Shaneekweedoneekwayolandraaffirmativeaction”mastersdegree” White?
    question #1: you refused to give your license and registration.
    question #2: see #1
    question #3: the officer “allegedly” laughed at this question because his “daughter, or anyone he knows” would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS act like a raging pavement ape like you did.

    anymore questions about your outrageous and inexcusable behavior? BTW, now every potential employer in the world knows NOT to hire you for fear you will lie, sue, and continue to not take responsibility for your poor character. welcome to life long unemployment….the internet is FOREVER!

  2. This “journalist” who wrote this seems a bit biased first of all, so this leads me to believe this is simply an opinion piece or blog of some sort rather than a news article. This woman’s job or education or hopes and dreams having NOTHING to do with this incident, so I don’t know why they are included. This is a driver who got pulled over. That is the only fact anyone needs to know about her.
    Her first mistake was to exit her vehicle. Everyone should know this is the last thing you do when pulled over. It is perceived as an aggressive move. It puts the officer in a position where he now feels threatened himself and needs to act on it. Next, you do what the officer asks. No one cares if you think you did nothing wrong, this is not the time or place to start an argument with an officer about it. Do not lie, it only makes things worse for you. I might have to watch the video again but not once did I see the officer try to “taze” her like she says. An officer stopping you for allegedly crossing a double line does not give anyone the right to say you are being harassed because you were pulled over.

    • Why do you have to refer to her as being a ape? Would it be appropriate to say you’re a racist , douche bag who on the down low have dreams of being with a black woman?

  3. thank you Heavy. It is completely understood. She is an activist trying to make a name for herself. What a pathetic human being. Not going to give this one another thought.

  4. The officer would have issued a citation (Ticket) had the suspect provided her drivers license and registration. She was detained because of her refusal and her escalation of the offence.

  5. Total non story really, having watched the video yeah maybe he over reacted a little bit, but i have heard claims he pulled her out of the car even though she admits to getting out of the car. She also is accusing him of harrasing her when he wasnt, she failed to comply. He could and should of handled it better but then she should and could of just complied to start off with. After all if i was being accused of abusing someone I clearly wasnt right in front of me, I would be pretty pissed off as well. She was just trying to get out of the ticket by accusing him of harrasment and her skin colour and sex. It failed pay the price.

  6. Here’s the problem I see with this Earledreeka person and her BS claims of harassment… Regardless of the fact that she might have been afraid (which I don’t believe), the video more than proves that she lied. Saying he is twisting or trying to break her arm and about to taze her. Lies. He was trying to get ahold of her while she resisted. He never pulled out his taser at all. She also says in her interview that he is yelling at her while she’s on the phone with dispatch when you can clearly see him looking around, bored, not saying a word. Lies. She claims he got out of his car holding open handcuffs but we clearly see him remove them from his belt. Lie. She also says in the interview that she needed to get her ID out of the trunk yet she never once can be heard telling this to dispatch. She told them that she got out of the car to ‘ask him what’s the offense for.” Why tell this lie unless you and your lawyers realized that you needed an excuse for why you got out of the car because you and they realize it needs to be defended? Or in other words, an excuse for why your behavior was so bad??? LIES, lies, lies!!!

    This woman is nothing but a LIAR who wanted to make a name for herself and actually help promote racism. How anyone could see her as a victim in this situation is beyond me. Anyone who went through drivers ed should know that you don’t leave your vehicle during a traffic stop! Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or green. You certainly don’t do so to open your trunk! If you really left your ID in there, which we know she lied about, but if you did you tell the officer when he gets to your window. You let him decide how to handle it. You can tell from the way she left the vehicle that she was just pissed about being pulled over and was ready for a fight. Stupid idiot. And shame on all of the media for blowing this out of proportion!!!! This shouldn’t even be news because NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! But since it was written, I think the title of this article should instead be “Black Woman’s Lies Proven By Security Camera”

  7. 5 Things you Need to Know:

    1. Ms. White was pulled over in a busy parking lot in broad daylight for a minor traffic infraction. Rather than follow normal protocol, she jumps out of her car and aggressively confronts the officer.

    2. Ms. White is told of her infraction, at which point she begins to argue with the officer and deny she did the deed. Ms. White is asked her driver’s license and registration/proof of insurance. Ms. White refuses and continues to refuse for 3 minutes. Inexplicably, Ms. White calls 911, turning what should have been a simple traffic stop into a huge, dramatic, embarrassing scene.

    3. After 3 minutes of Ms. White refusing the officer’s order to show her driver’s documents, the officer attempts to arrest Ms. White.

    4. Ms. White violently refuses the officers attempt to arrest her, by pulling her hands away, squirming, and wriggling herself out of the officers grasp, all while howling and screaming like a petulant child.

    5. Ms. White is eventually arrested, causes a massive, costly, and dangerous scene, tying up emergency personnel, and preventing the 911 operators from dealing with real emergencies, spends 2 nights in jail and is facing up to 6 months if convicted of her alleged crimes. The officer’s direct supervisor, an African American female, has his back 100%, and, as you noted, his chief, another African American female, completely and totally cleared the officer of any wrongdoing and is in fact, proud of the way he handled himself, and she’s happy to have him working under her.

    • You make up stuff, and you need to stop!

      The video recording you show here is incomplete. In the original footage the officer indeed approaches Earledreka White in a hostile matter. As they drove up, he gets out of his car, with the handcuffs in his hand ready to detain her, by grabbing her left wrist. This is when she decided to call 911 for another officers evaluation, because she fest unsafe.
      Neither do we see any footage taken by the police car, showing she indeed crossed the double white line.

      • He had the cuffs out because she exited the car when the officer pulled her over, dummy. You do not get out of the car when getting pulled over unless the officer asks or tells you to. If she would have stayed in her car and gave her documents when asked she would at most received a traffic citation. Your suppose to argue the ticket in court not with the police officer. The is basic stuff that applies to everyone.

      • First, I don’t see what her actually crossing the white line has to do with it. So she deserves the ticket. Good, then the officer made a legit traffic stop. Good job.

        Second, I don’t think Jermaine was making anything up!! Even if I didn’t see the full footage and missed the officer getting out of his car with cuffs in hand, what do you think he should’ve done when he pulls someone over and they immediately jump out of THEIR car in an aggressive manner??? Should he just mosey on up, meekly asking how her day is going? Should he have pulled his gun, prepared for the worst?

        The police train to handle every kind of crazy lunatic out there and they actually SEE every kind of crazy. We don’t see that! We normal people don’t experience a 10th of the chit they do in a day so we don’t live our lives prepared for it. He saw her jump out of her car after he pulled her over for a simple traffic infraction. He might have already thought she was drunk or something for doing so. None of us know. So he sees a pissed off woman jump out of her car and his cop brain thinks, “Uh oh! Alert! Alert! Something ain’t right here! Prepare to neutralize the situation!” And so he grabs his cuffs ready to shut the chit down. He didn’t grab his gun and shoot her or his tazer and taze her. He even puts his cuffs back on his belt when he realizes that she isn’t a danger!! So why is everyone so butt hurt over a cop making a move while assessing the situation?? Everyone should instead be condemning this stupid woman for not knowing the rules of the road and the rules of a traffic stop. She COULD have caused an accident by crossing the white lines! She COULD have gotten herself killed for acting so foolish!

        I’m starting to think that we seriously need an overhaul on our entire driver’s education system. I think it should be free to begin with and I don’t think there should be online it parent taught courses!! I feel too much can be glossed over. Case in point, how to handle traffic stops!!!

    • First off she had no business jumping out the car one that could have got her shot right there, then why didn’t you just give him your documents get your ticket go to court and try to fight it. I’m starting to think people just want to get killed by the police they are making this like a new thing. She needed a come up so she did the most to get it. *coming from another black person*

  8. This was not a case of “police brutality.” If she is an educated woman like she claims to be then she would know that one of the first things you do when you get pulled over is remain in your car. Then saying she was “uncomfortable” giving the officer her license as if he was out of line for requesting it. She definitely escalated the situation ultimately leading to her arrest. She was the one raising her voice, harassing the officer, and refusing to follow direction. She was looking for her 15 minutes of fame and she got it unfortunately at the expense of a hardworking police officer.

  9. what’s up with the flowers stuck in that sheeboon’s haid? Looks like something off Addam’s Family.. or Addam’s Fambly an’ sheeit

    • Thanks fro showing your true motives, feelings and intentions. LOL Total irrelevant and objective.

      The video recording you show here is incomplete. In the original footage the officer indeed approaches Earledreka White in a hostile matter. As they drove up, he gets out of his car, with the handcuffs in his hand ready to detain her, by grabbing her left wrist. This is when she decided to call 911 for another officers evaluation, because she fest unsafe.
      Neither do we see any footage taken by the police car, showing she indeed crossed the double white line.

  10. What an idiot. She should be behind bars with a lengthy sentence. I applaud the officer. My only disagreement is that he should have arrested her arrogant *ss the second she grabbed her phone to make a call.

  11. The video recording you show here is incomplete. In the original footage the officer indeed approaches Earledreka White in a hostile matter. As they drove up, he gets out of his car, with the handcuffs in his hand ready to detain her, by grabbing her left wrist. This is when she decided to call 911 for another officers evaluation, because she fest unsafe.
    Neither do we see any footage taken by the police car, showing she indeed crossed the double white line.

  12. Biased articles like these don’t do what you lying leftist liberals intend for them to do. It does the opposite. I have never disliked black people more than I do nowadays because of nonsense stories like this one all over the “news” lately. You can clearly see this lady was wrong and the officer was just doing his job. It’s like facts don’t mean anything anymore.

    • Why do some people have to continually drag out the labels, such as “lying leftist liberals”? What is that supposed to mean? You just exhibit your ignorance. I am somewhat “liberal” in some issues, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing that this young woman is a phony manipulator and a liar. Why do you feel the need to be divisive, firing up the “us and them” (red & blue) primitive mentality?

  13. You left out one important factor.

    This footage is an altered footage, it has been edited, shortened. In the full length footage we see the officer walking up to Earledreka White, with handcuffs in his hand as he grabbed her left wrist. All this is not being shown here in this footage.

  14. In answer to Ms. White’s “something needs to be done” comment; something was done. A loud mouthed nasty woman was taken off the streets for a couple of days. Hopefully she had a chance to have a family reunion.

  15. A lot of you Idiots and Morons need to cease of the face of the earth with your ignorant and stupid responses. You A-HOLES are not really TRUE Americans. You are an imitation of the REAL thing. Therefore , You should self inflict some sort of fatal barbaric torturism within your DEVILISH WORTHLESS SOULS.

  16. Why didn’t you just do what you were told instead of making the cops life hard? Why didn’t you stay in the car as you knew you should have? Why didn’t you get back in the car when you were told to? Why didn’t you just take the ticket and fight it in court? Why did you have to act like an ass and try to tell the cop you didn’t do it and then expect him to just let you go? Why are you so narcissistic? Answer these questions. You aren’t fighting for anybody who obeys the law your just fighting for the sake of your 15 minutes of fame.

  17. This is NOT an arrestable offense. Just because you exited your car? Please. As for “resisting arrest,” THAT is a SECONDARY issue. You have to be “under arrest” to RESIST. Typical cop attitude — DickyDoos with power to their head and no education.