Gary Johnson’s Albuquerque Rally: The Pictures You Need to See
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Gary Johnson’s Albuquerque Rally: The Pictures You Need to See


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Gary Johnson Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico (August 20, 2016)


some exrepublicúnt1 but srsly, jesus was just some silly gay dude…

Tom O'Connor

No, Johnson is a classical liberal- look it up. And Beck is a little loose with labels he does not understand; Democratic Socialism has been around since before the time of Christ, while Marx wrote in the nineteenth century.

Michael ☆

OK, the story is getting better all the time ! The Democrats are reaching for hope of winning the White House. The Democratic health care plan Band-Aid and toothbrushes for all Americans. The Democratic economic recovery plan too keep Americans poor especially blacks! Latinas! asians! whites! The Democrat immigrant plan is too allow radical Muslims to control the US too kill Christianity as we know it radical Muslims are fighting very hard For the prize America and all of its wealth to enslave all of its people with the Muslim takeover of our country!!! Go Democrats go you are my hero The Defenders of Freedom The Defenders of the evil one The Defenders of the first murderer Cane The Defenders of racism The Defenders of hatred towards fellow Americans The Defenders of radical Islam The Defenders of beheading all non-muslims go Democrats go you are my hero you are the savior Obama claims to be a Christian but he is not Clinton claims to speak the truth but she does not Bernie Sanders claims to fight for the poor but he does not go Democrats go you are my hero you will set the world right you will set the world on fire with your greed and your love for the suffering of your fellow mankind go Democrats go Satan is pleased with all of your hard work and effort to prepare he is coming

Christ Centered Teaching

You left our the part about #ClintonCash $$$$$$$$$$$ and how George Soros is the puppet master for Obama and Hillary Clinton, and his evil plan to make all the world his domain, to fleece the flock until it submits to his will, having to beg for sustenance, at his mercy continually, controlling the clergy with greed and gain, the Sharia police controlling the woman by rape and forcing them to shroud more and more until they wear only black as they peer through fish net covering their eyes. So oppressed and fearful, unable to go to school, unable to drive, unable to be in public alone. Even walking your dog in public places in Germany and London puts you at risk from Muslim “gangs” who enforce Sharia because “dogs are unclean”. And rape, it is rampant in Sweden and Germany, even making the news here in the USA with similar results, “do nothing” “don’t make the Muslims angry”.

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