McKenna Elizabeth Hilton Photos: Remembering The Murdered Teen


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Edward Longshanks

Sleep with an animal, die like one.
White Lives Matter, except when they rut with animals. Then….oh well, too bad, soooooo sad….
Separation is the only matter.
Africa is never too black. Asia is never too Asian. It’s only White countries that are.


Good riddance to this coal burner. Her parents should have done an honor killing. Fortunately the monkey she mated with did it for them. Now she won’t be spreading her african monkey diseases to humans. Burn the coal, pay the toll. Where were her idiot parents? Attending a diversity training session or something?


What is wrong with you? This ignorant comment has nothing to do with the murder of an 18 year old girl Seek some help for what ever mental problem you have. You’re a sick, disgusting piece of filth. I hope you’re found in the woods the same exact way.

Frostee da Knowman

Yeah you sicko! To be real I have been to Grand Rapids. She is better off dead but that’s besides the point. Have some manners! I always try to look on the bright side when I read stories like this. I mean at least it didn’t happen to my daughter.

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