Timothy Batts: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Timothy Batts, Timea Batts

Timothy Batts and his daughters. Timea is on the right. (Change.org.)

A Tennessee father is accused of shooting his 11-year-old daughter to death after mistaking her for an intruder.

Timothy Batts, 29, of Henderson, Tennessee, is charged with reckless homicide in the death of his daughter, Timea, who was shot in the family’s home in Hendersonville, which is just under a half hour from Nashville.

An online petition with more than 11,000 signatures asked that Batts be released on bond so he could go to Timea’s funeral. However, police have accused Batts of giving shifting stories about the shooting.

It was Timea’s first day of middle school.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Batts is Accused of Mistaking The Girl For an Intruder After She Suddenly Returned Home

Batts initially told police that Timea “was shot while getting off the school bus,” said Channel 5 Nashville.

The television station says Batts “later confessed that he accidentally shot her after being startled when she arrived home from her first day of 6th grade.”

According to The Tennessean, Batts told police his daughter arrived home from school earlier than he expected and he thought she was an intruder.

Batts failed a drug test for cocaine after being released on bond, said The Associated Press.

2. Home Surveillance Video Shows Batts With a Gun Before Timea Walked in & His Story Changed, Police Say

WSMV quoted a police affidavit that says “Timothy Batts said he shot Timea Batts after she screamed and scared him.”

According to the television station, Batts also told police “that he shot his daughter after being awakened by a sound in the house. He said he got the gun from his dresser and shot it.”

Batts initially told officers Timea came home from school and had been shot, says WZTV, but “later recanted his story.” Batts drove his injured daughter to the hospital.

However, police said the home had surveillance cameras which appear to contradict Batt’s story of retrieving the gun from his dresser, said WZTV, saying the video “captured Batts walking around in his home on a cell phone with a gun five minutes before his daughter arrived home from school.”

3. Friends Say Batts ‘Turned His Life Around’ & Became a Christian & Timea Was Upbeat & Loving

Friends told The Tennessean that Batts, who is a felon, had straightened out his life and was working two jobs.

He had taken off early so he could be home when Timea arrived back from school, but he didn’t realize that middle school release times are different than elementary school release times, the friends told the newspaper.

Long Hollow Baptist Church Pastor Adam French said Batts became a Christian and insisted, “This is not a story of a man who turned violent. It’s a story about a man who grew up in a certain environment and had to deal with the consequences,” The Tennessean said. The newspaper said Batts’ defense attorney and family say Pellegrin he “cut lawns and hair while attending barber school.”

A neighbor described Timea to WSMV as “beautiful. She was fun. She was always up-tempo, upbeat, always wanted to do fun stuff. She was always loving.”

4. A Judge Reduced Batts’ Bail After Thousands Rallied Behind Him

Cheers broke out in the courtroom when the judge reduced Batts’ bail from $1 million to $500,000. While out on bail, Batts must submit to drug and alcohol testing and meet weekly with an officer.

Prosecutors argued that Batts is a convicted felon with two previous failure to appear incidents, said WZTV. In addition to reckless homicide in Timea’s death, Batts is charged with false reporting, tampering with evidence and possessing a firearm as a felon.

Supporters gathered inside and outside the courtroom.

Batts had four children, said News Channel 5.

5. A Petition Supporting Him Has More Than 11,000 Signatures

The petition, on Change.org, calls Batts “a good father who has changed his life for the positive” and says he “is being judged by past crimes. A freak accident lead to his daughters death and he is being charged like a murderer.”

The petition continues, “He loved his three daughters dearly and was a great father figure in her life. We ask that he is able to attend his daughter funeral service and have a lowered bond. His bond is 1 million dollars and that’s insane for a accident we need Timothy batts home for his grieving family.”

The petition writers insist that Batts “would never intentionally hurt his family” and ask for signatures to advocate “for the equality of punishments being handed out by our judicial system. Same crimes are being committed but blacks are handed 20% longer jail sentences then whites.”


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A good man does not take time to hide a gun before taking his gun shot child to the hospital. A good man does not lie about what happen to her. A good man does not have a gun in his possesion when forbidden by law. Last but not least a good man does not laugh and find happiness in his bond release when his child lay dead.


I agree then he wants to.hide behind Jesus claiming and lying saying hes a Christian THE courts dont care nothing about his pastor making statements on.his behalf to try to.get him off he should be charged this was no.mistake but mentally insane in his brain careless useless actions thiz child was murdered by him in.the day time he didn’t have kill her but he choose to murder his own child?


I agree then he wants to.hide behind Jesus claiming and lying saying hes a Christian THE courts dont care nothing about his pastor making statements on.his behalf to try to.get him off he should be charged this was no.mistake but mentally insane in his brain careless useless actions thiz child was murdered by him in.the day time he didn’t have kill her but he choose to murder his own child?Im,black also.He, to own to his own chooses no mistakes he just told a bunch of lies. Smh!


Can I say I looked around this courtroom and thought the saddest thoughts… I won’t all I want but I think many people in that room could use their free time to be MORE PRODUCTIVE and BE at WORK today.
When its a accident you call 911 immediately you do not let your daughter die while you clean your house of drugs and get rid of your weapon. I want to give him some grace cuz his daughter died.. but come on man you didn’t hear the school bus let out.
He initially claimed his daughter came home and told him she’d been shot but the story didn’t jive because she rode a school bus and the bus driver and other students never saw a shooting or heard gunshots. There were also no shell casings outside where he claimed it supposedly happened and no witnesses.
He later admitted he told that lie because he is a registered felon who isn’t supposed to have a firearm. By telling the first lie and most likely trying to cover up the crime scene in the house instead of getting her immediate help, he caused her death.


Raping her please he would never and yes I’m gone speak up and say he is a good father and accidents do happen and that’s anybody who going threw Wat he goin threw probably be doin drugs to shit don’t nobody no how he feel WTF leave him alone


I agree he was raping dis baby and she was going to tell..dis story not adding up ..that bitch need to be dead Kill his own baby so sad


In so tired of bc black this and whites get of blah blah blah! I’m a 32 yr old white female that’s never had so much as a speeding ticket but August 24, 2014 my son was accidentally locked in the car on our church property as we let out Sunday service. At no time was he ever alone and he was in there a total of 9 minutes as documented by the ambulance and fire dept where we called 911. They did not break my window to free him but Jimmied my door. A white male police officer arrived on scene after he was in the ambulance and had to ask me which vehicle it was. He wrote a bogus report and had me charged with a felony child endangerment . I did not get my bond lowered bc my children needed me at home. I did not get treated better bc I was white. And I did not get off Scott free even though I should never have been charged. I am not a racist person but I’m really getting tired of being apart of the white scapegoat group. You made a mistake. You lied several times and instead of calling 911 you got rid of evidence. Your daughter may still be alive if you had just owned it and called 911. My son may be dead if I hadn’t Called 911 and told the truth. And I live in davidson county. 1 of the counties that touches sumner county. Hendersonville is a very good part of town and there was no reason for him to think someone had entered his home in the middle of the afternoon to hurt him and his family. I live in a part of town that would be believable but not him! He says he’s a reformed man that gave his life to the Lord but lies and covers up which may have led to Timea’s death. My dad’s a pastor and I am a saved woman. I can tell you this is a bull story from start to finish. That man has changed nothing!


And unlike me I bet he works the system and gets off. Seems like the system is working for you and not me A WHITE woman!


I agree with you totally he is a lier he lied he seems mentally insane to shot a child during school hours didn’t he not know she was coming home from.school?What, made him be ao quickly to.pull the trigger?Hes not mentally stable, he broke the law he not allowed to carry a weapon.if, he’s a Christian he would’ve not been practicing criminal activities.By, the law he can have a weapon in his possession he is evil smh!

Angry Mom

That’s why he failed his drug test for cocaine this week, because he is such a good person…my 11 yr old went to school her, he should of NEVER BEEN RELEASED!!!


And he will be heading back to court on August 26th for testing positive for cocaine less than a week after his release….additionally, if his bond is revoked, the money could and most likely will go to the state.


The last thing that I would be worried about is DRUGS if I had just “accidentally” shot my child!!°°°°Quit making excuses for these idiots!!!!

BNA Girl

And he did Cocaine the day after he was released on bond. really sounds like someone who had straightened his life up. #facepalm This baby was shot by her dad. Her dads friends all partied when he got released. Now he got cocaine charges. this whole bit is weird.


Sure doesn’t sound like an accident to me. Damn shame. Changed his story TWICE!!! Lock em up THROW AWAY THE KEY!!! #thatisall

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