Alfred Olango: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

alfred olango

Alfred Olango (Facebook)

Alfred Olango, a father and refugee who fled political persecution in Uganda, was shot and killed by an El Cajon, California police officer, and eyewitnesses claim he was unarmed and pleaded with officers not to shoot him.

Police confirm Olango, a furniture worker, had no firearm, but they say he assumed a shooting stance, pointing what turned out to be a vape electronic device at the officer who shot him.

Olango’s name began to trend on social media after the man’s grief-stricken sister gave his name in a dramatic Facebook Live video that streamed the shooting’s immediate aftermath, and his identity was officially confirmed by police on September 28. The sister had called police to the scene in the first place; the 38-year-old man was wandering in traffic when police arrived. Police released a still shot from a citizen video of the shooting, but the attorney for Olango’s attorney has demanded they release the whole thing, which they then did.

alfred olango

The picture that was released of the shooting by El Cajon Police Department.

Police said in a news release, “The object that Mr. Olango drew from his pant pocket and pointed at the officer is a vape smoking device. The vape has an all silver cylinder (Smok TFV4 MINI) that is approximately 1” diameter and 3” long that was pointed toward the officer. The box of the vape that was held in his grip, is 4” x 2 1/4”s x 1” (Pioneer for You Vape).The vape was collected as evidence from the scene.”

The shooting has become the recent flash point in tensions between American police and some in the community, and it comes on the heels of police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte that provoked controversy. Protests in El Cajon, which is a suburb of San Diego, continued Wednesday night.

One of the officers at the scene was identified by the mayor as Richard Gonsalves, who was previously accused of sexual harassment.

On September 30, police released the full citizen video of the shooting. They also identified Gonsalves as the officer who shot Olango. Watch the video here and learn more about Gonsalves here.

The Facebook Live video is dominated by the woman’s emotional upset as she demands to know why police shot her brother. The video is emotionally disturbing and contains graphic language (you can watch it below in the next section). It captured the scene’s aftermath but not the actual shooting.

Witnesses demonstrated in video-taped interviews disseminated on social media how they say an unarmed Olango had both of his arms extended outward when he was shot and begged police not to shoot him. However, police have said on Twitter that the man did not have his hands in the air as they try to push back at the eyewitness accounts circulating widely on Twitter and sparking outrage, including at the scene.

“The truth will come out,” police said in the news conference. At some points during the news conference, you could hear a raucous crowd yell and swear at police.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Olango’s Upset Sister Says She Asked Police to Help Him & People Who Knew Him Described Him as a Caring Man ‘Everyone Got Along With’

Alfred Olango

A screenshot from the Facebook Live video of the sister at the scene. (Facebook)

The dramatic Facebook stream has had more than 22,000 views and is somewhat reminiscent of the Facebook Live video created by the daughter of Keith Lamont Scott, the black man whose police shooting death sparked riots and protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The sister, identified as Lucy Peterson, had called police to the scene to get help for her brother who was not acting like himself, police said. Police confirmed, in the news conference, that the sister informed them in her first 911 call that the man was unarmed and mentally ill. NBC 7 quoted Peterson as saying she called police because Olango was “mentally perturbed and he needed help.”

Olango’s mother told Reuters she believes he was having a mental breakdown.

You can watch the Facebook Live video on the shooting’s immediate aftermath here:

“I called you to help me but you killed my brother….Why couldn’t you guys tase him? Why why why why?” the sister says, according to NBC 7 San Diego. Police said they want the woman to contact them; in the news conference, they said they would not confirm that the man had died until that point. However, in a news release issued a short time later, they confirmed that the man had passed away.

“I called you guys to come help me and you killed my brother,” the sister wails in a cacophony of grief to the police at the scene. “You guys killed my brother!”

Police revealed in the news conference that it took them 50 minutes to respond to the sister’s 911 call, although it was unclear whether she called one time or as many as three.

Olango was also a father. A woman wrote on Facebook, “Alfred was a good man a great father to my son may he rest in peace taj and I will miss you. We love you so much.”

Tashia Braxton told Heavy that Olango was “Very funny loving caring for others great step father to my child a big support system for others when needed outstanding worker someone that everyone got along with I would love him to the day I die.”

She said she also wanted people to remember of Olango the following: “He was a great man, and a good stepfather to my son Taj Hightower. We are so very sad.”

The Facebook Live video is wrenching and dramatic.

“The police did it again, you all. They shot another unarmed black person as usual,” says Rumbie Mubaiwa, who streamed the Facebook Live video. It also captures police still trying to gather information, including the man’s name and eyewitness accounts.

“And the lady is saying she called them for help… and they shot her brother,” the narrator says, referring to the man’s sister. At one point, Mubaiwa challenges police directly, accusing them of lacking compassion for the shot man’s sister.

Olango was taken to the hospital, said CBS 8.

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2. Police Claimed Olango Was Acting in an ‘Erratic’ Fashion & Olango Had a Criminal History

alfred olango

Alfred Olango. (Facebook) said Olango “was distraught over the recent death of his best friend and was having an emotional breakdown.”

The newspaper added that Olango had past “brushes with the law, including selling cocaine, driving drunk and illegally possessing a 9mm semi-automatic handgun.”

Authorities twice tried to deport Olango, but Uganda wouldn’t take him back and he stopped reporting to authorities, said NBC San Diego.

The family’s lawyer wants police to release the full citizen video, said The San Diego Union-Tribune said Olango’s record included time in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Police alleged that Olango was acting in an “erratic” manner. Police deny the man had his hands in the air; they have a mobile phone video of the shooting they have not released publicly, said NBC 7 San Diego, which quoted another eyewitness as saying the man “refused to remove his arms from his side.”

In a news conference, police said they found no weapon at the scene; they had responded to 911 calls from the man’s sister and found him walking in traffic. They also painted a more complicated picture than witnesses, though, saying the man concealed his hand in his pants pocket, paced back and forth, and then rapidly drew an “object” from his pants pocket and extended it rapidly toward an officer, taking “what appeared to be a shooting stance, putting the object in the officer’s face.”

Watch the police news conference here:

At that time, an officer fired a taser and a second officer, the one who had the object pointed at him, fired his weapon, striking the man, police said. However, police would not identify the object (one News10 account from an eyewitness said it might have been a vapor device, but this was not confirmed). Both officers have over 21 years of service as police officers, police said.

“The male refused multiple instructions by the first officer at the scene and concealed his hand in his pants pocket,” police said in the news conference.

At one point in the incident, an officer deployed a taser but, said the police, “the male rapidly drew an object, placed both hands extended, and took what appeared to be a shooting stance, putting the object in the officer’s face.”

Police contended that the man didn’t follow their orders after they responded to three radio calls to the scene near a restaurant and shopping center intersection, according to The New York Daily News.

Fox 5 San Diego said “the involved officers were responding to a report of an uncooperative person walking in traffic,” according to police.

3. Eyewitnesses Say Olango Had His Hands out When He Was Shot & Pleaded Not to Be Shot

In the video above, eyewitnesses stretch their arms out to demonstrate what they say were Olango’s last moments. They insisted all along that the shot man was unarmed and had his hands extended out when the officer fired. Police have not released any other frames from the citizen video they have of the shooting, which could clear up the positioning of his arms or confirm it.

“He was like this, don’t shoot, don’t shoot and they still shot him,” said one of the witnesses in the above video, with his arms extended.

“I see a man, I see a black man surrounded by officers with their guns out… black man with his hands up …he’s jerking, he’s confused, he runs this way,” said one eyewitness interviewed by an NBC15 reporter. “As soon as he runs this way, they discharge boom, boom, boom… five shots.”

You can watch the accounts of other eyewitnesses here:

The dramatic accounts spread quickly on social media, helping to fuel the unrest. 10News said one witness said the shot man “was having a seizure.” Witnesses reported hearing five shots, said the TV station.

Fox 5 said a witness said the man had mental health issues. Police said there was no indication the man was under the influence of anything and added that they don’t have evidence he was having a seizure.

Police said in a news release that the man “was walking in traffic, not only endangering himself, but motorists. Two officers located him behind a local restaurant in the 800 block of Broadway. The subject was described as an adult African American male in his 30’s, wearing a black tank top and blue jeans.”

WATCH: Eyewitnesses Say El Cajon Man Was Unarmed When Shot

Eyewitnesses say on video that an El Cajon, California man was unarmed and had his arms extended when police shot him. Watch video, including live reports.

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4. Olango Came to America When He Was a Child After Time in Refugee Camps


Olango’s Facebook page says he was “Head Cook at West Coast Hooters, Head Cook at Hooters” and formerly “Head Cook at Saddle Ranch – Westgate.” He also wrote, “Former God’s Servant at Jesus Daily.” However, NBC 7 said Olango worked at a furniture store and had an “extensive criminal history.”

He wrote that he had studied at San Diego Mesa College, went to San Diego High School, lives in San Diego, California, was single, and was from Gulu, Uganda.

According to NBC 7, Olango “came to the U.S. at the age of 12 in search of protection from a regime seeking to kill his entire family.”
The San Diego Union Tribune says Olango’s feet were scarred because he had to walk without shoes during his time in refugee camps. The newspaper added that he was working as a cook.

He leaves behind a large family, and shared photos on Facebook of himself with small children.

According to NBC 7 San Diego, “One witness at a local restaurant told NBC 7 police came and confiscated their cell phones following the incident; another witness recalled hearing an officer fire three or four rounds.”

On Twitter, police denied they confiscated any cell phones.

Police said that one person voluntarily turned over a cell phone with a video, said CBS8.

Alfred Olango

Alfred Olango. (Facebook)

The ACLU of San Diego released a statement saying facts were still coming in but adding, “Unfortunately, there are disturbing reports from a number of witnesses that police officers confiscated cell phones from people who witnessed the shooting. Confiscating cell phones is a violation of the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable seizure without warrant or exigent circumstance) and the First Amendment (interference with the right to record in public) under the U.S. Constitution and analogous rights under the California Constitution.”

However, in their news release, police said, “While detectives where on scene investigating the officer involved shooting, a witness came forward and notified officers they had video footage of the incident. That witness voluntarily provided their phone to the police department and gave written consent for the officers to view the video. Investigators have been able to download the video. This was the only phone provided to officers in this investigation. No other phones were taken from witnesses.”

The San Diego Union Tribune said that El Cajon police do not have body cameras.

Police said they were investigating whether Olango was mentally ill or having a mental health crisis of some kind.

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5. Anger Was Brewing at the Scene of the Shooting, Where People Yelled ‘Don’t Shoot’ at Police

People were streaming live on Facebook from the scene, which was growing more chaotic as irate people gathered and shouted at police officers. At one point, protesters stormed the police tape at the scene.

Anger was also growing on Twitter, where Olango’s name quickly became a hashtag.

Police were chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” at police officers at the scene.

You can click to watch news coverage from the scene here:

The protests were also occurring on Wednesday.

WATCH: El Cajon Police Shooting Protests

Watch a live stream of protests against the police shooting of Alfred Olango in El Cajon, California.

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Richard Gonsalves has been identified as one of the El Cajon police officers allegedly involved in the shooting of Alfred Olango, an unarmed man. He was previously demoted after a sexual harassment allegation.

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    • Because “breathing” can be equated to “acting like a nutcase around officers and suddenly throwing your hands into a shooting stance when they have a weapon pointed at you.” No difference at all, right? Jesus the stupidity.

        • If a terrorist is taken alive it is because he didn’t make a sudden threatening motion which threatened the cops lives during their arrest. You morons seem to be completely disconnected from the idea that police shootings occur because a threat posed AT THE TIME OF THE SHOOTING, not because of what the victim did before or how serious his previous crimes were. If someone pulls a weapon on a cop during the course of getting a parking ticket, they’ll be shot dead. If someone kills a bunch of people in a terrorist attack and then lays down their weapons and puts their hands up, they’ll be taken alive. I’m fed up with explaining basic logic to leftists who cannot think straight.

          • even tho this mentally ill man that we are discussing threw his hands ….lets remember that now, threw his hands in a shooting position, does that mean bullets were gonna come from his hands to kill the cops or fingers? and oh, jut like he was tasered by cop 1, why didn’t cop 2 do the same? oh, another bullet paid for by the government and I am a legal killer so hey, here’s my chance to up my numbers…gotcha!! “Olango-chu”

            • Maybe because the one who used the taser was off to the side. The on who shot Olango was the one Olango pointed his vape at. But lets ignore the small details to fit your narrative shall we?

          • Lol the last time police were involved with a terrorist it was in New York, there was a shoot out and they still took him alive…

      • Chesney cops were close enough to see if he was pointing a gun, eye witnesses said he had his arms out strereched when shots 1-5 were fired, your comments are ridiculous.ignore the facts and have no bearing on the justification for the shooting period….go back and finish your tea and crumpets.

  1. I’m a black man. I feel the shooting of Scott in Charlotte was unjustified and the officer needs to be arrested and put on trial. With this case (and it’s very early in the investigation) it seems, from the stance of the man in the still photo of the witness phone video, the officer was in reasonable fear of an imminent threat. Let’s let all of the facts come out before we judge. The bigger issue is figuring out a solution to the mental health problems we have in America.

    • The fact that you have to start your sentence with “I’m a black man” is the biggest problem. Scott got killed because he wouldn’t drop the gun. All these idiots crying foul every time a cops shoots someone are the problem. If any of you would actually look at the facts you’d realize how embarrassed you should be. Cops killing people unjustified is extremely rare. Over 800,000 police on the streets with over 20,000,000 interactions with suspects per year. If even 1% were bad cops, you would have 1000s of cases per year at a minimum. 200,000 is 1% of 20,000,000. We would have at least a few hundred HD close up videos per year. Where are they? Bunch of idiots.

      • And the fact that you’re in denial about the murders of numerous Black men makes YOU the problem. YOU should be embarrassed that you justify MURDER in the country MY ancestors built for free. Instead of people the self-appointed voice of reason on an issue you know NOTHING about (except to justify), how about joining the cause to get justice for this man. Who raised you?

        • WHY IS IT we’re ok with Black men being shot down like beasts of burden, their bodies left in streets for hours, but homegrown terrorist with White skin always manage to make it safely into custody. Explain that, Joe. Since you’re so all-knowing about race relations and our long-standing history of fatal interaction with law enforcement. People like YOU turn my stomach. This is why I served this country. So people like Joe can show their un-American ways when it comes to rationalizing murder. And before the “all cops ain’t bad” crew steps up, let me caution you….like my Grandma would say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

          Your pudding is real sour tasting Joe.

          • @Elissa

            That was totally ridiculous. White terrorists are rare, while inner city gangs control whole blocks, can you show me the white terrorist blocks please? Secondly, whites usually give in to the police, instead of going bonkers resisting, also, you never have throngs of crackaz surround the arrested white man screaming at police “he innocent,” “he didn’t so nothin'” “he just a child,” “let him go!!!”

            • LMAO. Dylan Roof was a terrorist. Adam Lanza, mass shooting terrorist. In fact, I’m not playing this game with you. Check the Justice Dept stats on serial murderers, mass murderers, and terrorism. You need your head checked. You’re a racist, and a piss poor one because nothing you said was factual. Go with God.

            • so you basically categorizing race as if it was a species. Stop being so ignorant I am just hearing “white people are better and more educated then blacks” we are all equal. a person is a person. one persons character should not be stereotyped to a whole race. Please go get educated. i am a senior in high school and I feel way less ignorant then you

          • Funny you don’t seem to be upset by blacks killing blacks on a daily basis. I know I stopped giving a crap about them killing each other. The more dead human garbage thugs, the better. And white criminals are shot by cops every day. We just don’t pretend they were “good boys” who “dindu nuffin”. The thing that cracks me up about every single one of these “Five Facts You Need To Know About…………” articles is how none of the “Facts” is ever about their criminal record.

            • How upset are you when white men commit crimes? When Daniel Hortzclaw used his badge to victimize women, did you personally beg our pardon? Did you atone for Elizabeth Smart, Brock Turner’s victim. How about you hush?

              • I just have this to say… a white person or a black person can almost always walk through mostly white neighborhoods in safety at all hours of the night. As a black man, I can tell you and if you say I’m wrong, you are a liar, that black men and women as well as white men and women all fear to walk through most black neighborhoods after dark. And with good reason. More blacks are killed in our own neighborhoods by far and by black folks than any other class of homicides. This is fact.

                Also Mr. Olango was an armed drug dealer and an illegal alien. Look at his criminal record. Stop being stupid! Get a real cause… Go after the destruction of our cities by criminals, both political and street types.

          • Hi Elissa, when you say black men are being shot down like beast of burden, you must mean by other black men right? More whites are killed by police and many of them unarmed too. But I guess people like you are only concerned with the darker complexion.

            • Funny. With White cisgender men being on the top end of crime in this country according to the US Justice Dept, I figure you know better. All the cults, poisoned koolaide, kidnappings, mass shootings, sexual assaults with no accountability…YOU got nerve asking about crime. If you’ve been watching your TV, seeing unarmed person after person being murdered, and yet crying about YOUR hurt, “excluded” feelings, then you fool, are the problem. I don’t give a shit what bothers you about my INFORMED opinion. The truth of it is what really offends you. Check a stat before you bring it to me. And don’t black-on-black crime me either. It ain’t a thing ANY more than white-on-white crime. Criminals operate in their comfort zone, regardless of race. Stop talking foolish, and get a clue

          • See that’s where you are wrong. I know of two white men in this area alone that were shot in their homes (these are not connected, 2 isolated incidents), after a relative of each man had called and asked the police department to conduct a well check and make sure they were alright. One was actually televised live and although they had no reason to they were cleared of that one as well. I mean a wellness check requested by his out of state son and well it seems that they made sure he wasn’t okay. He was my uncle’s friend, his family took the PD to court, and they were cleared. It’s not just black people, it’s just that you hear more about those cases lately. And not only is it becoming a race matter where it shouldn’t be, it’s not the races involved it’s the individual people involved. What about the guy that started shooting people in TN? He was black and he shot people at night, in their cars and one officer in the leg. He killed a lady who was on her way to do her job, minding her own business. He said he was mad at white people because of something a cop did somewhere else that no one in that area had anything to do with. You cannot blame an entire race for something some somewhere else does. No one is going to believe that one race is more important than another…unless you are racist. Then you are the problem you’re wanting to fix…so change it. Don’t pretend white people have it made, what year is this?? Who’s been the president for the last 8 years? If racism was an issue like it seems so many believe, so many would have voted for someone else. Anyway, as for police shootings and race… there is just a serving of truth pudding. I am sure that this page could show so much more proof of other people of other races being news worthy. It’s horrible what happened, but lets be real.

            • I feel for your lost loved ones, but who personally blamed you? Or for that matter, all white people. Most recognize the truth. If any part of my original statement bothered you, ask YOURSELF why.

              Nothing you typed is relevant to what I typed.

        • oh a few doctors, a few teachers , but no thugs with guns and no one robbed and attacked a cop beforehand. right. Funny how you and the blacks all yell about cops but stayed silence when most black murders are from other blacks. How do I know, I work in a level One trauma center where 4-5 shooting a week happening in black communities and the victims have been shot by other blacks. Funny no protesting there

          • Most white murders are by other whites. That’s how that works. And you basing all your wealth of knowledge on race relations on the area YOU work in sounds a lot like that orange critter the Hil just smacked up. Just foolish you are!

        • In the past year more than twice the number of white men have been shot and killed by police then black men.Ref: FBI & DOJ Statistics.
          So where should the outrage really be? Also, the completely false lie of hands up don’t shoot never happened in Ferguson, MO. Everyone is referencing the shooting in Charlotte, NC. This to is a fabrication of facts. The Felon who is not even allowed to have a gun had an illegal gun and would not drop the gun when ordered to do so. he was also smoking a joint at the time of the incident. Another parole violation for a convicted felon. SOROS is paying these thugs to cause the problem in an attempt to bring America to its knees and the foolish just keep going along with it for $$$.

        • DN, Scott was killed because he was a multi-time convicted felon in possession of an illegal firearm and would not drop the gun. He was also in possession of pot and smoking which is also illegal for a felon to be doing. He was also under a restraining order previously for beating the hell out of his current wife. The list is growing …. You just can’t handle the truth when it comes to thugs.

      • JOE: Thanks for posting something that makes sense here. But you know that won’t help with the libs. They have to have something to bitch about and they’re not going to let you take that away from them with facts or statistics.

    • @Lee, spot on about the mental health issues, lots of people are on the streets because some social scientists in the 70s claim that mental illness was not real (seriously). As for Scott, the Black officer, who works under a Black police chief, who shot him is going to be investigated. So far it seems that Scott had not a book but a stolen pistol in his possession, also there are reports that his wife had a restraining order out on him, etc. Now what threat he posed to the cop only God knows- for now. Scott was allegedly rolling a joint in his car when he was spotted by the cops. Now you see, if he could just have waited to do that garbage at home he’d never have gotten on the radar. Sloppiness and lack of any restraint are what leads to wrack and ruin. Anyway Lee, I love your idea of waiting for facts to come out first, so simple yet brilliant. We shall see.

    • WRONG LEE. He was a convicted felon in possession of an illegal firearm. He would not drop the gun. He was warned multiple times and failed to follow instructions.

  2. you can’t expect police officers to be also mental health professionals, medical doctors, or psychics. they could have not known beforehand that the object in question was a cel phone, and not a weapon; even if it wasn’t a conventional firearm. it could’ve been a taser, for example. in any event, the man clearly posed a threat to himself and others, and acted in a constant menacing way. drugs or disease; the cause is irrelevant. they were just doing their job; their actions were clearly justifiable. of course blm morons would attempt to spin it as another subjective emotional offensive instance of police wrongdoing, brutality, and oppression; for the sake and glory of their ‘democratic queen’…

  3. Eyewitnesses always say the same stuff, I’m surprised he was not “reading a book” too. He musta been “turnin’ he life around,” or perhaps he is “just a child.”

  4. He ha mental issues. Which could possibly lead to a suicide by cop situation. Not the cops fault he chose this way to go. All that is left is to see if the local black community will use this as an excuse for a 100% off shopping spree. I would be willing to bet his family is already lawyer shopping while singing “we’ve got a golden ticket”. $$$ka-ching$$$.

  5. It’s always fun when ‘news’ sites like this get their hands on stories and try to twist them around… These are irrelevant ‘facts’.HERE are the relevant facts

    #1: The man REFUSED to follow orders to take his hands out of his pocket.
    #2: When he DID, he withdrew them rapidly, as if he was going to shoot someone, with an object in his hand. It doesn’t matter WHAT the object was, at that point
    #3: The man posed a THREAT
    #4: His hands WERE NOT UP. This lie has already been refuted and proven false.

    Cops don’t have the time to sit and debate with you. They don’t have the time to sit and wonder WHAT it is that you’re going to pull out of your pocket, or what you’ve already pulled out of your pocket. It’s NOT their job to do so. QUIT treating them like it is.

    I swear, people get dumber every damn day. FOLLOW the orders of cops, STAY ALIVE. End of discussion

      • Dont be a dumbass. He previously shot police. Tsarnaev i assume you refer to, went peacefully while hiding in a boat.

    • You watch what happens over time as more and more riots happen, and people on the street rush to judgement. Police officers will begin to retire early and less and less people will want to take that on as a profession. They certainly don’t get paid enough to deal with what’s developing (at the same time trying to carry out what is one of the most stressful jobs available, check rates of alcoholism in that profession). Are there some bad cops? Yes. Are there some cops that make mistakes and people die as a result. Yes. That will always happen. Police should probably do a better job policing each other and communities should do the same. Who the hell would want that job pretty soon. And then where are we?

    • Remember, witnesses never lie. You know, like the shooting wher a family member swore the thug in Charlotte was holding a book and not a gun?

  6. I don’t understand this fascination with tazers. All they do is increase adrenaline in an already agitated person. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of police using this contraption, only to have the perp. become extremely strong. When is this barbaric instrument going to be replaced with, oh I don’t know, a tranquilizing dart!!! And stop killing black men!!!!

  7. Obey Commands by police. If you are too proud or too resentful to do that, sooner or later you’re gonna get hurt.It’s hard to believe ‘eye witnesses’ now that twitter and facebook are rampant with lying liars who lie and deceive people.

    • Because training and common sense dictate that you only have a fraction of a second to decide to defend yourself or not. People make mistakes and do dumb things everyday. Clearly it is not a mistake to quickly pull your hands out of your pockets and assume a shooting stance at any armed man, let alone one who is probably trained in self defense.

    • Because training and common sense dictate that you only have a fraction of a second to decide to defend yourself or not. People make mistakes and do dumb things everyday. Clearly it is not a mistake to quickly pull your hands out of your pockets and assume a shooting stance at any armed man, let alone one who is probably trained in self defense. Is this possible? Is logic still a real term?

  8. Dont we have enough technology that police should not have to be armed with lethal weapons, I am certain we have weapons that can immobilize people without killing them. It seems the cops are being trained in Israel in order to start a race war since our cops no longer serve our people. This is where the problem begins and ends Israel.

  9. This almost sounds like it could have been suicide by cop. A man with mental health issues, wandering through oncoming traffic beforehand, sounds like contemplating suicide. Maybe that’s just how he chose to go out. Regardless, I want to see all the facts before I make a final judgement.

  10. These people with mental illness issues need to take better care of themselves. I know for a fact that they know exactly what they’re doing. There are blacks who live around me with so-called mental issues and they sell and do drugs. Then when they get busted, shot, or even killed here comes the mental illness excuses. Didn’t they know of their mental illness? And it wouldn’t surprise me if these weren’t cases of suicide by cop.

  11. the Nogs fambly be winning dat lottery now. Lawyers will get their cut, and the africooon fambly will be rolling on spinners an’ sheeit. Too bad one of those cuck libtard protesters didn’t take the moolie home and get raped before the po po got him. At least it won’t be breeding anymore

  12. REALLY? Cops don’t know what guns look like anymore? Great training. Yeah maybe he held his hands up in a threatening way, maybe he didn’t, the cops should know better. Maybe shoot him in a non-lethal area rather than in the kill zone’s 5x or more. And why do all the victims have to have “mental issues” ??? wtf…..

    • Not maybe held hands up abrubtly in threatening manner, DEFINITELY DID THAT. VIDEO PROOF DUMBASS. Let me pull an object from my pocket with a chrome cylinder and point it at your face. You have .2 of a second to pull your trigger or your life is over. Ya just shoot him in the leg, it doesnt immobilize him, it gives him a chance to get a shot off at you or another officer you are trying to protect. They are there to protect themselves and arrest you, serve and protect are for innocent victims, not assailants. If I were that cop, i would have shot too. Better him than me, and i would never stop and say “hey whats that you’re pointing at me?” All i would see is a flash of light and my children would have no father.

  13. Uh? “Olango was a refugee from Uganda, the AP reports, who had a part-time job in a furniture store. He had a history of run-ins with the police, with convictions for selling cocaine, receiving stolen property and drunken driving. He had served time in federal prison for possessing a gun as a felon.”
    And you think there is a friendship between Olango and police? Can we also remember that policemen are human beings and they are filled with the same fears any human being faces everyday, especially the fear of death? They are called Law enforcement because that’s what they chose to do instead of the opposite! Faced with law breakers who do not take heed to commands, the law takes it’s coarse and the outcome is not pleasant for either! JUSTICE FOR POLICE OFFICERS! LET US STOP USING RACIAL CARDS FOLKS! WHO WOULD NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES WHEN THEIR LIFE IS THREATENED? Just because one is a refugees it doesn’t entitle to wreck less living, the end result is insanity! The same law is at work in the law breaker and the law enforcer. Also remember that that the heart of man is deceitful, man will say anything or do anything to justify themselves even with tears!

  14. You’d think that, being incredibly lucky as to be given entry to USA, he would not act like a thug. This guy sounds extremely unintelligent

  15. Here are a few more facts about Alfred Olango that the reported didn’t mention;

    In 1996, court records show Olango was convicted for taking a person’s car without consent, a charge that federal prosecutors added a gang enhancement to once officers found a replica silver automatic handgun on the 17-year-old, along with a pair of fur-lined black gloves and keys to the stolen vehicle.

    In 1998, records show Olango was convicted for burglarizing a friend’s home; he took audio equipment, CDs and a water bong.

    1999 Driving under the influence

    2000 Driving under the influence

    2001 he pleaded guilty to a felony charge selling crack cocaine.

    2003 He was later released from immigration custody after multiple requests were made to the Ugandan government to obtain travel documents for Olango.

    2005 Olango was pulled over for a traffic stop while driving a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice. Colorado police said he was uncooperative when they tried to arrest him for carrying a loaded, 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

    2005 Olango was also charged with driving with a fictitious plate, driving with a license under restraint and driving an unregistered car. Inside the car, Colorado police found 185 grams of marijuana, two Ecstasy pills, a scale, Ziploc bags, $948 in cash and a folding knife.

    2009 After serving prison time for a firearms charge conviction in Colorado, ICE tried again to obtain travel documents from Uganda for Olango, but their attempts were again “unsuccessful,

    2011 Driving under the influence

  16. I think most cops are douche bags and arrogant assholes but if you act like you’re drawing down on them your gonna get shot tyrone

  17. If the officers had hesitated and Olango had a real gun, the officer would be dead. Olango was obviously acting like a fool and pretending to be armed with his hand in his pocket and the video and the still from the officers’ cameras clearly show him acting as if he had a gun in his pocket, then in his hands as he took an isosceles shooting stance (probably from watching too many cop shows) and acting as if he was going to shoot the officer. Only an idiot, a complete idiot, would not use his service weapon to protect his own life in the event the weapon was real. If it had been real and the officer had waited a split second, he would be dead.

    What galls me the most are the jerks, activists, and morons that say there was no reason for the police officer to shoot him, when they would have thought the same thing and done the same thing as the officer who fired the fatal shot. The dishonesty of the media covering this is perhaps the worst of all. IS EVERYBODY STUPID NOW?

  18. Thanks a lot sis, the shooting is the fault of the sister, was she living under a rock until the day of the shooting? Aside from election coverage most of the news has been about unarmed black men getting killed by cops. Did the sister think that the cops would not be intimidated by a big black guy and not be quick to pull the trigger? Did the sister think the cops would exercise great restraint and try to get this black guy help? Talk about being an idiot, this is a reverse Darwin award, someone acted stupid and got someone else killed.

  19. The Police responded to multiple 911 calls from his sister, of a mentally disturbed man, he is an out of control and highly likely a dangerous man.

    1-Police dialogued with Suspect. He keeps a hand in his pocket and behaves like he has a gun on him.

    2-Suspect does not comply to lawful Police commands. Suspect presents a real threat against the safety of Police by presenting and pointing a gun barrel looking item and assuming a shooting stance against a Police officer. Suspect has a history with guns, and is a convicted felon (46 months conviction for a firearms violation).

    3-Police defended themselves by appropriately neutralizing the threat. That response was reasonable under the circumstances.

    “The calculus of reasonableness must embody allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second judgements-in circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving-about the amount of force that is necessary in a particular situation.”
    Graham vs Connor, U.S. Supreme Court ruling opinion.

    End of Story.

  20. The Police responded to multiple 911 calls from his sister, of a mentally disturbed man.

    1-Police dialogued with Suspect. Suspect is a prior firearms convicted felon. Suspect behaves like he has a gun on him.
    2-Suspect does not comply to lawful Police commands. Suspect presents a credible threat against the safety of Police by presenting and pointing a gun barrel looking item and assuming a shooting stance against Police.
    3-Police defended themselves by appropriately neutralizing the threat. That response was reasonable under the circumstances.

    “The calculus of reasonableness must embody allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second judgements-in circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving-about the amount of force that is necessary in a particular situation.”
    Graham vs Connor, U.S. Supreme Court ruling opinion.