Bishop Wayne T. Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife. (Facebook)

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, pastor of Great Faith Ministries International and president of The Impact Network, is interviewing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday in a closed-to-the-public service. The interview, also closed to the media, won’t air for at least a week, according to the Detroit Free Press.

After his interview with Jackson, entitled “Voice of the People,” Trump is scheduled to tour Detroit with former GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson.

“This interview is NOT a rally or an endorsement for Mr. Trump,” Jackson said in a press release. “This is an opportunity as a community to get answers to questions that seriously impact our daily lives and future. Our community is diverse and not all issues relate to all black people, but our goal is to address those issues which our most pressing to parts of our community in these times.”

Jackson submitted his questions to the Trump campaign before Saturday’s interview and a draft of Trump’s responses was leaked to the New York Times, which ranges from racial tensions, charges of Trump being a racist and Trump’s vision for black America.

Jackson is a registered Democrat who has contributed thousands of dollars to Democrat Congressional candidates throughout the years, including former Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick, whose son, disgraced former Detroit Mayor and felon Kwame Kilpatrick, once recognized Jackson in the Michigan House of Representatives for his work in the faith community.

Married to wife Beverly Bozeman-Jackson, the minister inherited from his father-in-law Great Faith Ministries, which says its services “are unlike any other service around.” His television channel, the Impact Network, reports to the IRS that its spends more than it brings in, year after year.

Here is what you need to know about Jackson, the man interviewing Trump on Saturday:

1. In ‘Voice of the People’ Interview, Jackson will Confront Trump about Racism

wayne t jackson, bishop, great faith ministries, the impact network, net worth, wife, family, interview, trump, detroit

Jackson, right, with his wife, Beverly Bozeman-Jackson. The minister will confront Trump about allegations of racism. (Facebook)

Trump’s visit to Motor City includes stopping by Jackson’s church, Great Faith Ministries International, and answering questions in an interview format in front of the congregation during its Saturday worship service. Initially, it was believed Trump was going to address congregants, but the Republican candidate will instead just handle questions in the one-on-one format with Jackson, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The discussion will range from Trump’s proposed policy changes to how he will address racial concerns in America. In a leaked document to the New York Times, Trump’s draft script says he will “make race disappear as a factor in government and governance.”

“Every individual, regardless of race or ethnicity, must have access to the full array of opportunities in America. My vision for America is that every citizen and legal resident of this nation will be able to stand side by side and be proud of the fact that they live in the greatest nation on earth,” the draft reads.

Jackson, in his questions that were submitted to Trump’s campaign before the interview, will ask if Trump is, in fact, a racist.

“Mr. Trump there is a perception that your administration is racist,” the questioning states. “With many of the African American voters their belief is that the Republican Party as a whole does not cater to African American needs. In 2008 and 2012 we had two Republican Candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney and neither one of them came to Detroit, or any urban area that I can remember to even address the concerns of our community. First I would like to commend you for coming to our community as a Republican Candidate. Second I need to know how would you change that perception in our community?”

Trump’s draft response doesn’t directly say anything about racism. Instead, it states: “The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. Coming into a community is meaningless unless we can offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America. We need to be true to our word and offer all Americans more opportunities so that each and every one of them can reach their full potential.”

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2. Jackson Said He Doesn’t See A Problem With the Trump Interview Format: ‘They Haven’t Paid Me Off’

wayne t jackson, bishop, detroit, great faith ministries, impact network, trump, interview, racism, black church

Jackson’s wife, Beverly Bozeman-Jackson, and the minister. Jackson doesn’t have a problem with asking Trump questions instead of Trump’s free-wheeling address-style. (Facebook)

Asked by Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley why he would allow Trump to come on his network, the African-American minister said “I owe this to my viewers.”

According to the columnist, Jackson is being accused by colleagues of giving Trump credit by inviting him to his congregation.

“Do you think Donald Trump will manipulate the people? Black folks, we’re not stupid. We know when someone is running a game,” said Jackson. “If anybody knows, we know. And I’m saying, ‘We don’t need a guardian. We don’t need a guardian from one party or the other.'”

In a separate interview, Jackson said interviewing Trump is comparable to having the Republican address his congregation.

“My congregation trusts my judgment. They know that I’m not going to put anything or anyone in front of them that I feel is going to be harmful, and I feel we should have an educated conversation about what you’re going to do,” he said.

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3. Jackson Has Given At Least $12K to Democrats, Has Been Called ‘Dedicated’ & ‘Unselfish’ by Politicians

democrat, wayne t jackson, bishop, great faith ministries, impact network, trump, black church, congregation

Jackson, a registered Democrat, praying. (Twitter)

Jackson, in his questions to Trump, says he is a registered Democrat but is an undecided voter in 2016. Campaign finance records, both federally and in the state of Michigan, show Jackson and his wife have donated more than $12,000 to Democrats since the 2000 election.

Although he supported Democrats in Congressional races, Michigan’s 2006 gubernatorial election and a state senator, Jackson also donated $2,000 to Republican President George W. Bush’s re-election bid in 2004.

The most the pastor donated was $2,500 to the Democratic Party in 2000 — the year Al Gore lost to Bush.

Michigan contribution records show he gave $500 to Detroit City Councilor and former state Rep. George Cushingberry, Jr., in a failed bid to the state Senate. Jackson also gave $625 to Gov. Jennifer Granholm, during her 2006 re-election bid.

Jackson has contributed $1,500 to former U.S. Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick, mother of disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Kwame Kilpatrick, before being convicted on corruption charges, was a state representative in Michigan. He offered a resolution to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2001 praising Jackson for his work in the community.

“In his long and devoted efforts to provide spiritual and personal guidance to others through the ministry, this dedicated and unselfish man has touched many lives through the power of faith. Gifts like these are important to everyone,” the resolution formally honoring Jackson states. “…Bishop Jackson has truly enriched this community and we commend him and express our respect for him.”

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4. Although Jackson’s TV Network Brings in $1.5 Million, Records State It Has Finished in the Red

bishop, wayne jackson, detroit, trump, interview, impact network, great faith, black church

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International and The Impact Network will interview Donald Trump. (The Impact Network)

The television network airing the Trump interview with Jackson, The Impact Network, is owned and operated by Jackson, his wife and other ministers. The nonprofit reported $1.59 million in revenue in 2014 but $2.6 million in expenditures, finishing the year $1.04 million in debt.

That reported revenue was down from the prior year, 2013, where The Impact Network pulled in $1.66 million and spent $2.03 million — finishing more than $360,000 in the red. The nonprofit doesn’t detail who or where it spends its money.

Although the nonprofit’s reports to the IRS only show Jackson’s wife, Beverly Bozeman-Jackson, as a paid director at $1,000 per year for an average of 20 hours per week, the network reports $206,655 in employee-related compensation in 2014, the last year of available documents.

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5. Jackson Has A Sweet House, Complete With A Par-3 Hole, Wine Tasting Room & Two-Lane Bowling Alley

jackson, house, income, black church, trump, turnberry, income

A screenshot showing the house associated with Jackson’s address in federal campaign donations and county property records. (YouTube)

Jackson and his wife have owned a 9.68-acre estate in Northville, Mich. A YouTube video tour of the house, posted in 2010, shows all the 6-bedroom, 10.5-bathroom mansion has to offer, from a par-3 golf hole to a bowling alley and wine tasting room:

Before moving there, records show the couple’s address as 1880 Wellesley in Detroit, which is known as the Bishop’s Residence. The home, on the state historic registry, was once owned by Detroit Piston John Salley.

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  1. To the preachers I say unto you !! The children I have entrusted you with you have deceived !! You have kept silent of the Tyranny and oppression you have taken the truth and have Twisted it into lies !! You have taken what God has given you and sold it for profit !! The truth is a double edged sword you have turned the other way while your own people the children of God have died in the streets! ! Your judgment will be hard for you know better but you have sold the truth for gold and silver !! You have kept the truth from God’s children !! You have forsaken God’s children you have kept the truth for yourself you have taken the truth and profited from it !! You have profited from the deception !! I say to you preachers !! I am not here to save you but to warn you the end is near !! For I cannot die the blood of Christ and my father blood runs through my veins !! But you know the preachers of the world have sold the truth for gold and silver !! Judgment will be hard because you know better !! Because you know the way of my father you know the way of Christ you know the way of Truth !! But what is a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul…..

    • Many have but not all. You speak the truth but, again it’s not all of us. Thank you so much for sharing that Word. I am doing some ready and studying now in the book of Amos and I tell you, it ain’t no joke. No silver or gold is worth losing my soul over.

  2. This is the only “black” pastor that Donald Trump can meet up with? One with a golf course on his property! Sounds familiar??? It’s a joke and it will not affect the “Black Community”! Not one bit!

    • Trump has met with quite a few black pastors and has some supporters among them.

      You can use an internet search engine to actually research this stuff and find the actual truth and facts…’s fun to be informed!

      • Trump meet with pimps and frauds in his image. Every pastor surrogate I’ve seen shilling for him is a know-nothing big mouth to be perfectly honest. I’m not sure I can even call them “pastors”. What kind of pastor tweets and retweets insulting images of black-face for conversation? It’s just ugly and pathetic.

    • How do u know? Who r u to speak for the black community? We are each individual human beings with our own God given power of thought and not sheep to be led left or right. Enough of the know it all started. 1 person 1 vote!

      • I hope the Bishop doesn’t fly in one of those open cockpit planes….his lips will flap him to death LOL……….cuz those be some big lips right there boy!
        He probably doesn’t take any aspirin (too proud to pick cotton outs a bottle, lol)
        He wears that cologne from Harlem……….Eau de DOO DAH DAY!! Yippee

        LOL from Frostee

  3. The greatest rebellion of ‘man’ is rooted in the word ‘self’ as in ‘i’. The constant crave for validation and platitude has left our religious leaders defenceless against the devil. Remember Africa– White man+The Bible+guns+divide & conquer = Oppression and Slavery. Thank the Lord for the gift positive distraction.

  4. You forgot to mention 3 important facts:
    1. Rev. Jackson is a long-time known charlatan who calls himself an Apostle. Biblically, you can only be an Apostle if you were an eyewitness and taught by Jesus Christ himself!

    2. Rev. Jackson is a con like Trump who for years has actually sold “BLESSED WATER!”Again, totally unscriptual and unbiblical. He is on YouTube hawking his wears…only in Detroit!

    3. Rev. Jackson have Trump a “Prayer Shawl”. Again, unscriptual and unbiblical to modern day Judeo Christians.

    I wonder why the media hasn’t vetted this clown Jackson. Detroit is a city rife with religious cons. There are churches in every corner. This has literally taken the place of the defunct Auto industry!


    • It is very obvious that Ben Carson set this meeting up with Bishop Jackson. Carson has been promised by Trump that if he wins Presidency, he will make Carson U. S. Health and Human Services Secretary. Carson is the Uncle Tom who has sold the black race out. When he announced his candidacy for president of the U S , the first thing he said was “He was going to cut off welfare and government aids. ” Carson, you were on food stamp and government commodity while growing up and if you cut these programs, you will make a whole lots of white folk mad as h$$$ at you. There are 60% more white folks on food stamps than blacks. You need to check the numbers, because I am tired of folks like you and other cronnies thinking blacks leads the nation in those categories. Bishop Jackson stay out of politics and preach GOD’S Word…you said that’s what you were called to do right? Do it then. Trump will never be president of anything except his own failing businesses. GOD is gonna bless this country with Clinton as President. The problem with the GOP voters is, they hate like hell to see Bill Clinton go back to the White House. Lol!!!! You better get ready because the Clinton family really LOVE AMERICA. and will be blessed of GOD. GO CLINTON GO. I would love to work in their administration. To GOD be the Glory.

      • Black people say any successful black person is an Uncle Tom. It’s said about Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Clarence Thomas and so many others. Apparently the only thing that makes you not an Uncle Tom is being on welfare, on drugs, being a shyster preacher man or being a shyster lawyer.

  5. The article is about Facts, not whether he is a exploitive “Uncle Tom” hustler preacher.
    The facts again strongly suggest you have a
    Charlatan minister who labels himself an “Apostle” interviewing a candidate who has been labelled a racist and con artist. Essentially a charlatan interviewing a con artist. Again, the facts:
    1. Wayne T Jackson labels himself an Apostle. The biblical and scriptural definition of a Apostle is someone who was an actual eyewitness and taught by Jesus Christ himself in the flesh. Jackson doesn’t fit this, therefore he is a “false apostle”!
    2. Wayne T Jackson sold “BLESSED WATER to gullible desperate impoverished Detroiters for years and this is evidenced all over YouTube video. This is totally unbiblical and unscriptual. And suggest con artistry and a religious hustle. Again, only in Detroit where religious con artistry has replaced the defunct Auto industry, with churches on every corner!
    3. The “Prayer Shawl” given to Trump holds no biblical or scriptural significance in Judeo Christian New Testament Christian faith. It is used by very Orthodox Jews who do not share the faith or belief in Judeo Christian New Testament Christian faith! Again, unscriptual and unbiblical!
    A poor attempt to manipulate the black church and vote in the Motor City!

    • John 13:33-34 , little children,I am with you a little while longer. you will look for me, and as I said to the Jews so now I say to:you: where I’m going you cannot come.(34) A (new commandment) I ive to you, love one another as I have loved you, so also you must love one another (35) by this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another…..Romans 13:10 love does no wrong to its neighbor therefore love is the Fulfillment of the law…John 15:17 this is my commandment love one another…John 15:12 this is my commandment, that you love one another as I love you…. yes it is true that this is the 11th commandment that Christ has left us with. He who has ears let him listen !! He who has eyes let him see !!

  6. Wayne tJackson should not bow down to Donald trump he used you
    Now we the black community lost respect for the whole network

  7. No wonder why this pastor likes Trump, both of them drained so much money from their businesses that they neared bankruptcy. Nice mansion, I wonder how many poor blacks donated to pay for it. Don’t worry though, when you go through hard times pastor will think of you when he’s sipping bourbon from his bowling alley or par 3 golf hole.

  8. “Unlike so many, we do not peddle the Word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.” ~II Corinthians 2:17 allegedly written by Paul in 56 C.E.

  9. For anyone who chooses to judge the wealth of another first ask how they obtained their wealth. I may very well be from hard work and determination. According to reports the pastors wife comes from an entrepreneurial family. Her late father owned 2 businesses. Also their son is a successful actor who has played in some major Hollywood films. So don’t hate on wealthy Christians.

  10. Nobody is interested in seeing the other minsters and pastors residents! The article is suggesting that there is something wrong, when black pastor has nice home, nobody will question the extravagance of the other pastors. But people without Wayne T. Jackson’s level of success will be the first people to question him, instead of thinking about and learning about how he got there. One of the worst things is that people that have nothing will always question then people that have something. There is a war being waged betweened the have and the have nots. This article is BS. Find something better to do with your time, than sit around and question other people success.

    • Like one pastor said, don’t hate on someone’s wealth, just like he got it so can you. Have Faith to believe to receive. Stop hating on God’s anointed. Jackson, Creflo, Price and all the test.