Charlotte Riots Protester Justin Carr Shot & Killed Scene Photos: [GRAPHIC]

police shooting

Police and protesters carry a seriously wounded protester into the parking area of the the Omni Hotel during a march to protest the death of Keith Scott. (Getty)

A demonstrator was shot and killed in the crowd as the second day of riots engulfed Charlotte, North Carolina. (Warning: This post contains graphic photos)

He was identified on Thursday as Justin Carr. Read more about Carr here.

The city tweeted that the shooter was a civilian, not a police officer. However that’s now under investigation. Police Chief Kerr Putney said Thursday in a news conference that police are determined to get to the truth and are investigating allegations that an officer shot Carr. However, Putney announced Friday that police had arrested a civilian, Rayquan Borum, a felon, in Carr’s murder. Read more about Borum here.

WSOC-TV and other news outlets initially said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Putney had confirmed the protester was killed uptown during the riots/protests. According to the New York Times, “a demonstration was interrupted by gunfire that killed a man in the crowd.”

However, the city corrected the information on Twitter later in the evening to say that the man was in critical condition and on life support but still alive. Carr has now died, however.

Witnesses told NBC Charlotte’s Ty Chandler “that at least one person was shot outside the Epicentre in front of the Omni Hotel and officers used tear gas to break up the crowds gathering,” said WCNC-TV. CNN reporters said they believed the wounded person was shot outside the Omni.

Photos were published showing the scene after Carr was wounded:

charlotte shooting

Protesters tend to a seriously wounded protester in the parking area of the the Omni Hotel during a march to protest the death of Keith Scott September 21, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott, who was black, was shot and killed at an apartment complex near UNC Charlotte by police officers, who say they warned Scott to drop a gun he was allegedly holding. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

charlotte shooting

A protester tends to a seriously wounded man in the parking area of the the Omni Hotel. (Getty)

The protester was shot in the head, and the bullet narrowly missed a reporter:

Other photos showed the dramatic scene in Charlotte.

charlotte riots, charlotte shooting

Police clash with protestors as residents and activists protest the death of Keith Scott September 21, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott, who was black, was shot and killed at an apartment complex near UNC Charlotte by police officers, who say they warned Scott to drop a gun he was allegedly holding. (Getty)

This Facebook post was starting to get attention:

Rayquan Borum: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rayquan Borum was named by Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney as the man police think shot and killed protester Justin Carr during the Charlotte riots.

Click here to read more

In another incident of violence, a man was attacked in a parking garage. Watch that video here:

WATCH: Charlotte Riots Man Attacked in Parking Garage Beating Video [GRAPHIC]

A man was beaten and attacked in a parking garage during the Charlotte riots. Some call it a racial attack as the man appears to be white.

Click here to read more

Learn more about Wednesday night’s riots:

Charlotte Riots & Protests Today: What We Know Now

Charlotte riots and protests erupted again in North Carolina today over the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

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Learn more about Officer Brentley Vinson here:

Officer Brentley Vinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brentley Vinson was identified as the Charlotte, North Carolina police officer who was involved in shooting Keith Lamont Scott.

Click here to read more

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  1. So are they going to protest their protest since their protest killed one of their black life protesters? Haha… thugs. This isn’t a protest, it’s a bunch of thugs and wanna-be thugs. Run them over.

    • this is right up President Obama’s alley! He claims that the black people are his people! Where is President Obama playing golf ? Where was President Obama when they were stripping the jobs from our black communities ?where was President Obama when thousands die shot by other blacks in the street ? Where was president Obama when the floods came to Louisianaand thousands of blacks lost their homes ? President Obama claims that you must vote for Hillary Clinton, to protect his legacy not anyone else’s Legacy, not the legacy of a poor black man,not the Legacy of a middle-class black man, not the legacy of a rich black man, no the Legacy of Obama !! The legacy of How he has stepped on the people he calls brothers and sisters.

  2. You are against the cops and will fight tooth and nail against them, but when something like this happens who do you approach first, you beg them to assist you and expect them to save the life of your fallen comrade? Strange how they are only useful when you need them, and they must just forgive and forget…

  3. “White Devils!!!!!!” This is too funny! Call them names, but when s#^t hits the fan…who do you call?? That’s right…911! Too funny!!

  4. Black cop kills black criminal with a gun so the brother calls all Whites “devils” and blacks protests….then a black shoots another black while protesting said “White devils” and look who comes to their aid:
    Those same White devils!!!!

  5. Of course that FB post would garner attention it fits their narrative and justify what they are doing destroying their city. More that likely it is false but they will run with it anyway. reporter heard the shot and I am sure if they thought it was the police they would of been all over THAT! Probably someone saw their chance to get rid of a rival and opportunity was just to temping. Just black on black no blue involved move along , another day in the hood :(

    • Your obviously a liberal race inciter, F-ing douchebag. There isn’t a white that would make the stupid a@@ statement you just made. Maybe 3, one tooth guys that live in Mississippi in a trailer in the middle of the woods. You should be arrested for causing violent situations for your dumbazz statements. I hope you get your “tooth” knocked out jacka@@

    • You need to protect you and yours first. As a Police Officer I can tell you that we most likely not get to you on time. If you are facing an immediate threat YOU should be prepared to handle it. We will document it for you. 2A is your best bet!

  6. These people need to realize they are falling for a carefully planned and executed agenda. Unfortunately, blacks are taking the bait hook, line and sinker. If Martial Law is declared; no lives will matter except the agenda of the UN. We will no longer be America, just an arm of the New World Order

  7. It’s saddening to hear that a protestor was shot and kiilled, my sympathy is with Justin’s family and friends. A few observations; 1) A rubber cannot penetrate a human skull, look it up. 2) I read where a witness claimed the sound of the shot was louder than a gun, this is reality and not TV. I doubt that witness knows much about firearms. 3) Another witness publicly stated that he had seen the shooter, a man with dreadlocks and a handgun in his hand. 4) Don’t believe any witneses, the facts will come out after an investigation is concluded with facts such as autopsy evidence. 5) CMPD was around the corner from where Justin Carr was standing. Law enforcement doesn’t have bullets that change trajectory at any degree, bullets travel straight at short distances. 6) There is a report claiming the shooting was gang retaliation. I won’t rush to judgement without evidence or subjective opinions of any shootings. I also understand that investigations take time, to gather factual evidence and not to push for a fast transparent action. Why? Because if I were to be charged with a crime I’d want a thorough investigation, time to gather evidence and facts to defend myself. I certainly wouldn’t want law enforcement to release subjective evidence, leak accusations to the media. That’s pretty much inducing guilt without giving me the opportunity of innocence. We don’t need to revert back to a lynch mob society.

  8. Look all you racist fools just don’t get it. You get it but ur all just a bunch of lying hypocrites.why is any blackman shot and killed. John Hinckley shot the President and other government officials and he is alive and free. The man had his hands in the air no weapon and no crime was committed. Why couldn’t they just take him down like on cops. Why approach with weapons when no crime has been committed.

    • You sir are the idiot.. What makes you think he had his hands anywhere but on a weapon? Were you there?? Nope!! But the police were, the very men and woman who literally risk there life to protect dumb asses like you! If the man had followed orders he would still be alive! I have dealt with good cops and shitty cops, I always carry a gun, yet I’m still alive.. Be respectful and keeps your hands where they can be seen.. Simple..

  9. Cops did the shooting indeed, if it was a civilian, with all the cops that were around, he would have been arrested. That is just common sense. Why would the first thing to come from the cops is “it wasn’t a cop that shot him”? Eyewitnesses say it was a cop that shot him. Sad how people believe whatever cops say, their words are not the gospel. The cop that shot Keith Scott was a white cop. Research Taheshia Williams and listen to her eyewitness account of the shooting.

  10. Once again when the truth comes out after bam bam and Hillary and all the liberal fools practically condemn the police once again before having all the facts , it’s just yet another black on black crime
    Which no one will protest burn loot and rob about, typical government need ignorant black thugs just like Thea black lives matter fools!
    When will blacks start simply complying with police and save their own defiant lives .
    This bullcrap needs to stop , and that washed up football quarterback should be the first to speak out on the truth , how about an apology you spoiled millionaire out of touch athlete .

    • I am referring to the protestor who was allegedly shot by another black thug
      As for Mr. Scott, RIP, too bad you didn’t comply or even listen to your own wife telling you don’t do it repeatedly, why didn’t you just comply like a good citizen , none of this would have happened. What the hell is the matter with people, I know Michael brown didn’t comply or even attempt to put his hands up but why didn’t you ?! I’d be angry at him if he was in my family. Hopefully his children can learn from this at least.