The Murder of Garrett Phillips: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In 2011, Garrett Phillips, who was just 12-years-old, was killed in his upstate New York home. For years, no one was named in Phillips’ death.

Tonight, ABC News’ and Dateline will both investigate the 2011 murder of Garrett Phillips. At 9pm, Dateline will air The Accused, which will “focus on law enforcement and community response to the horrific crime”, according to Then, ABC News’ 20/20 will interview the accused ex-boyfriend of Phillips’ mother, Oral “Nick” Hillary, for the first time since he was acquitted two days ago.

Here’s what you need to know about the case.

1. 12-Year-Old Garrett Phillips Was Strangled to Death In His Home

Around 5pm on the night of Monday, October 24, Sean Hall and his fiancée, Marisa Vogel, heard a scream, a bang, and then moans, coming from the neighboring apartment. Vogel called the police to tell them what she’d heard, and police arrived at the apartment less than ten minutes later. According to Grantland, Officer Mark Wentworth investigated the apartment at 100 Market Street. When he entered, he found “an adolescent boy, just around the corner, lying on his back in the master bedroom, with his head facing the door. His arms were at his side and his legs close together. He wore a T-shirt and blue-and-white checkered shorts. He looked like he was sleeping.”

After medics rushed the boy to the hospital two blocks away, Wentworth noticed that one of the window blinds in another bedroom had been damaged.

Back in the hospital, Garrett Phillips was pronounced dead at 7:18pm.

2. Garrett’s Mother Has ‘No Doubts’ That Ex-Boyfriend Nick Hillary Killed Her Son

Garrett’s mother, Tandy Cyrus, has said that her son was a gregarious boy who had “absolutely no fear”.

Nick Hillary is the ex-boyfriend of Tandy Cyrus. The night that her son died, she had no idea what had happened. “I was in complete shock”, she told ABC News. Cyrus says that when she showed up at the hospital, her son had bruises all over his face, and Marks on his neck. She told ABC, “…I just remember him looking down at me over the tops of his glasses, telling me that there was nothing else that they could do.”

Cyrus was initially told that Garrett fell. Then, at the hospital, she found out he was in cardiac arrest. It wasn’t until later that Cyrus was finally informed that her son was strangled to death. ABC writes, “Almost immediately, police focused on her ex-boyfriend Hillary as the prime suspect, but it would take them several years before they arrested him for the murder.”

Cyrus and Hillary broke up a few months before Garrett was killed, and Cyrus believes that Hillary “blamed Garrett for the breakup.” ABC News writes, “While Cyrus said she never saw Hillary hit a child, lose his temper with a child or threaten a child during their nearly one year together, she told ’20/20′ that she has no doubt that Hillary killed her son.”

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3. Hillary’s Daughter Was His Main Alibi Witness

On September 21, Hillary’s daughter, Shanna-Kay, took the stand to defend her father.

Police have estimated that Garrett’s murder took place around 5pm– neighbors called the police to complain of hearing strange noises coming from his apartment at 5:07pm.

Shanna-Kay, who is now 19-years-old, has testified that on the day of the murder, she was at Potsdam High School. She attended soccer practice after school, and when she arrived home at 4:30pm, her father was there. At 4:40pm, Shanna-Kay took a shower. Her father said “I’ll be right back” through the door, and when she got out of the shower 20 minutes later, her father was home.

In Shanna-Kay’s cross-examination, the prosecution brought her attention to surveillance footage that showed her walking home at 4:02pm, which would have gotten her home at 4:12pm, and therefore into the shower at 4:22 pm. Prosecutors also referenced two interviews Shanna-Kay gave in 2014 and 2015– in both interviews, she said she ate dinner at 6pm. However, Shanna-Kay’s phone records show she texted her father at 6:24pm, asking “What’s for dinner?”.

4. The Town of Potsdam Is Split Between Those Who Think Hillary Is Innocent and Those Who Think He’s Guilty

Nick Hillary, Garrett Phillips


Residents of upstate New York, where Phillips was killed, are reportedly split between those who believe in Hillary’s guilt and those who believe in his innocence. When Hillary was acquitted this week, the judge said that his case was mostly circumstantial and didn’t prove he was guilty without a doubt.

5. Hillary Was Named Innocent Earlier This Week

On Wednesday morning, Hillary was found not guilty by a judge, after a two-week long trial. He has maintained his innocence since day one– telling Elizabeth Vargas, “I have absolutely nothing to do with what has happened to Garrett. Why would I even want to hurt a child, after having worked with kids for over two decades? It just blows my mind.”

Hillary is now a free man, and he cannot be retried. Prosecutors have also said they will not reopen the investigation.

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  1. Nick Hillary is not innocent in spite of being found not guilty. He is a free man because of his race not in spite of it. If he were white he would be spending life in prison.

    • Why because you say so? Get beyond your ignorance and bigotry and explain what evidence points to him, nothing found on the kid, no hair no DNA. In this country even I as a white person know that this man if found guilty, would have been only because of his race, with all you upstanding bigots looking only at that and disregarding no physical evidence, had he had a jury trial, he surely would have been convicted on that and no other reason, thank god he had a judge who went by the law. They said the little twerp was an obnoxious little cad, who knows who choked him out.someone he probably opened his smart alec mouth to once too often.

      • I agree, I’m not saying he did it or not, but there was absolutely no evidence pointing to him. I also agree that if he had a Jury trail a probable innocent man would be in prison. I am white and I saw race in this.

    • The new normal in justice, he will civil sue the City and then the Mother can sue him to take that away from him. Enough to make him want to kill someone.

    • if he were a white man he would be just as free as this black man no evidence of any kind was found at the home of the murdered police officer lied as if he saw the accused limping and that wasn’t true either. It seems to me that because of a breakup and a son stating that he didn’t like the way Mr. Hillary disciplined him and the mom never said anything about Mr. Hillary ever putting his hands on her child. I feel that the city this took place in wasn’t used to these type of things happening and they went with the 1st thing they could come up with. No pictures of the white man the mother dated who was a police officer didn’t even experience the same type of treatment as Mr. Hillary did at the end of the day whites are treated way better that the black race for whatever reason no matter the crime the or the evidence proving guilt the white man will get off we see that with evidence of police officers killing innocent black men and women and never being arrested for the proof that has been seen and shown for the world to see.

  2. I know Nick cannot recall a lot, however, I feel he is guilty as can be! He will have to someday meet his maker and I cannot recall won’t be what he wants to hear!

    • Really he’s guilty ABSOLUTELY NOT
      They thought he was an average black man they can hang but it did not happen because he’s a GOD fearing Man.
      He is 100000% innocent and it prevailed

    • Really? Where is the evidence you moron? Because the guy is black is not evidence, the little smart azz probably opened his mouth once to often and got choked out before he was able to tap out.

    • As a former police officer (white) I would have been surprised if he was found guilty. To me it seems like too many things just make it hard for me to believe he did it. They broke up months before. According to the victims mother she saw no violence toward a child. I didn’t read anything about him being violent towards the mother either, which to me is odd. I don’t remember seeing anything bad about the relationship other than he didn’t get along with her son. How many thousands of step parents have trouble and relationship issues with step children and dont murder them. Most crimes like this are heat of the moment things. I guess it is possible that he went to talk to his ex and she was not home and they argued and her son was killed as as result of that. But that too seems odd as well, because according to what his ex said this would seem to be totally out of character.

      He was smart to not take the jury trial. Juries seem to lean towards the prosecution and there is no,way to tell how the jury is going to be, probably all white in that area. The judge on the other hand can be researched by the defense to see his rulings and go from there.

      If people were honest to themselves about the evidence there seems no way they proved this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • What is disconcerting to me is the mothers part time occupation of bartending or waiting at Tons bar was likely to get her followed home at some point- it may have been a situation where some one was planning to attack her as she got home , not even knowing she had a son , and when he let himself in with a lock pick or with a key hidden in a not so secret place, he waited, boy shows up and now boys dead. Someone went out the window that’s for certain

  3. If he is not guilty, then who is the killer? I thought the had prints or some other DNA? So, the investigation should STILL be on going. Amazingly pulls the race card.

    • I watched both Dateline and 20/20. There was no mention of any fingerprints found on the Dateline story but on 20/20 they did. DID NOT MATCH!!!!!

      • Exactly. I know people are angry at the killer and that’s appropriate. But the killer got away with it and I’m sure is laughing all the while they concentrate on Nick Hillary. Nick is clearly innocent. Meanwhile the guilty person is just sitting out of the spotlight happy as a pig in manure. I’m so sorry someone took this person’s life. I’m also so sorry that people were so blinded by emotion to take years from Nick Hillary’s life. I’m especially sorry that the real murderer is unaffected.

  4. If Nick is guilty the evidence was not there, the police was racist to make him strip down like that and leave in those clothing why would they do that? If it was a white person who did this if the evidence wasn’t there he would not be in jail the law is innocent until proven guilty. It is so sad for this to have happened to a 12 year old so innocent l truly hope they fine the monster who did the so sorry for your lost this is a crazy world. I pray all the time.

    • They stripped him to see any signs of injury and to see if his body was totally shaved which it probably was , that is why there was no hair at the crime scene . This was well thought out , he wanted to give his ex girl friend the ultimate punishment for leaving him and it worked . Very sad .

      • If you look at the pictures of his cut, he has hair on his legs. So definitely not shaven. Look for the real killer, and let this man move on with his life. Garrett’s family needs the closure, and I hope they get it soon. These comments just go to show, how much racism there still is in this country. People say things on a website that they would never say to someone’s face. Like using the n-word or say things about them, but then you work right next to them and act like you like them. Hint to the mouthy ones. If you got balls, say those things to our face and see how things end up, or wait…You won’t, because you know what the response would be. This is coming from a well educated black man.

    • He did it and it dosent bother him one bit. He is just happy he didn’t get caught. Garretts ghost will haunt him from the grave. Good luck with that you shit stain.

  5. I’m sadden by this tragic story… I wish he would have screamed the persons name when that poor little boy screamed “NO AND HELP”… just so he would have been able to have Justice. One point does stick with me, the man accused not only went to his school, but stayed in his car, never getting out! Supposedly watching a game, From His Car??? Then parks at the back of parking lot???…..also admits to being there, and claims he didn’t turn left. One thing the lawyers ,at least I didn’t hear them say anything, was he would have seen him since he turned that way. That would have been an innocent persons first gut instincts….to say to police! !! Hey officers I was at the school, I say him at this time on his thing and at that time he was alone or etc. Trying to help with the investigation. He had to have seen him, after he turned.
    Now, I first want to say that I don’t know for sure if he did it. So I don’t want to accuse anyone, but that part really makes me think. But I will pray for his mother and family. As I can NOT IMAGINE what she goes thru everyday!! I hope one day she gets the truth and closer! God bless Tandy and family and Garret

    • I think that there was enough circumstantial evidence for us to believe he is guilty, especially that left turn! And the resistance to answer the simplest of questions like why they broke up. Not wanting to admit that he and Garrett didn’t get along. But I understand why the Judge felt there was still reasonable doubt. I absolutely think he did it and that the verdict does not say innocent, only not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • Friends of Hillary stated emphatically that Hillary could snap without notice and lose it emotionally ( just like the animal I believe he is and was- control freak, stalker, he picked up Tandy according to her , during a severe argument , his daughters timeline testimony was bogus- does she eat two dinners at night? He could drive, run , and commit the murder in a matter of minutes and Officer Jones was the man Tandy Cyrus Collins called when she heard he was at hospital. This fact and that she says Nick violated her privacy and dishonored her right to not have him invade her home tells us he was no longer welcome (and he couldn’t accept that because he was a winner- he does the leaving, not her— he s a megalomaniac!)

  6. After reading more comments… It is ridiculous to hear anyone bring up race! We need to stop talking about race, and become united! Stop the hate and discrimination on both sides! They did their job! The mother thought Nick was a suspect so they did their job! If the cops were being racist then they would have just arrested him! But they also looked at the other ex! Now he was found not guilty, so race again is not the point of this case!!!! Let’s think about this, he was in Garrett’s life….Garrett felt uncomfortable being around him, so the victim ( the only person that matters, felt uneasy about him) so YES THEY NEEDED TO LOOK AT HIM! Not bc he was black! He is bringing a lawsuit against the police, he should be trying to find the killer instead and trying to bring peace in the community…. but no he is selfish and wants money!!!! I don’t agree with people always wanting to get rich off of someone’s pain and some tedious lawsuit!! I personally don’t agree with everyone being baby’s and suing everyone! Grow up!

    • Hey, you sound like one of those people who thinks that racism can only work one way. For the past few years, I’ve seen first hand incidences where black people were favored or left alone just because they are black and nothing else. I’ve read through this case and it’s clear that he got away with murder. And how does a grown man not get along with their girlfriend’s child? That’s saying something about the guy right there. Ew.

      • Easy, they said the little a-hole was a smart mouth, he probably got tired of hearing his mom take a banging in the bedroom each night and the having to watch her trying to walk the next day, that kinda thing does that to a kid.

    • It seems Hillary may not have know the boy was dead- I think he thought he had just choked the kid unconscious but the neighbors intervened, the police showed up and who ever did this jumped out the window- its the no evidence (DNA) left behind that freaks me out. How could all of that fighting not cause some DNA to be left behind. Its not like the kid attacked himself!

  7. In my opinion, guilty! He’s on video following the child, he had an fresh injury to his ankle. (His defense said if injured it Hould be DNA) NO, common sense would say he had a sock on and the injury happened under the sock by falling on that ledge. And of course his daughter would give him an alibi, she didn’t like the boy either.and he kept saying “I can’t remember”. And defense wanted judge to decide was kind of fishy to me. Anyway, in my opinion, he got away with it, so did OJ Simpson, so did it go on the Anthony case in Florida. What is this world coming to. Locking up innocent and letting murders go free. So sad.

    • Although I think he did it. The Decision to have the judge issue the verdict was a no brainier. I am a black man but see no place where race played any part of the investigation. But i believe they said the prospective jury was mostly white. What makes me really think hes guilty is his following Garret and the left turn instead of right. and the ankle injury. I would have voted Guilty but can understand the Judges not guilty decision.This crime no doubt was someone the Kid Knew. Maybe he told the kid he had to get something out of the Apartment.

      • So agree with what all you say. He was a suspect because of circumstances not color. Maybe he went there to talk to Garrett to try and get back in his good graces, the same way he went to Tandy’s parents to get them on his side. Going to talk to the parents of your ex after a breakup…who does that? Only people who have some kind of strange thing going on in their head.

      • Maybe he wanted to talk with Garrett about wanting to be back in his moms life. They said he reached out to her parents, perhaps this was another try with the son. If Garrett ignored him or upset him I can easily see how he could lose control and hurt the kid. Not premeditated, didn’t even want to kill him, but this guy has control over his team, he is used to being heard and respected. I think he is guilty and race has nothing to do with my view. Who goes into an apartment of a single mom with nothing to steal at 5 in the afternoon? And then murders a 12 year old? He did it

        • And it explains why he was surprised to hear Garrett was dead by the police. He didn’t think he killed him. The neighbors knock at the door shocked him. He didn’t have time to see how the kid wax

    • And here in the real world you would be called a liar because there was no injury to his ankle, the guy walked, get over it, even if he did it, I say so what, thousands of them have been murdered over decades with not much accountability and the ones that did get caught were often let of by the same bigoted lying mentality that you and some of these other half wits on this board have, so suck it up, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Besides the little punk probably crossed the line once to often and got waxed. They said he was a smart mouth.

  8. No one can judge another. If you believe in God and if this man is guilty, he will have to answer for his actions.

    • If his fingerprints don’t match those on the window – which are those of the real killer – then I find it hard to believe it was him.

      If they analyzed the crime scene and there is NO DNA evidence linking him to the scene, again I find it hard to believe it was him,

      To me, the most logical explanation, and the one which fits what we know about the DNA and fingerprint evidence, is it was a fellow classmate. Their DNA and fingerprints would not have been solicited by the police, and certainly would not be on file either.

      • How do you know the fingerprints were of the killers? They could’ve been left by one of Garrett’s friends or a previous tenant.

  9. The real question is, how far away did hillary live from the boys house? it seems fishy that he would leave at 4:40pm and be back by 5. that would give him 20 mins to drive to the apartment and strangle the kid. So if he lived close then he got away with murder.

  10. Sure he was guilty/ it was 5 yrs later so there was no evidence to be found. He, could not recall when asked a question but he remembered what he talked tu his daughter about @ 5 pm (dinner) but his daughter texted him an hour and a half later asking what’s for dinner.all this took place within 300 yds . he is a lying pos and is guilty as the pos he is

  11. It is extremely tragic that this little boy was killed in the first place and that his family had to deal with his loss and the stress of a trial, only to not receive any justice. I too believe Hillary is guilty – the video of what looks like him effectively stalking Garrett, the injury on his ankle and the blatant lies (initially saying he went home, when he is seen turning in the opposite direction for instance, or saying he was in the parking lot to watch a soccer game from that ridiculous vantage point) are telling, in my opinion. Thing is “beyond a reasonable doubt” is a high bar and the judge deemed that the evidence didn’t meet that standard. That said, Hillary was never “named innocent” – he was found not guilty which is glaringly different. I wonder if the family will sue Hillary for wrongful death – they may have a better chance of prevailing in civil court. How the people that seemingly blindly supported this guy can live with themselves is beyond my comprehension. Just horribly sad all around.

  12. I believe he is guilty because he made a left hand turn out of the school driveway and I think he followed the boy home and Hillary said he went home which he would have made a right hand turn. The daughter is a liar also.


    • Did no one hear the lawyer say there was no way to know that it was Hillarys car in the parking lot? The video was so poor they couldn’t read the license plate nor could they see who was driving. It was a generic vehicle and could just as easily been a child predator following the boy. But since the police jumped on the Moms thinking it was Hillary they didn’t really look into who else could’ve been driving that car. Yes Hillary admitted to being at the game but there was absolutely no proof where his car was parked. The couple broke up because Hillarys daughter and Garrett had an argument and each parent took the side of their child. Very common when children are involved. So the relationship fell apart because of this incident NOT because Hillary didn’t get along with Garrett. I watched Dateline report. And yes I think the treatment Hillary received during his interrogation with the detectives was dispicable and illegal. If they’re not going to arrest you, they can not keep you from leaving and definitely can not take your possessions and keep them. I think they were hoping he would get picked up because of the way he was dressed and for not having any ID or keys to his house. Tunnel vision big time on their part!!!

    • I believe he was guilty because he didn’t use his turn signal and then he made that stop at Starbucks to ask if they sold burritos, now that’s strange, then even after they told him they didn’t sell burritos he had the nerve to ask them if they didn’t sell burritos could get a non fat half caf no foam burrito. Now that just shows you right there.

  13. NY is a scary liberal state. He is smart to have named himself Hillary so many liberals love the future president and I am sure this is why he gave himself that name. He was spurned by the mom and the boy and he wanted to hurt her . He has a good future with that name though; wise indeed. Beyond evil definitely. People have to understand that these Caribbeans have really backwards cultures and practice witchcraft as their religion it is their way of life for centuries it is what ensures their survival and it is wrong.

  14. Hillary had marks in his ankle and it was sprained and he had his daughter like for him, they ate dinner at 6 but yet she was texting after 6 asking what’s for dinner. You got away with murder Hillary but you will have to meet our maker one day!!! You make me sick!!

  15. The worst part about this tragedy is that no one will ever be punished for the death of this kid and that’s incredibly sad.

  16. Mr. Hillary is most definetely guilty. This system is terrible. You can just read/see his daughter is lying 4 him. Sad. I feel so much sadness for Garretts mother, I can only imagine how much pain she is in. I have a 16 year old son and just thinking of something like this happening to me I would be devastated and would not be able to be as strong, my whole world would be crushed. Garrests mom, keep you head up/ stay strong ,justice will be served if not here in this world, it will be with god.

  17. Oh my goodness. I cannot believe any of these comments I have seen. The mother worked at a bar where she met Hillary. He may not have wanted the break up, come on now think!!! This man had nothing to gain by killing that kid. They never had any business together all things considered because neither knew enough about the other to have such a deep commitment and to involve children in their relationship. He is guilty on what grounds? Because he remained a resident after the break up? Get real.

  18. GOD KNOWS You will answer to him on judgement day. You WILL rot slowly in hell for what you did to this boy. I hope that you fear death every day. For every day you are one day closer to spending eternity in hell.

  19. I think there was more to the relationship between Nick Hillary and Garrett Phillips than is known. I think it was 1st degree murder. I think he stalked the child and planned the murder, and that was the reason there were no finger prints. I think it was pure rage because the child knew something Mr. Hillary did not want known. Just because he worked with children, and just because some athletes knew him, does not mean anything. When someone who becomes filled with hate/resentment their behavior manifests itself such that they throw out morality, civility and their humanity. That town is not a hotbed of racism. It is not a rural town devoid of diversity………..Nick Hillary was far, far from being the only non=white in the area where there are probably close to 20,000 college students and professors from all over the country and the world. Sure, there are likely some bigots…they are everywhere, but in is a small percentage of the population. No fingerprints…so what. There is enough circumstantial evidence to conclude that he is guilty………there is NOT REASONABLE DOUBT..

  20. It is all about RACE!!! First the mother should know that dating a black man that they are different from white values!’ She as good as killed him by living with a black man!!! He will meet his justice when he dies and is sent to HELL. EYERNALLY

    • And prey tell what values are you talking about? This man was college educated with a good job. He was well known all over the country. The mother wasn’t. She had already had some bad relationships prior to Hillery, one with domestic violence, and moved in with them. I wouldn’t ever want to see your face on a jury where a suspect did not look like you!!!! Thank God he wanted a bench trial!!!!

  21. I have never left a comment before , I have been interested in why people commit crimes , especially paracide and other family murders , Nick Hilliary is guilty and just got away with murdering an innocent child because of jeoulosy , I’m discussed that the judge felt like there was ( Reasonable doubt ) I’m going to now make it my mission in life to support this mother and convict this man in public !!!!!!

  22. I’ve read a lot of crime stories and seen a lot of shows. I listened to Dateline and 20/20, both told different info. Ok, so his van was in the parking lot. He was planning to park by the tree, then go to the game. It was raining so he pulled out. Look at how slow he was driving. If he were after Garrett I’d think he would’ve been driving faster than that. He turned left instead of right, either way he could’ve gone to his house. I take a different neighborhood exit to get home while my husband doesn’t want to go down that far.
    I think his daughter got some of the times mixed up basing it off of when she got home from school. Who remembers what happens precisely when they get off a school bus time wise?
    Someone locked the door when the neighbor knocked to see if everything was ok. The arriving officer ‘heard’ someone in the apt while waiting for the landlord and his key. There were fingerprints on the window sill where the suspect jumped out of, not Hillary’s. The asst coach said Hillary was at his house. The bldg. is located on very busy street yet no one was Hillary jumping out the window. They said Garrett fought for his life yet not a scratch on Hillery. Hillery had a small, healing scab on his ankle. You’d think his entire ankle would been swollen and he would be limping after a jump like that and hitting the tile.
    They proved that the relationship the boy’s mother had with Hillery did not have some bad ending while she was on the stand.
    Sounds like someone was already in the apt when Garrett arrived home.

  23. He’s a liar & a murderer! Disgusting that Justice wasn’t served over a pathetic plee of “racism”….He may fool his friends & peers but he can’t fool God, he will be held accountable! Prayers for his mother & family!

  24. I realize in court and much of life surrounding legal cases, the situation is looked at through “legalese” and evidence and such. What is glaring additionally in this case is grief and shock for Garrett by Nick Hillary. NONE!!! whatsoever! I am mixed race and I felt sorrow for Garrett and his mom’s loss, I sense none from Nick. I think Nick missed his girlfriend and tried to convince Garrett to change his mind. It did not go well obviously. Otherwise, Nick should be aghast that some random guy killed his ex gf’s son! That is rational and logical behavior if one is innocent. Sorry they stripped you Nick, but I would be in agony over my girlfriends sons murder more do, and so should you have and still be.

  25. Black, White or Purple, that man is guilty!!! Most people who commit crimes of passion do not show signs of abuse in their past. Evidence shows he: was at the school the same time as Garrett and even turned towards Garrett’s home instead of his own, has a FRESH cut on his ankle (you don’t have to be a medical professional to see his cut was new!!), had a super obvious motive, and does not have a hard alibi (his daughter’s story does not add up to proving Nick was without a doubt home during the time of the murder). I fully believe we have issues in America with police being racist trust me I do, but not in this case. I think they came down hard on him because they truly truly believed he murdered a 12 year old!!!! Cmon guys a boy was murdered in his home!!! He and his family deserve justice. What a shame.

  26. After the Zimmerman trial all the white people where saying “He was found innocent and innocent he is.” Well, Nick was found innocent and innocent he is. Now I hope he gets millions of dollars from his civil suite so that he can live his life in another state in peace with his daughter. I also hope somebody starts a Gofundme account for his legal bills and financial hardship, you know, like how they did Zimmerman.

    Does this case seem suspect and did Nick get off with murder? Maybe. I mean who else (and it had to be grown man to over power him) would kill a “random” little boy and not steal or sodomize him. What was the motive? What was the reasoning?

    Do I care now that he has been proven in the court of law to be innocent? Nope, sure don’t

    • He was found not guilty – big difference. In Scotland they have the option to choose ‘Not Proven’ or words to that effect which I think expresses what the true verdict is in a lot of cases.

  27. I guess I’m lost of how did Hiliary get named as a suspect except by the mothers words. Where was the other child during the murder? Where was the mother? Did anyone see Mr. Hillary go in the window? At 5pm someone saw something. Why was the neighbor responsible for reporting it? Why didn’t the family report it? Why was the mom or her new boyfriend suspects at all? Everyone should have been suspects. A child is dead n no one is being held accountable.

  28. There is no doubt Nick Hillary is Guilty. There is a special place in HELL waiting on him. If you just listen to all the things that matched up & the ones that didn’t..instead of focusing on the Black issue. Of course he picked the Judge & not the jury. Judge wasn’t about to get caught up in it all..that was evident from the beginning. BF you throw racism at me..I’m not white. He will get doubt, in the end. Rest in Heavenly Peace Garrett.

  29. Too bad we do not have the Scottish choice of Not Proven. That would have work well here and in similar cases. Then a new trial if new evidence emerges.

  30. I watched the dateline episode about this case. I swear if it was a white guy I’d still think he was guilty. Absolutely nothing to do with race. I understand they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him but my guy says he did it and not because he’s a black man, again if it was a white guy I’d believe he was guilty. Is Tandy Cyrus lying about the things she said about Nick? If so why? Because he’s black? I find that very hard to believe because she dated him. She’s hardly a racist. So if she’s not lying then Nick is.

  31. Ms Justice are you serious the jails and prisons have more Blacks then Whites so your analogy is STUPID like Carli stated the reason he was acquitted because the Judge knew the truth. And like Gilbert stated Thank goodness he did not have a jury trial because if you were only the jury you would have convicted him but that’s expected from some who believe because he is Black and without a shred of evidence he was guilty .

  32. No one else had motive. Hillary had opportunity plus motive. Control freak that didn’t get his way so he KILLED his ex’s son! What a slime ball. Prosecutor’s own fault for not waiting to indict. They had NO evidence. Just a video that looked awful for Hillary but proved NOTHING. Way to go, Pottsdam.

    • The only other type of person it could have been is some friend. Maybe some kind of rift with a girl. A kid could have jumped out that window with probably no problem. I do think Hillary would have probably been hurt. His timeline is also almost to-the-minute.

  33. Funny how they think the black man who dated the white woman is the suspect immediately. I bet now she’ll only date within her race. The finger prints did not match this guy and yall mad cause he was found not guilty. Lol shame.

  34. Did you watch the show? If you did, you would understand why people are saying he is guilty. It has nothing to do with race. There is a ton of circumstantial evidence, most damning his lies about watching a soccer game and the fact that his car pulled out of the school parking lot 10 seconds after Garrett skateboarding past him and then he turned left towards Garrett’s home, not right towards his own home (where he told police he had gone from the school). On top of the evidence, there is the simple fact that no one else had any motive to strangle a 12-year old boy in his own home and there was no sign of forced entry and Hillary had a key. Also, police felt that the murderer had exited through a second story window and would have some injury to a foot or ankle and, sure enough, Hillary had a fresh injury to his ankle and refused to pull up his pants leg when being questioned by police.

  35. The evidence points pretty clearly to Nick Hillary, but in this country you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    This case is not about race, but reasonable doubt. I’m about 75% sure he’s guilty. Reasonable doubt should be about 90-95%. The judge made the right call.

    • PERSON OF COLOR? Whatever happened to, “say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud?” Not too proud anymore I guess, these generic descriptions make you feel better?

  36. Anyone who believe Nick Hillary did not kill this young boy is a Raging Idiot…… Hell yea he killed him! And his daughter, yea I know she loves her dad – but she’s a lying piece of shit.