Hillary Clinton’s Fort Pierce, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. ‘she’s the queen of death’, more priceless lulz1 but srsly, is there blood in the shirt of that poor guy..:( and for someone that claims that she doesn’t lurk into fearmongering for the nation, she sure can’t stfu about a dark future… so the only problem i see in the country are hellary and her stupid supporters… and her ‘service’ sure sounds very close to modern day slavery anyhow… because it’s just replacing one form of bad tuition with another worse one…

  2. I was there… There were only a few hundred in line to get in… Yet the line never moved… They emptied out a few buses and hand picked some people from the crowd but the majority of the people in the line didn’t get to go in before they claimed to be at capacity… The Clinton supporters we spoke to outside knew nothing about her past and not one could name one accomplishment… Beyond not going to jail.

  3. Hillary visit should have been publicised
    Better. I would have loved to have seen her. She might want to go to the colleges and universities and reach as many of younger people as possible.