Hillary Clinton ‘Green Screen’ Conspiracy Theory: Videos & Tweets

clinton green screen

Why do some people think Hillary Clinton used a green screen during the Greensboro rally? (Getty)

When Hillary Clinton first returned to the campaign trail after having pneumonia, a new conspiracy theory started making the rounds online, with some people insisting that she was “green-screened” into her first and possibly subsequent rallies. This theory came shortly after another conspiracy theory surfaced that she was using a body double after leaving Chelsea Clinton’s apartment when she suffered from pneumonia. Although photos from the Greensboro rally showed that Clinton was there, many people online were not convinced. Take a look at the conspiracy theory claims, along with other people’s work at debunking them.

Here’s what you need to know.

First, some people who watched Clinton’s rally were confused when they saw that people filming her entrance on their mobile phones seemingly didn’t capture her on their screens. Here’s a video that explains the questions:

Snopes addressed the question by pointing out that the livestream video camera was filming from a different angle than the people who were photographing Clinton. Clinton’s stage was also elevated, Snopes explained, which means people on the floor would be filming at an angle that might make it appear the phones were only capturing white or blue walls. In addition, there are some phones in the audience where you can make out Clinton on the screen, apparently debunking the “she wasn’t really there” theory.

If you want more details about why the phones aren’t a smoking gun (along with why she was pointing to a crowd behind her, not an empty wall), watch this video starting around the four minute mark:

There are still other questions popping up from people who watched videos of her rally. For example, some noted that the music playing when Clinton took the stage was different in this video than it was in the next:

The discrepancy could be simply due to YouTube copyright rules. When Bernie Sanders’ rallies were livestreamed, the videos would sometimes not even start until he started speaking due to copyright issues with the music playing before he took the stage. It’s possible that the music was changed by YouTube or certain networks due to potential copyright violations.

Others pointed out what appears to be a laugh track during her speech, which you can watch in this Twitter link below:

But once again, this is likely an editing issue. When discussed by viewers on Reddit, some suggested that an ambience or audience mic might have contributed to the effect, where sound technicians mute certain mics in order to keep the focus on Clinton’s speech rather than background noise. In other words, a microphone might have been set up near enthusiastic people in the audience to catch their cheers, and it was turned down rather abruptly once she started speaking.

Still other viewers pointed out that she appeared to disappear during the rally, but this is likely due to a livestream error or a bad network connection, explains one Redditor. Watch the talked-about moment below:

One person on Twitter commented about the rumor: “This is a common cable interference problem when viewing it on TV not a *** conspiracy.”

The bottom line is that photos of the rally and comments from people who were there indicate it really happened and, yes, Clinton was really there. Here’s just one person on Reddit talking about being at the rally. You can also see photos and more links from people who were there in Heavy’s story about the Greensboro rally below. Do you believe the rally conspiracy theory? Let us know in the comments at the end of this story.

Hillary Clinton’s Greensboro, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail for the first time since passing out from pneumonia. See photos from her Greensboro, North Carolina rally.

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