WATCH: Jeremy Mardis Police Shooting Full Video

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Police body camera video showing the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old autistic boy by police officers in Louisiana has been released to the public.

Jeremy Mardis was in a pickup truck being driven by his father during a police chase in Marksville in November 2015 when he was shot and killed. The two deputies who shot Jeremy, Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford, are facing charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

Chris Few, Jeremy’s father, was also shot, but survived. The deputies began chasing Few after he had an argument with his girlfriend. They said they were chasing him because of an outstanding warrant, but officials now say there were no outstanding warrants for Few’s arrest.

The video, which you can watch below, was called “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen” by Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson in the days after the shooting. The shots occur at the beginning of the video, which starts with no sound:

The officer wearing a body camera arrives at the end of the chase and approaches Few’s vehicle as other officers surround it. The audio is not working at the start of the video, and only the final shots can be heard.

The officer then calls in shots fired, and after more than a minute, the officers approach the vehicle. Few’s bloodied body can be seen slumping out of the window of the driver side. None of the officers appear to provide medical aid to Few or Jeremy.

The officer walks up to several other cops and whispers that there is a kid in the car. Greenhouse replies, “no, don’t tell me that bro.”

Later, Greenhouse says, “I never saw a kid in the car.”

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Jeremy Mardis, 6, was fatally shot by police. (Facebook)

The officers have claimed self defense, but investigators say they video shows Few had his hands up, was not armed and was not using his vehicle as a weapon when the officers opened fire.

A judge ruled that the video should be made public during an evidentiary hearing in the case. The video was recorded on the body camera of an officer who did not fire his weapon.

Derrick Stafford, Norris Greenhouse Jr., Marksville police officers, jeremy mardis, chris few

Lt. Derrick Stafford, left, and Officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, police say. (Louisiana State Police)

Jeremy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Eighteen shots were fired by the officers, and Jeremy was hit four times. His father was shot twice. The first trial, against Stafford, is set for November. Greenhouse is set for trial in March.

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby Charged With Manslaughter

Betty Shelby, the Tulsa Police officer who fatally shot Terence Crutcher, is being charged with first-degree manslaughter, the county prosecutor says.

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  1. Where is the White live matter movement? Oh wait, there isn’t any as protest and rioting does not help the situation. This happened last November and has remained quite. Goes to show different type of people deals with things differently. . RIP father and son.

    • No there was no rioting because these two were indicted immediately. Hopefully the officers get off because the video is sketchy and dad shouldn’t have taken those poor officers on a chase the dad should be charged with the murder too.

    • That ” White lives matter” .. comment comes across quite funny, Since you’re are not only the MAJORITY but also control the government and the making of all the LAWS( no black folks have a say in anything to do with the making of Laws. Notice the cops in this situation was charge with murder. The BLM movement by and large seeks out to bring cops to justice instead of just getting sent heading home on Paid leave or nothing coming about to charges.There would be NO BLM if the cops were getting charged with murder and sent away.Just like How blacks get sent away when they MURDER other blacks.

      • i seriously doubt that, if this was a black child and a black father, it would have made headlines and caused riots even though the officers were arrested immediately.

        • We will never know because it never happens when blacks are involved but u know whatever u choose to believe in your perfect little white world

        • If this kid was black, white people would be getting blamed for another 10 years! BLM = biggest joke ever, Black on Black Lives Matter, the real stat of 8,500 convicted black murderers each year. 300 black people die at the hands of the police, 98% of them deserved it. Same with the white ones, Dylan Noble posed less of a threat than Alton Sterling, but was still shot and white people nor black people cared. The reason why black people didn’t care is because they only put up a stink when a white person kills a black person, the reason why white people didn’t riot is because we know you probably deserved it.

      • you’re right.. humans are not all equal, we in no way shape or form have the same qualities or needs… skin color defines everything – DISTRICT30 for president 2016… idiot.

  2. Why were the cops shooting at a stopped vehicle?? That’s the real issue!! They were stopped, driver had his hands up!! Police use of fire arms must be controlled better!! This is complete bullshit. Why didn’t someone come to the aid of the child, they all just stood back and did zero!!

  3. Idiots. Cops dont shoot white ppl. VERY rare! Plus the cops are not white hence the murder charges, no blue wall here. Hmmmm. Stupid ignorant Amerika.

    • lol. So, white cops shoot black person = black guy is victim of racism (and regardless of whether they were innocent unarmed guys shot for no reason, or if they were a criminal who tried to shoot first, BLM calls racism and riots).

      Then black cops shoot innocent white kid for no reason = the black cops are the victims of racism? seriously? you’re stupid

    • cops don’t shoot white people…. crown of ignorance goes to; blacc amerika (who also cannot spell, belongs to the crips, or thinks that looking dumb & misspelling words is a way to be “cool”)

  4. When are the
    Police going to stop lying? Self defence, the car was stopped, his hands were up!!! They still shoot up the car, why?? There was no longer any danger to these moronic police officers……. Wild West policing in the good ole USA….. WTF!!!

    • my favorite part is they way there are MULTIPLE officers unloading on 1 vehicle, and no shots/anything was fired back, yet it still took them almost 3 full minutes to walk over to the vehicle and check on the person they just unloaded on.. that makes sense!

  5. I don’t care about color at all. To shoot a baby boy or excuse me, child is a reason for speedy execution. Take the money you would spend on a long drawn out trial and spend it on special needs children.

  6. how disgusting EVIL PIGS wtf,were they even shooting at all for?was the guy shooting at them?18 shots at an unarmed vehicle w a,child omg this is just unbelievabl..Then just stand there and dont help anyone nasry sad,lazy pigs make me sick.

  7. how disgusting EVIL PIGS wtf,were they even shooting at all for?was the guy shooting at them?18 shots at an unarmed vehicle w a,child omg this is just unbelievabl..Then just stand there and dont help anyone nasry sad,lazy pigs make me sick. Didnt the stupid B who called th cips,mention he took their child w him?wow how sickening id love to hear the 911 call.did the operator not bother to tell these PIGS or did the stupid b girlfriend not mention it?

  8. The piece of shit father shouldn’t have caused a police chase with his little boy in the car!!!?. That is the person to blame not the cops!.

  9. I always back the blue, but these idiots need to do hard time. The driver had his hands up when they started shooting. No medical help was offered to the driver or the child (also referred to as one of the suspects). I heard someone ask if anyone had some gloves? Isn’t that standard procedure to have first aid kit w/gloves in the patrol car. Maybe I’m wrong about the first aid kit and gloves but they were all totally wrong not rendering aid to the so called suspects.

  10. Stop with the race shit. All lives matter. Shit happens, and usually people get shot when they are doing something wrong. Don’t take sides because you are black or white, take the side of justice.

  11. His dad should have obeyed what the officers were saying. The videos blurry but I’m sure the officers acted in good faith being in fear for there lives and all

  12. Regardless if I had gloves or not, I would have rendered aid to the child, not stood around and waited. I also have to question, if you have just shot a guy several times, the whole put your hands up thing is useless. The victim is clearly not in their right mind from the trauma and might possibly even be unable to put their hands up. If you can bring an armed terrorist out of a bar alley alive and render aid, after he shoots several cops, you should also be able to do it for everyone.

    As for marching and protesting, white people do not care unless it affects them directly.

  13. What I see was the vehicle was in reverse, moving towards the officer. This is usually handled as assault with a deadly weapon, and officers are allowed to open fire. I don’t know how all that got missed.

  14. They started shooting long before he had his hands up, while the car was reversing towards the cop. Long before the audio kicks in. The guy didn’t put his hands up until they started shooting. He reversed his vehicle at the police, that is assault with a deadly weapon. I am really surprised the cops got time for this. It is normal procedure to shoot at a vehicle that is headed towards an officer.

    • and where is that in THIS video?! if you have the FULL video of when this chase started – PLEASE indulge me, b/c at this point it looks like nothing but a bunch of scum bag cops, who peaked in high school & thought a gun touting profession would be best for them.. the caddy way this loser with the body cam runs back and forth whispering “there’s a kid in the car” from one fellow patrolman to the next is absolutly ridiculous – YOU ARE PAID TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE, A CHILD IS VERY MUCH SO A PERSON.. they noticed the child was shot and instead of calling that in for help they giggle to each other and pace back and forth for an addt’l 3 mins… from the start of this video there is nothing but shooting going on. the guys car is parked, and multiple officers had him surrounded… please explain how this is NOT an abuse of power?! jail time.. what a joke – these loser cops should be strung up for the slaughter of an innocent child – is that not what they call for when a gang member “accidentally” shoots a child instead of his intended victim??

  15. the guy tried to run over the cops when they first arrived on the scene, they were called out due to a possible domestic at a bar. The guy then tried to back up over an officer and rammed their cruiser, then led them on a chase. Obviously the guy had his hands up (maybe they didn’t see that in the dark) but the child’s death is 100% on the father (I think he is actually a step father). That would have never happened if he didn’t beat his GF up in the first place to have the cops called and definitely wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t try to kill the officers and run with a motor vehicle. Hope the officers are found not guilty.

  16. A child is dead. Cops are to damn fast to pull the trigger and pull until their probably no more bullets in their guns. A child is dead.

  17. regardless of WHAT they were stopping this man for there was a good 4 minute window between the multiple shots FIRED IN ONE DIRECTION, WITH NO RESPONSE/RECIPROCATION before they even bothered to walk up to the car & see if the dude they just lit up was dead or alive.. he never fired back WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG TO CHECK ON HIM?!?!? and then for this a-hole to start whispering around back and forth, running from one buddy to the next “there’s a kid in the car” YOU LOUSE, EVEN THEN NONE OF THEM MADE A MOVE TO SEE IF EITHER THE DRIVER OR THE INNOCENT CHILD THEY JUST SHOT AT NUMEROUS TIMES was okay/alive/still breathing… this video made me want to riot on all police departments, we are PAYING people of this degree to protect us?! can someone please locate 1 MFing cop who hasn’t abused his power anymore??
    how does the federal government NOT see an issue with the way our police (hired to serve and PROTECT the public) are being trained/carrying out their duties?!! regardless of the skin color or background of either the cops OR the victims here, WE ARE ALL MFing HUMANS, we all came from the same place & will end up in the same GD place. talk about #1 reason for suicide, who wants to continue on in a world like this?! humans, what ridiculous creatures. great job God- throw us all onto 1 planet so we can destroy everything around us and appreciate nothing.

  18. Am I the only one who is completely mind blown at how heartless this guy is? “two subjects” “the Juvenile”. Rot in prison.

  19. When victim is white, most white people say it’s murder. When victim is BLACK, most white people say it’s JUSTIFIED. Whether victim is black or white most BLACK people say it’s murder. Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton (agents) only show up to black victim funerals. Blacks are less racist than whites, except Jesse and Al who are opportunists that make money off all this.

  20. What I don’t understand is why cops have complete control of their body cams.. I say a separate government agency controls it and they (the police) never know who’s being recorded and when that way they can’t get away w shit anymore like this one which they would have but unfortunately they murdered a child this time in the process of letting off a little steam on the job so they couldnt just not release a film even though it is clearly still doctored. I know not all agency’s work like this but it seemed like a death squad to me and I would look into the cops history.