Kraigen Grooms: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kraigen Grooms, Kraigen Grooms mugshot

Kraigen Grooms (Wapello County Jail)

Kraigen Grooms, 19, was sentenced Monday to serve only a 10-year suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to one count of engaging in a lascivious act with a child. Grooms admitted to abusing a 12 to 18-month baby girl in April 2013, when he was 16, while at least one other man watched and recorded the crime.

The assault took place in April of 2014 in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Groom was released from jail with GPS monitoring after pleading guilty earlier this summer.

The judge in the case is facing extreme criticism after the sentencing, and the story is going viral.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He ‘Committed a Sex Act’ With a Toddler and the Incident Was Filmed

Kraigen Grooms

Kraigen Grooms (Photo courtesy of Missing Persons of America)

According to the Complaint and Affidavit obtained by the Ottumwa Post, “The defendant knowingly committed a sex act with a female child that appeared to be under the age of two years old. The defendant videoed himself [while committing the lewd acts]…”

The video showed Grooms attacking the child and he filmed the act while directly streaming it to an unidentified viewer online.

Grooms was sentenced on Monday to a 10-year suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to abusing the little girl.

He was initially charged with second-degree sexual abuse, and faced a 25-year prison sentence.

On September 15 prosecutors said the family of the baby didn’t want Grooms “to go to prison or serve significant jail time,” NY Daily News reported.

“One of the most significant factors affecting the outcome of this case was that the parents of the victim did not wish Grooms to go to prison or serve significant jail time,” Wapello County Attorney Gary Oldenburger said in a statement obtained by the Daily News. “Their primary concern was that he receive treatment.”

Oldenburger said:

While the abuse Grooms committed is disturbing, it would not be accurate to describe it as “raping a toddler” as it has been described on certain websites. The child was not injured, no pain was inflicted, and the child was too young to even be aware of what was happening. The child suffered no ill effects as a result of Grooms’ actions. Additionally, it was not Grooms idea to commit the abuse and he did not know the abuse was being recorded. The abuse was committed at the behest of two men who had, over a long period of time, perfected a technique for duping children into committing sexual acts that they would not have otherwise engaged in. They were so skillful and persuasive in their efforts that they successfully convinced hundreds of children to engage in sexual activity while they surreptitiously recorded it. It seems unlikely that Grooms would have engaged in the abuse under any other circumstances or of his own volition.

You can read the full statement by Oldenburger here.

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2. He Was Identified With the Help of Social Media

Authorities discovered Grooms through social media after finding the filmed abuse of the toddler online.

Grooms was captured with the help of a website,, the Ottumwa Post reported.

Tim Caya, who ran the page, said he posted a flyer with photos of Grooms and people swarmed him with comments stating that they knew of the perpetrator.

“There were hundreds of comments saying that they knew [Grooms], some went to school with him and they thought the person in the flyer looked just like him. I started looking at his pictures, he did look just like the guy on the flyer,” Caya told the Post.

Caya then went to authorities with the information, and Grooms was arrested just a couple of days after police asked for the public’s help in identifying him.

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3. Police Believe He Plotted to Sexually Assault Another Child

Authorities believe the attack was premeditated and that Grooms had also targeted a 3-year-old boy for a similar assault, Raw Story reported.

The Ottumwa Post said the State gave the following statement in regards to the crime:

Forensic analysis of computers used in the transfer of the video recordings shows that the Defendant reported that he found the incident “so hot” and that the Defendant was making arrangements to sexually abuse an unidentified three-year-old male while the subject in New Orleans viewed and recorded the abuse. Analysis of computers seized from the Defendant’s home have discovered photographs of a male subject approximately three years old…

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4. The Judge Is Facing Online Criticism, & a Petition Was Created to Get Him Fired

The judge who imposed a 10-year suspended sentence for Grooms is facing heavy online criticism and a petition has been set up to get him fired.

Media outlets reported the judge as Myron Gookins, however, Ottumwa Radio Group said on Facebook that it was a mistake and Judge Randy Degeest set the sentencing. Judge Gookins handled most of the other proceedings for the case, according to the group.

The petition’s page stated:

After raping a 2 year old child on video, and targeting a 3 year old child for the same abuse, Kraigen Grooms, 16 at the time of the crime, 17 at the time of arrest, only received 2 years in a juvenile detention and then the Wapello county jail, then Judge Randy Degeest released Grooms with a 10 year suspended sentence.
This judge is sympathizing with a toddler rapist, this not the kind of corrupt judge we want or need. If he will not stand up for a toddler, who will he stand for?

A person who claimed to be Grooms’ mother commented on an article in 2014, saying she believed her son should be punished but that she is not to blame:

some of you are horribly rediculous with your comments and yes i am the mother of this boy and yes he wll be punished for what he has done, but here is not 1 of you idiots that have the right to pass judgement on me as his mother that boy was provided with the best that i could give to him so for any 1 of you to say such horrible things when you have not 1 clue as to how he was raised and how dare you try to say that when a teenager commits a crime you automatically pass the blame to his parents, when some of the best kids commmit crimes and it sure in the heck isnt the fault of the parents.

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5. He Will Be a Registered Sex Offender for Life

The judge required Grooms to register as a sex offender for life. If he fails to comply with the terms of his release he could spend 10 years in prison.

He was released from jail after pleading guilty to the assault in July.

The teen did spend time in a juvenile detention center and county jail because of delays that set the trial back two years, Ottumwa Radio reported.

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  1. I remember this POS. I shared the post on my social media when authorities were looking for him. This judge needs to step down. How did this punk get access to these kids? I hope someone beats the hell out of him. His parents must be proud.

    • Please note that the news outlets are now in the process of CORRECTING the judge’s name. Gookin was NOT the judge who sentenced this POS. Judge Randy Degeest presided over sentencing.

  2. Excuse, but where are the specifics? Did he penetrate? How the hell would he find another kid at school to record that? And who the hell would post such a thing like that on social media?

    I’m (not) sorry, but all you anti-sex zealots are irrational and sometimes downright insane. Something is not rape just because you call it that.

    Somebody didn’t “attack a child” just because you say that’s what it was. You do not determine reality; it exists independent of you.

    Until I have specifics I am reserving all judgement except for the anti-sex zealots that run amok in the U.S. (to the point where kids themselves wind up on sex offender registries for having sex with other kids!) — and thus far no website I have found has posted any specifics (gee, I wonder why? Because you’re all just irrational zealots and this was probably a very harsh sentence, as no judge would let a REAL child rapists back on the streets?)

    • This guy swears that a 1 year old had consensual sex. Hopefully someone will consensually smash your brains in for being a child rapist yourself. Only a rapist would defend another rapist how you did.

    • There is no question about toddler rape. This young man, then 16, made certain everyone knew because he had it FILMED. Sick Bastard. The degenerate who filmed this act of violence on a toddler should also receive the same punishment since he or she did nothing to stop the molestation of an innocent.
      YOU NEED TO BE SCHOOLED. Toddlers don’t initiate sexual contact with adults. ONLY Sick minds think that about “sexy” children. This video was placed on the internet. It is not irrational to be angry about injustice. AGAIN>>>A toddler cannot consent to sexual contact. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE. I PRAY the Courts remove both Judges…especially the person who did the sentencing. Released this young man. WHO is to say he will not attempt this again (without the camera). Pedophilia isn’t cured. Don’t you think the Catholic Church would have solved the problem of Molesting Priests by now if counseling and treatment truly worked? I think that in the future, since you know it all, when or if someone molested your child, I don’t think you’d be defending him or her.
      He was planning to rape a boy. No child is safe around this young man. The urge to have sex with children doesn’t go away. I think there should be a special punishment for harming individuals, raping women, raping men, and especially infants, toddlers and children. THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED AWAY FOREVER.
      PS….Learn a new word….ZEALOT.

    • So by default you are rational? What’s your idea of reasonable adult-to-child contact? And do you think penetration is the only way to violate a child? Another question;?what do you think the emotional, psychological and physical impact is on this child by having been mis-handled by a man? Do you give a s***? I doubt it…and that suggests much. Too much.

    • You for sure are an idiot. Please don’t tell me that a 2 year old was begging for sex. Yes it was an attack. Yes it was rape. And Yes he’s guilty – He posted it online after it happened.
      Perhaps you have an appetite for sick and twisted pedophilia as well.
      Hopefully you will seek help for your sickness or keep it contained to a dark lonely room and not attack innocent, defenseless children.

    • This is the opinion of your typical Catholic or pedophile.

      What excuse can they come up with that makes it ok? It’s only having sex with a child, which pleases their god. Freaks.

      They’re also uneducated, since the first paragraph has questions clearly answered in the article. HE videotaped it. HE put it on social media.

  3. Are we learning this is not the sentencing judge? Grookin was involved in the case but another did the sentencing. Please update.

    • Correct. The news outlets are now in the process of CORRECTING the judge’s name. Gookin was NOT the judge who sentenced this POS. Judge Randy Degeest presided over sentencing.

  4. Someone needs to go ‘Dexter’ on this POS waste of oxygen.
    I just don’t understand how this kind of thing happens. I babysit a 2 year old everyday, (and have her a lot of overnights), and I don’t let that girl out of my sight! We’re rarely in separate rooms. I even sleep by her at night…with my arm(s) around her…in one way or the other…so that I would know/wake up if anyone tried to mess with her. They’d have to go through me first.
    I hope for this little girl’s sake, she doesn’t remember this attack and that it doesn’t have any negative effects on her long-term.

  5. that judge needs his or her head examined seriously that f—king piece of shit shouldn’t be allowed on earth i hope he will rot in he’ll for all time

  6. The judge should be charged as a conspirator after the fact, not just fired. Any judge that hands out ridiculously light sentences for rape or child abuse should be in prison, as well as the animal that committed the crime.

  7. At first glance, yes, it would seem fit to just throw him in prizon…I agree..but let’s look at a few facts first…

    1. He was a minor when it happen…both the victim and perpetrator were minors…laws state a child can not conent to sex..developmentally they (by law) are not capable of conceiving sex for what it is…my point is, there is a lot going on in this kids head…things That need to be worked out..

    2. From age 16 to age 18 he was in juvenile detention…unless tried as an adult…a child will be held up until their 18th birthday…they kept him as long as they could..for a minor…he been on house arrest for the last year…

    3. The crime he committed carries a 10 year MAX sentence…think bout this…there are 2 scenarios that can happen… a) he is thrown in prizon 10 years, if that sentence was handed out today..he would get out of prizon an UNTREATED 29 year old..whom will have zero idea of how to be a functioning adult in society…with the same issues he had when he went in there…and will most likely create more victims… Or b) he gets life time probation, which will force him to participate in sex offender specific treatment…they can figure out where his acting out came from, he can learn new ways of thinking, will be given tools to help him keep himself in check and not create other victims…for the rest of his life he will have to do that..and if he DOESNT? Or doesn’t comply, doesn’t stay accountable, doesn’t pass polygraphs given multiple times a year..then he will go to prizon for 10 years…but at least he will have some therapy under his belt, will have some tools…will know how to function as an adult in society, so when he comes out later in life…he can continue where he left off…

    He was a child, who made a bad choice..a horrible deviant choice…we don’t know the circumstances, maybe he was poor, and the person over the Internet who recorded it promised him money to do it…in essence making him just as much of a victim of whoever recorded it…we do not have enough info to crucify him…

    But as much as I understand the need and desire for blood…just think of all that I said above..and think, which scenario would benefit society the MOST in the long run?

    That being said…I believe the judge handed out the correct sentence…

    Just my opinion…I look at the big picture and what is best for society as a whole..

    Thank you for listening.

    • You are thinking of this from the perspective of someone who lives in an actual society. The judge questioned why he might be acting out, and what caused that. The quote that he found that to be ‘so hot’ and planned to do so again is a glaring issue. Many believe, and recidivism rates agree, that you aren’t really able to change this kind of behavior… One could be harsh and look at it as a cost vs benefit to society. While most are incensed, the basic logic behind that is that the risk of him harming another child is greater than the likelihood that he will be healed/correcte/reformed. 17 is also quite old for lingering confusion on this issue, and there is a video of this crime, which I dare not ever see, I would make an educated guess that the child experienced extreme distress. Taking pleasure in an act that is known as wrong on a victim who is distressed, and planning to do so again, and share that experience with others is not something that I find reasonably excusable. Were he 14 or some more impressionable age, some leeway makes some sense, if rehabilitation is the plan. I do appreciate your thought out post.

      • Actually, you’re incorrect. His crime was RAPE, which carries a max of 25 years, not 10. He only pleaded guilty to a lesser crime, and that carried a max 10 year sentence. He should have been charged with the Child RAPE and not allowed to plead it down. Absolute bullshit.

        • He did not rape the child idiot.
          He masturbated while the child was sleeping. He acted as if he was going to ejaculate on her.
          The video is not him raping a one year old child.
          Have you viewed the video?

          • Do you think anyone is going to trust you, and obvious pedophile who went to a child pornography site to view this video? Do the world a favor and kill yourself AND your friend.

    • There is absolutely no evidence that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. This young offender has a psychopathic personality and given the nature of the crime and his plans to repeat it, he is at a high risk of reoffending. He should be locked up for the foreseeable.

    • Were you ever 16? Did you ever have sex at 16? Did you ever consider having sex with a 2 year old when you were 16? It’s the generation of “let’s not hold people accountable” who thinks it’s mommy’s fault or its because he was bullied, that thinks there should be no punishment. The more and more excuses we make for people the more and more this crimes will keep happening, because what’s the real punishment?

    • Nashon, you are a little confused about the facts.

      1. 16 year olds can be tried as adults. And if you don’t think that teenagers don’t know that raping babies is wrong, then maybe you should be locked up too.

      2. If you’d actually bothered reading about the case you’d know that he was only held in juvenile detention during court proceedings, and he was only held that long because of delays in the case. He was not incarcerated as punishment.

      3. This crime does not carry a maximum 10 year sentence. The prosecutors were looking for 25 years. He got a 10 year suspended sentence, which is basically 10 years of probation. And if he violates during that time, he’ll go to prison for 10 years. He could have one week left in the suspended sentence and if he messes up, he’ll still so 10 years in prison.

      4. Some prisons provide sex offender treatment. And even if he went to one that didn’t offer any counseling, he would begin court-ordered treatment immediately upon release, so that argument is moot. To say that this CHILD RAPIST should not do any time is beyond evil.

      5. This 16 year old is not a child. He is a baby rapist. He is a danger to society.

      6. I’m not one of the bloodthirsty types who lumps all sex offenders into one category. I’ve educated myself on the matter and I understand how complicated the situation is. I also understand that most American’s attitude toward sex offenders just makes matters worse. However, this person (who I refuse to call a man) is the worst-case scenario that everyone is afraid of, and rightfully so. For what he did, 25 years in prison isn’t enough.

      7. I think the parents of the victim should be looked at too. They don’t want the person that broadcasted himself raping their one year old on the internet to go to prison? They sound like they might be a danger to children themselves

  8. Randy S. DeGeest is the JUDGE who SENTENCED the Toddler Rapist who posted the video on line (Which makes it even sicker, as if he is proud of raping a toddler).
    Judge, Dist. Court
    106 S 1st St
    Oskaloosa, IA 52577-3101
    Mahaska County
    Contact Randy S. DeGeest
    (641) 673-4337

  9. When my kids were 16 I was still monitoring their computer and phones, you know like a parent. If you had been doing that you could have prevented it or at least turned him in yourself so yes Mom you have fault here as well.

  10. So it’s okay to assault a female no matter the age now. I think it’s time to use the female vigilantes of author Fern Michaels as role models to deal with these males. Perhaps, if they have to start worrying if they will experience the same events as they put their victims through while their offenders receive the same justice as they did, things might change.
    No, that won’t happen. We can’t do such horrible things to them.

  11. I think who ever this judge is needs to be investigated, and his computer and cell phone taken to be looked at to see what is on them. The only way I can see a judge releasing someone like this, is if the judge is into the same things this kid and whoever was watching him do it! I am willing to bet that the judge is probably a viewer of this sick bastard!

  12. these are NOT facts people. In no way am I defending his actions, but these are not facts and you are not educated on the matter. The victim was not raped, either, but molested- there is a HUGE difference. The parents of the victim had requested he NOT be sent to prison, rather be enrolled in a treatment. Why fire the judge? Put a sex offender in jail for 10 years, he’ll come out still just as sick as before. But provide TREATMENT and supervision, and we may have actually done some good. The victim, 2, also suffered NO ill effects or pain, because she wasn’t RAPED. The victim will have no memory of the abuse, and the traumatizing experience that victims will never be able to forget, is not a factor in this case. Again, not justifying this, but at least know the facts.

    • Why are you and your pedo friends being so open about your deviance? There are sites where you people can minimize your crimes privately, dont bring that bs here.

  13. So, as for the responsibility of the mother…you may have raised him right and it’s not your fault he committed
    The act but where were you when he was showing signs of trouble, and don’t you dare say he was a normal teen who just one day Randomly committed this act. Every illness has symptoms …. A parents responsibility does not just lie in how they raise their
    Kids but also in how they see them
    And deal with signs there are problems.
    You can’t ignore a problem and then say, well I raised him right, it’s not my fault. It’s your fault you ignored the warnings!!! Come on parents, no excuses! And not to mention this kid isn’t even grown.
    Legally he’s still under his parents supervision so…..yeah, mom, you got a role in this

  14. tick tock clocks running out your going to die little pedo your going to suffer and your going to die its only a matter of time Find him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill himFind him kill him

  15. Are you all insane? What justice is there to come of such a heinous crime. I wonder if the Judge Randy Deegest a sick asshat that has committed these sort of crimes against children? How on earth does one who took oath to justify innocent until proven guilty allow this to happen…unless he is to a pervert? Or the bottom line of all unjustified rulings $$$$$$. I hope you both can’t live beyond this outrage of our judicial system. Has anyone looked into this appointed Judge on his background. Wtf!!! #specialplaceinhellforyouboth.

  16. I have seen no mention of any kind of counseling or future counseling. Obviously, he is easy led to be deviant, so how was being in county jail helpful?

  17. 1st it’s the guy who raped the women behind the trash can he only got 6 months in jail and only served 3 month. Now you got a guy on video rapeing a 2 yr old child and all he gets is probation. How can anyone defend rapeing a child. And what kinda parent wouldn’t want the guy who raped their child in jail. It seems that a young white male can commit any crime he wants and walks away with little or no consequences.

  18. What the FFFFF, if that was my kid I would petition for chemical castration and a sex offender tattoo on his forehead… As a mother of a baby I do not see how the parent of the abused child could not want to see justice served… HELL!!

  19. It really doesn’t matter why he did it! “He thought he was talking to a teenage girl” Wow! That’s no excuse – he’s still a pervert! To commit any kind of sexual act – even self gratification thinking he’s talking to a teenage girl is disgusting! I have a teenage daughter and she is constantly being offered sexual photos and acts from boys and men. IT NEEDS TO STOP!!! Online communication has provided a way for these pervs to feel comfortable doing these disgusting things in the privacy of their own homes. STOP STOP STOP. There is no excuse!!!