LIVE STREAM: Manhattan, Chelsea New York Explosion/Attack

There has been a major explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York with multiple injuries reported and a chaotic scene. The New York Police Department reported 29 injured in an unfolding situation that might have arisen from a dumpster explosion.

CNN’s live coverage is streamed here (ignore the debate language; if you click on the video you can stream the live CNN coverage of the Chelsea explosion below):

However, the mayor and top police and fire officials said the cause of the explosion was still under investigation.

“Tonight, New York city experienced a very serious incident,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press conference. “Injuries are significant… At this point, we can confirm that none of those injured are likely to die. There is no evidence at this point that there is a terror connection to this incident.” However, the mayor said: “We believe at this point in time that this was an intentional act.” However, he stressed, “we do not see a link to terrorism.”

New Yorkers, said the mayor, “will not be intimidated.”

The police commissioner, James O’Neill, said officers were on patrol when they witnessed a large explosion. Officers called for additional units and ambulances. He said the exact cause of the explosion has not yet been determined. The investigation is active and “an extensive search is being conducted.” The area around the explosive site was being treated as a crime scene, and there was no evidence that the explosion was caused by natural gas, O’Neill said. He said the explosion occurred outside on the street.

You can watch more live news coverage here.

And here:

According to CNN, the president, and both presidential candidates had been briefed. NYPD said a possible secondary device had been located. Fox News said it might be a pressure cooker.

One video appeared to capture the moment of the blast:

The motive is not yet known; however, there were reports of people running and screaming from the scene. The New York Post said that at least 26 people suffered minor injuries when a dumpster blew up.

According to The New York Daily News, the explosion occurred at 135 W. 23rd St. near Sixth Ave. at about 8:30 p.m. The first reports came in through Facebook.

Photos circulated on Facebook of the blown dumpster.

The Manhattan explosion came the day after a deadly rampage in Philadelphia in which gunman Nicholas Glenn shot six people, including two police officers.

See photos of the devices and from the scene here:

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