WATCH: Daughter Posts Facebook Live Video After Man Killed by Charlotte Police

A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, streamed live video on Facebook after her father was shot dead by police. The woman, whose Facebook name is Lyric YourAdorable Scott, and others in the neighborhood are at the scene and have been confronting police about the shooting.

The man has been identified by neighbors and family as Keith Lamont Scott.

You can watch the live video below (Warning — Language):

The video starts with the woman recording officers at the crime scene.

“The police just shot my daddy four times for being black,” she says. “They Tased him first and then shot him.”

More than 20,000 people have been watching the video after the Tuesday afternoon shooting.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road.

The officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant, but the man who was shot was not the person they were attempting to take into custody.

Police told the newspaper the man that was shot had a gun in his car. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told the newspaper the officers felt their lives were endangered and at least one officer shot the man.

According to police, the man was spotted by the officers in a parked car. He got out of the car with a gun in his hand, police said. He then got back into the car.

“The subject got back out of the vehicle armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject,” police said in a press release.

But his family says the man did not have a gun, and was in his car waiting for his son to get off the school bus.

The woman in the video could be heard saying that her father was shot while reading a book in a car. She also said he was disabled.

Police said they began performing CPR and requested an ambulance. The man was taken to a hospital, where he died, according to Fox 46 News.

The shooting happened about 3:50 p.m., police said.

Officers recovered a gun at the scene, and an investigation is ongoing, police said.

Read more about the shooting and Keith Lamont Scott at the link below:

Keith Lamont Scott: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. His family and the police have released conflicting stories about what happened.

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    • Police identified the shooter as Officer Brentley Vinson, who has worked for the department since July 2014. Officer Vinson is BLACK. Guess his daughter didn’t realize that when she said a few hundred times “you white b*tch, shot my mofo daddy cuz he black”. Hoping others read this soon and that the crooked media reports this fact…THE TRUTH, instead of capitalizing on sensationalizing the whole white cop/black cop rhetoric. Black Lives Matter better shut their mouths about this. Again, this was a BLACK cop shooting a black man. What we are seeing here is that police are under a lot of pressure and need some better training…this has NOTHING to do with race!

        • The psychological conditioning we get here is designed to turn all sorts of people against each other. Many blacks here are so brainwashed or “whitewashed” that they can’t see straight regardless of their how intelligence. Some blacks have lost proper identity and are primed to think like whites and to make matters worse, some are primed to think like the racist white cops they befriend at work! I’ve spoken to blacks who are educated but are simply too far gone to see where they have gone completely off track! The mental treatments this racist system installs in the minds of people has even caused families of all ilk to turn on each other here and all around the world! There are some seriously sick people running this country and they don’t care to engage in political parties. They create them! Most people are in insane denial, or simply too feeble minded to ever have a clue!

      • True it was a black cop. If the Charlotte police try to cover this up it’s going to be a bad day for law enforcement. The woman said her father was waiting for his son to get off the school bus, he was reading a book and he is disabled. It was a clear sunny day with no obstructions in view. The father got out his car 2x is that a crime? I think the Officer may have thought it could be the suspect they sought. I believe he felt his heart race; adrenaline high and elevated, he raced to conclusion and saw danger when it wasn’t there. Now the cover story is feed and it just opens more doors to mistrust, abuse and obstruction at all cost.
        This young woman was angry her emotions were high, her father is dead now. She was angry that he was killed for no apparent reason. The area surrounded by lawmen. These circumstances would make anyone extremely upset, she just watched her father gunned down by the police while he waited for his son, sitting in the family car and reading a book. TOTAL INSANITY! The police were in the area to serve a warrant. This man was innocent and now his family will deal with the loss. They police acted cold during the whole incident.
        Team mental services should have been called for the family. The family needs to cope with this loss a terrible tragedy and get a good team of lawyers. The police need to be re-trained repeatedly and with follow ups so this doesn’t happen again. He wasn’t even the target, just a citizen minding his business and then bang> bang> bang> bang> lights out.

        @ A point to be made 26 states have open carry laws its imperative law enforcement gets re-trained. If the police are that afraid and resort with deadly force instantly, then it is scary day for everyone. Some people are cut out for the job some aren’t. If they are that afraid, they need a different job.
        2 months ago a young black man was shot by a cop in Charlotte 4 xs He was unarmed the officer asked for his driver’s license as he was standing outside his parked SUV. The driver’s door was open parked in a gas station parking lot, he says ok. He reaches in for the wallet. The officer screams at him charging at him gun pointed and firing multiple time at the man. “Yes he was black and the cop white.” The man’s hands raise quickly upward he’s shot, his hands are up he falls backwards, hands are still up and the cop fires 2 more rounds 1 round as he lay on the ground. This kid was lucky to be ALIVE.
        Here the sick part he asks what did I do why did you shoot me? You didn’t have your seat belt on, are you hit. Yes, I’m sorry. He apologizes to the cop for shooting him. WOW!

        • It’s clear to me that The Father was a standup guy. Listen to the high level of vocabulary that her daughter is using. He had to be innocent.

        • I agree that the adrenaline is hard to manage during an encounter that is perceived to be dangerous. The body is designed to fight or flight but in these encounters-police with “suspect” neither option is permitted and unfortunately with the recent events the adrenaline level is even higher on both sides. The sad part-besides the death and grieving is that the black community-forgive the generality-is cut out of the system. Who can they call when there’s an actual issue-when they are being victimized. If the right to be protected by the police is compromised the only other choice is to solve the problem outside of the law. To further this injury is the general lack of trust in the whole system. The message is so loud and clear that basic human rights of respect and equality are unavailable. And then-we wonder why young black men aren’t participating in the system ie; school, jobs, voting….we criticize them.

        • This racist system appears to be sending a message to black people.The message is ‘Don’t even think about carrying anything to protect yourselves so that when our kind are ready to come at you–we will have all of the weapons and you will be too afraid to even have anything that looks like a weapon’! What are these racists gearing up for? It appears to me that the racist whites are systematically conditioning our minds to a point where we are too afraid to even walk or drive around our cities and neighborhoods. What are they gearing up for? And make no mistake. Every police department and branch of law enforcement have a certain amount of klan-like racists, bigots, and what have you, in them! Why can’t you see this? Is it because you are totally unaware of your own conditions?

        • Not true But media only covers blacks being killed. True it’s sad and I’m tired of the racism in this country. But just as many whites are killed every day. But no one hears about that. Stop perpetuating the racism and hatred!!

          • One more heinous tragedy that should never have occurred. Too many “mistaken identity” shootings occur and why the hell could police not have checked out the man’s license plate! I simply don’t buy the bullshit we read in the media. Hillary Clinton’s “…they need to be brought to heel” and her husband’s crime reform bill is greatly responsible for the racial profiling that is going on in this country right now. I hope black Americans take a hard look at who they are voting for in November and vote for Jill Stein!

      • Where did his daughter learn to speak that way and have that attitude about police officer. Jer father maybe? And how are riots and destroying property in their communities solve anything?

        • I’m sorry, but if someone had just shot and killed MY dad… I’d be saying A lot worse things than that. For you to say something like that, and blame her ” attitude ” on her deceased father, says a lot about you.

          • She has no couth. If she was a contributing member of society, those words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. She is probably another leach on welfare. 90% of the people rioting are entitlement mentality people with little to nothing to offer society. They are leaches. Sucking hot air from the atmosphere

          • Yeah, after like at least a week….Your numb in that moment, totally numb….not mad, not scared, not sad…numb… not thinking…hmmm..lets pull out my cell and have coherent thinking to record my thoughts… my opinion of course.

      • He wasnt black you dont have the facts so dont speak on it you just know what the media tells you! The coo wasnt black! And it really doesnt matter the police are liars!

      • You’re comment is ignorant. Nobody said a black cop couldn’t kill a black man. Hell, look at that damn Sheriff David Clarke, he’d kill a black man for anytime he gets the chance. The problem is with policing period, or in general. Their is this suspicion and/or fear that officers automatically seem to have whenever dealing with a Black man. And unless this victim actually had this gun in his hands, approaching officers, having a gun means NOTHING in an open carry state. This is ridiculous. Why are you even approaching him in an open carry state because of a firearm?? This type of police behavior has been ruled ILLEGAL by the 4th circuit court. So what’s with the excuses?? If he wasn’t holding the weapon, it’s straight up murder.

      • We live in a country which was created by racists who murdered the indigenous people and went about enslaving, torturing, raping and murdering black Africans. And you want to tell me that a country filled with majority whites at every government and local position are not killing blacks because they are racists? And you think ‘your kind’ haven’t thoroughly screwed up the minds of practically everyone? What kind of sickness is going on here then? If black cops were murdering whites with impunity you people would have stopped all of it immediately. Hypocrites!

  1. This is very sad…nonetheless looks like Hillary is setting this all up… try and keep the black vote. This is unfortunate cause she and Obama have doing nothing but keep minorities down

  2. I cant understand her point. This foul mouthed, illiterate is the reason we need more police and less talk about rights. Can someone count how many times she said mf in an hour. Needs to at least respect her mom by not calling her a mother f*ckeror talking about her mf car. Obviously we have a real racist situation from her family calling out what she really stands for as in coons and white mf’ers, bitches etc. . Calling police coons and ugly ass bitches isn’t the way to get respect. Earn it!

    • People need to remember that she just witnessed her father get killed. The man wasnt carrying a gun. It was in his car and futhermore he wasnt even the suspect they needed for the arrest warrant so why did they even mess with him. It was completely unneccessary for the police to do this and her anger is completely understandable. I would love to see how some of yall would react if this was your father or loved one. The point is that the police were wrong. Period

    • Listen to the words you just said about her and does that make you any better?? Plus your father didn’t just loose his life hers did!! So i don’t expect you to understand!!

      • Loose his life? I’m sure that inner city education has got you far in life.. That’s the ironic thing you will never understand.. The only person to blame for your pathetic life is yourself.. So the more you bitch and moan the deeper you fall and the more entertaining it becomes..
        A wise man said insanity is one doing the same thing over and over again and expecting change.. Have some accountability in your life and you might have a slight chance..

        • So you openly criticize the quality of inner city education, even going so far as to use it as an insult, and then claim that the only one at fault is the person themselves. You criticize spelling errors and yet are entirely incapable of critical thinking or constructing a coherent argument. Whose education is actually lacking in this instance?

    • you sound so small and insignificant it is a shame how should someone react to their father being gunned down by racist stupid ass white ppl and this shit is happening on the regular but remember karma is s bald headed bitch

    • So if your father was murdered by police how would you respond? Would you think to be respectful? Would you say…”Pardon me dear sweet officers of the law, per chance might you tell me how my lovely father was mutilated”? I was surprised that she didn’t completely lose it. You’re heartless piece of shit that lacks every bit of compassion.

      • If my father had a gun and was killed by the police then I would say “Serves him right”. But black folk dont seem to understand what “Drop the gun” and “GET ON THE GROUND” mean.

    • Unless you been in a situation where you had a loved one killed for no reason who are you to judge anyone . And dont worry Joey you me and everyone else is going to get her pain Martial Law is coming

      • I HAVE had a CLOSE RELATIVE killed for no reason. The dude got SENTENCED to FOUR YEARS and was out of prison in TWO YEARS. He was black, and he stabbed her FOURTEEN TIMES.

      • And then the cops will shoot your stupid ass too. YOU are the reason that cops shoot people. Because you have no respect for the law. Enjoy getting arrested for someone that could not follow a simple command. Put down the gun means…put the gun down. Get an education and a job.

    • Did you seriously just post that, have you witnessed your father being killed for no reason, she is human she is in shock, go do something different with your time, build your brain tissues and eat some blueberries

  3. HOLY SHIT! I would think you would be somewhat saddened by the fact that your father was shot! NOT turn into a racist. PLEASE learn how to speak as well!!!

  4. How do any of you know he didn’t have a gun? I got in a lot of trouble with police when I was younger, but as I grew up and matured and stopped doing things wrong and complied with the police when they were around I found I have almost no issues with them. Also as a side comment, at around 15:55-16:01 she threatens to go get her gun, after violently denying there was any way her father could have had one. I wasn’t there, but to condemn the police or this man with no evidence is foolishness.

  5. Police identified the shooter as Officer Brentley Vinson, who has worked for the department since July 2014. Officer Vinson is BLACK. Guess his daughter didn’t realize that when she said a few hundred times “you white b*tch, shot my mofo daddy cuz he black”. Hoping others read this soon and that the crooked media reports this fact…THE TRUTH, instead of capitalizing on sensationalizing the whole white cop/black cop rhetoric. Black Lives Matter better shut their mouths about this. Again, this was a BLACK cop shooting a black man. What we are seeing here is that police are under a lot of pressure and need some better training…this has NOTHING to do with race!

    • So what if the cop was Black. That is hardly the issue. Another Cop who is sworn to ‘protect and to serve’ shot an unarmed man who is Black. The terrorist captured in NYC the other day got shot in the leg, not Black. Guy waiting for his kid to get off the bus, in an open carry state gets shot and killed by a cop. End of story. Cop kills unarmed Blackman. This is starting to happen everyday. Someone earlier said as many Whites get killed every day as Blacks which is a bold faced lie. If I am incorrect please supply the empirical evidence to support your claim. There is none, other than that which is on RW NJ radio, TV, and print media etc..24/7. Lots of Racist angst here so sad. All claiming to be Christian too right? Ha.

  6. Really with all the racists remarks? White people are racists? Are you kidding me? How do you know your daddy was reading a book, your ass was asleep in the middle of the day. Racists bitch

  7. This is another very sad thing to happen by a system that is long overdue to be removed. I am white and I have friends of all color . That being said the black people have been done wrong not by the white citizens but by the govt They want us to kill each other . If we all unite not as black white or brown but as Americas who have had enough of the government taking away our freedom and killing our citizens . This country needs a revolution not a race war .

    • Yes, I think it’s more about the neighborhoods they are put on & angry low income people.Cops deal with so much anger, they have their defense up constantly. They probably have to.A Fact More “White”people are shot by cops. They refuse to believe that.It’s easiest to make it about race to them. You speak with knowledge. What ever color you are. It doesn’t matter, it’s about ” Attitudes “& how you choose to look at it.

  8. Seriously, how much of an eyewitness was this woman if a black cop shot a black man he saw as an armed-threat ..and she’s calling it racist? Obviously her word can’t be trusted, whether it was emotion or intention, she got it wrong.

  9. I feel bad she had to see that. Blacks charging & going out searching for Cops & just shooting them, this would make ANY Police officer more Nervous with the trigger. Can’t blame them,what do you expect? The Cops (several)that we’re shot for no reason last few days.. These are cops they had no issue with, just random. I can’t imagine it not getting worse. The cop was black too.. You can’t make it about race. Oh, now it’s black cops are racial against blacks. Right. They saw a gun, found a gun. Any arrest of the protesters thats damaging things? Probably not.

  10. i guess you can’t have a gun in your car these days….but you can have a shootout w/ cops and survive? Oh, wait, he wasn’t black….that’s why he is still alive. Got it…..

  11. I gave up trying to count how many times this classless woman said m0therf*cker. Even the times she said “you bitch you shot my m0therf*cking daddy!” Again, didn’t hear any crying or apparent grieving from this woman. And she apparently 1: didn’t witness anything and 2: was unaware the cop who shot her m0therf*cking daddy was also black.
    Totally. Classless.

    • dude this aint about if his daughter conforms to your idea,of class her father was shot and killed publicly and your downing her languge .everyone needs to focus on the real problem . This country is a ticking bomb . and our govt is,the one with their hand on the button . all of these killings arent just because of race it is by design to start a race war so the govt can declare martial law then we will all know how it feels,to be a slave, isnt it conveniate that both trump and clinton spending alot of time in nc then here is this senseless killing . Wake Up or be a sheep led to slaughter

  12. This is girl sounds so ridiculous and ignorant..and they have now established that he had a gun so she can take her know it all ass and record the accurate facts now smh

  13. Unless youve been stopped by police and realize how scary they act towards non white individuals you cant speak. I think too many of them must be on steroids.Maybe we shoulddisarm the police

  14. What a classy daughter this man has. It is clear to me after viewing her video that this young lady was raised in a solid, loving household with a strong father figure. I am sure that her father taught her to never interact with the police in a disrespectful or threatening manner. Especially heartening was the example she set for her younger brother and the other small children present. What a gem!

  15. One more heinous tragedy that should never have occurred. Too many “mistaken identity” shootings occur and why the hell could police not have checked out the man’s license plate! I simply don’t buy the bullshit we read in the media. Hillary Clinton’s “…they need to be brought to heel” and her husband’s crime reform bill is greatly responsible for the racial profiling that is going on in this country right now. I hope black Americans take a hard look at who they are voting for in November and vote for Jill Stein!

    • WTH are you talking about, mistaken identity, checking license plate? The police knew he was not the person they were looking for. He got shot because he got out of his car not once but twice and was brandishing a GUN! Not a BOOK! People, all people of all races need to get it through their heads that if you flash a gun around especially around the police, you will more than likely be shot!! It’s really that simple.

  16. Ok if it had to do with race than why aren’t the cops killing them in this video??? I mean it would be open season for them u would think right? And they r doing everything to instigate something to happen! Making threats etc! Revolutionary suicide!

  17. Here we go!! Your simple non violent protest is getting ugly!! If these people would listen to the facts instead of this man’s daughter who has been less than truthful regarding “seeing” her father being killed you might rethink your behavior!

  18. Actions speak louder than words. she heard four shots while she was asleep, came outside almost forgetting to get dressed,started filming and stating her father was disabled, sitting in a truck Reading a book, and he had no gun. She accused police of shooting him because he was black, provoking, taunting, and non-stop yelling and threatening police. What she did not do was ask if she can see him, or get a ride to the hospital to see him, or go get her brother or have somebody secure her brother for her. And in the last few minutes of the video when they thought they were on TV began to call their friends so they could see them on TV. Her actions were showing no concern for her brother, seeing her father or getting the facts. Rather continue to provoke, threaten , and taunt ( especially female officer Joe ). I would have pleaded to let me see him and I would’ve followed that ambulance to the hospital. Then after that would look to kick somebody’s ass. Very very sad, and heartbreaking. her actions were a call for violence, even when her own uncle asked them to calm down and move back. She minimized, her father, Keith Lamont Scott and maximized violence and hate. Heartbreaking and so very very sad it’s been two days an the violence is still going on. I don’t know him but this is a sad way to remember him and it didn’t have to be like that.

  19. The important racial factor is the race of the VICTIM. A BLACK victim creates less of a problem, whether the shooter is black or white, police civilian. As the old saying goes “if you kill a white person, they will put your as s UNDER the jail.

  20. Classy. Seriously? I understand that this young woman is distraught. Of course she is upset about the shooting of her father. But a person doesn’t just start behaving that way and using that kind of language and bringing race into it when there is NO INDICATION THAT THE SHOOTING WAS RACIALLY MOTIVATED. Who do you think she learned this behavior from? If her father behaved this way, it’s no wonder he had a conflict with police. It’s not her race that is the problem, it’s her BEHAVIOR. These people are acting like a bunch of immature racist thugs. If my father had been killed, getting on the news would not be my first concern. She didn’t just start calling people “white crackers” who did nothing to her. We will see when all of the video is released. I believe 100% that there are some shootings that are entirely unjustified, whether or not they are related to race. I believe that there are some police officers who are racist and target black people unfairly. But I also believe that not all shootings of black men by police officers are unjustified. In many of these cases, there was an initial uproar and when all of the evidence came out it was clear that the person was shot BECAUSE OF THEIR BEHAVIOR, NOT THEIR RACE. If the police officer was wrong, there should be consequences. If the man who was shot threatened police with a gun, then his family and the community members who have rioted and torn up their OWN COMMUNITY need to own that. The truth is that none of these people were there at the time and they don’t know the truth of what happened yet and I don’t think they really care. I get that they are angry, but their behavior on this video is a clear indication of their disrespect for the police and their choice to provoke confrontation with the police. Choose the behavior, choose the consequences. If this man was truly doing nothing but reading a book and was shot down without justification, his family should absolutely get justice.

  21. Her video doesn’t show a single thing of a shooting. I guess it’s of the aftermath, but her ranting and heavy cursing doesn’t add anything positive to sny evidence needed. I really hope police release the dash cams, if the officer is guilty then they need to be sending a message to all officers by putting them in prison. Officers are not above the law and they cannot continue shooting and killing innocent people.

    • Castile refused to take his hand off his gun, too. Trayvon finally found the gun and grabbed it, according to black male witness. He said Zimmerman never went for the gun, Trayvon did. Brown, Rice, Sterling, etc., all thugs going for guns. They needed putting down like a sick cat.

  22. That daughter sure was mourning her father… and through her conduct and language has already identified herself and her family as some of the lowest of the low.
    Sometimes people “out” themselves.

  23. She’s really grieving for her daddy . So let me get this straight , a black man gets killed and it’s breaking news but when a white man is killed by police nothing is mentioned. All races are killed by cops not just blacks

  24. What a lousy shame these children now have to grow up without their father, because of a trigger happy cop. Why are the police shooting now and asking questions later. Has anyone ever thought that the reason is that blacks are killing each other in inner city neighborhoods, so why wouldn’t they shoot at a cop. The police are frightened because they know how many young black men own guns.

  25. Definitely a grieving daughter. You can tell how close they were. A normal daughter would be devastated and too grief stricken to make a five minute video swearing MF this honkey that. Ugly this Ugly that. What a tribute to her dad. What a loser. Class act those dindus.

  26. The two videos dont show that the victim had a gun, what it does show is that the Chief is not willing to give ALL video of shooting, smells like a coverup, and I for one do not stand with law enforcement on this one