Nathan Carman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nathan Carman, 22, set out on a fishing trip on September 17 with his mother, Linda Carman, but he was the only one who returned. The two set sail out of Point Judith in Rhode Island and were missing for over a week.

His mother is still missing, and presumed dead.

Adding fuel to the fire, Nathan’s wealthy maternal grandfather was murdered in 2013, and he was named a suspect in the case.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Said the Boat Sank & Escaped on a Lifeboat Without His Mother

Nathan and his mother Linda were reported missing September 18, the day after they embarked.

The two left for an offshore fishing trip on a 32-foot aluminum boat named “Chicken Pox,” according to the Coast Guard.

Nathan, of Middletown, Connecticut, was rescued September 25 by a passing freight ship just south of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachussetts, eight days after the duo went missing. He was in good condition when he was found, according to the Hartford Courant.

The Courant spoke briefly to Nathan after he arrived home tonight:

I would just like to thank the public for their prayers and concern for both my mother and myself. And I would like to thank the crew of the ship that rescued me, both for rescuing me and for treating me very well.

“I feel healthy,” he told the Courant. “Emotionally, I’ve been through a huge amount. My request is that I just be left alone to mourn naturally.”

His father, who drove him home, told the publication it had been a “very tough” day and declined to speak further.

Nathan reportedly told the Coast Guard that the Chicken Pox sank when it took on water. While he was able to get on a life raft himself, he said he was unable to locate his mother. You can listen to his conversation with the Coast Guard below:

A search for Linda hit a dead end and Coast Guard Petty Officer Nicole Groll told the Courant that her disappearance is “beyond the survivability window.”

“A decision to suspend a case is never easy,” Groll said. “However, we are not going to reopen the search for Linda Carman.”

2. His Grandfather Was Worth $40 Million & He Was the Last Person to See Him Alive

When 87-year-old John Chakalos’ murdered body was found in 2013, his estate was valued at $40 million, the Courant reported.

Chakalos died of a gunshot wound to the head, CNN reported.

A warrant obtained by the Courant said Nathan was the last known person to see Chakalos alive December 20, 2013, after the two shared dinner at Chakalos’ home.

The slain man’s daughter found him dead the next day in his Windsor, Connecticut, home.

The warrant said Nathan became a suspect after his mother told authorities that he was supposed to meet her in a neighboring town at 3 a.m. that morning, but he never showed up.

A search of Nathan’s Middletown, Vermont, home revealed a Remington tactical shotgun, a rifle scope and several rounds of ammunition, according to the warrant. The rifle found wasn’t a match to the gun used to kill Chakalos, authorities said.

An arrest warrant was never obtained in Chakalos’ murder. Authorities said a cold case unit is assisting police on the case, and a $250,000 reward was made by family for any information into his death.

Chakalos was a nursing home and real estate developer, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

3. His Mother Inherited $21 Million After the Murder of Her Father

The Courant reported that Linda and three of her siblings each received $21 million after Chakalos was slain.

Many are speculating that a motive in both murders was money. Chandrée Vieira Kozlin posted to Facebook:

“So his wealthy grandfather was murdered in 2013, unsolved….mom disappears and he’s found unharmed floating along with plenty of supplies to be ‘lost at sea’ for a while…I may be jumping to conclusions but this boy killed gramps then mom and is hoping they can’t convict him on any of it and he ends up with a sh** ton of 💰💰

Robin L. Smith-RaRa pointed out in the above post that a distress call was not made, and believes Nathan is responsible for his mother’s apparent death.

4. A Search Warrant of His Home Was Issued to Look for Information on the Fishing Trip

A search warrant issued for Nathan’s home in Vermont said that police were seeking maps, documents, global positioning devices, computers, hand-held electronic devices and books that could help provide coordinates, positioning information or more information about the fishing trip.

Authorities were also looking for receipts for purchases of boat parts or equipment for repairs to the Chicken Pox, according to the Courant.

“This investigation revealed that Nathan’s boat was in need of mechanical repair and that Nathan had been conducting a portion of these repairs upon his own volition which could have potentially rendered the boat unsafe for operation,” South Kingstown Det. Lt. Alfred Bucco III Bucco wrote in the affidavit.

Officers believed they might find evidence in the home “that would support a charge of ‘operating so as to endanger, resulting in death,” the Courant quoted the warrant as saying.

The search warrant indicated that several items were removed by authorities including a modem, GPS device SIM card and a letter written by Nathan. It’s not known who that letter was written to at this time.

5. He Has Asperger’s Syndrome & Also Went Missing in 2011



Nathan, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, went missing in 2011 after he left for a fishing trip.

“Police said Nathan’s parents became worried when he did not return home that night and called police,” said on the above flyer. “He may appear to be extremely agitated or may make statements that those who may encounter him may find as ‘odd’ or ‘offensive.'”

He was apparently upset after the death of his horse, CBS Boston reported.

He was found safe days after the disappearance.

*This story is being updated as information becomes available.


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If he was on raft at sea for week he should have had some kind of look.He looked too fresh pale as though he maybe had not even been out there on like that as long as he said.


He has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, people with Asperger’s are known to be extremely truth tellers and incapable of lying. I suspect his father.


I have 16yo daughter diagnosed with Asperger’s 5 years ago and have met quite a few people b/c of this. I think the extreme truth telling may be more true of some with full autistic diagnosis(the ones that can communicate, that is) but believe me when I say Asperger’s can definitely lie. My daughter usually only does it to avoid the situations that really affect her mentality (as far as I know). It’s a common tactic to get out of things that trigger her and also common to her peer support system. Also there is no longer an Asperger’s diagnosis. They are all ‘Autism Spectrum’ now with a broader range for symptom diagnosis.


He has Asperger’s? That’s like a cross between schizophrenia and autism. He’s just not smart enough to have pulled off both deaths as murders. He’s pretty young and 19 to be planning the perfect murder is not gonna happen with this kid. He could have gotten spooked at his grandfather’s house and something happened. These kids are frightened easily. Panic easily but they can’t really form intent. He couldn’t have planned to get a gun and kill his grandfather. I don’t buy that at all with this syndrome. He may have been doing some repairs on the boat or even made things worse with his attempts. Any which way, none of it, IF he were responsible would have been intentional. He could be considered a ticking time-bomb though. That is, accidents could surely happen around a kid like this if you weren’t always watchful of him.


Also, capsizing a boat and hoping that someone finds you on a lifeboat or raft is a pretty dangerous way to try to pull off a murder.


you never know. He had enoght water with him. They wanted to go fishing for what 8 or 9 hours…why would you bring so much water? That water was enought for 8 days and more. very strange!




He ist just not smart enough? Believe me, poeple with AS are really smart, at least HE is a very smart guy. And you should never say never.


Oh come on, I don’t understand some people.
1. He was the last person to see his wealthy grandfather alive.
2.He had a receipt for a rifle that matched that caliber of gun used to kill his grandfather.
3.He disappeared after his grandfathers murder for a time.
4.He was, and remains, a person of interest in the murder of his wealthy grandfather. 5.He refused a polygraph in relation to the murder of his grandfather.
6.He was the last person to see his now wealthy mother alive.
7.He took her fishing to a place she did not want to go; she seems to have thought they were going somewhere else up until they left.
8.He lost site of his mother in a 30’x10′ ft boat. That’s like losing site of someone in a narrow dining room.
9.He is now the sole beneficiary of his mothers millions.
10.He has been capable of violence: he held a cousin hostage at knife point
11.He had violent altercations in high school when challenged that concerned his mother

This kind of thing enrages me. He clearly learned from his grandfathers murder that he needed a better alibi, but he also learned he could kill and get away with it. His second murder was much more clever and I’m not sure a jury would be able to convict without the information regarding his violent past and involvement in the final hours of his grandfathers life. If the authorities don’t get this parricidal spoiled little sh*t somebody should. Easy target too: doesn’t talk to his neighbors, isn’t friendly. I’d like to tie him up and get him to confess to his crimes. 22 year old spoiled little shit thinks he can get away with murder?


He Killed both of them. Stop using this whole Asperger excuse. The kid is a psycho , a smart psycho. The truth will eventually come out. Just have faith that justice will prevail.


Nathan Carmen story
Did anyone see his mother leave with him from the Martrina? Perhaps he killed her ahead of time. Did he work? Where did he get the money for the boat?

Charmayne Clark

Did anyone see Nathan’s mom the morning they left the marina? Perhaps he killed her before they left and she wasnt on board. Did he have a job. Where did he get money? What is his relationship with his dad. Scary


I think it is rotten that people can speculate one mans innocence. Poor kid has no one. My theory…his mother killed or had something to do with the grandfathers death. Made it to look like she died on that boat with her son not knowing that the media would make him take the blame for both deaths…or she does know and doesn’t care just as long as he gets all the money then they meet up and live happily ever after. Stop speculating find facts before destroying an innocent life


Nathan Carmen was obviously instrumental in his mother’s demise. Very likely his grandfather’s as well. He purchased, then disposed of a rifle he purchased prior to his grandfather’s murder. He subsequently refused a lie-dectector test. He happened to be the last known person to have seen his grandfather and mother alive. The fact that he was witnessed drilling holes in the boat should be convincing enough. The insurance investigation resulted in him being named responsible for causing the boat to sink. The “circumstantial” evidence seems insurmountable. His comments sounded rehearsed. He emphasized during an interview that he was referring to his mother in “present” tense, not past tense. Yet, he arranged a memorial service for her. As the boat sank, he never said he heard his mother say one word…she was just suddenly not there. No screams for help. Didn’t see her flopping around in the water. Nothing. Yet, he was all geared-up for self-preservation (like school/movie theater terrorists who wear bullet-proof vests while gunning down unarmed prey). Also, very clever of him to say he talked to God while out at sea, and to start an interview with a prayer. He voiced that he wanted/expected to be perceived as a victim. He seems really shrewd, in spite of his disability. He also knows when to shut-down questioning. At one point, he was telling the interviewer that his mother didn’t want to go on the fishing trip, but he was persistent in persuading her. All of a sudden he appeared to realize he should not have divulged that information. He then abruptly said he was done talking. He may never be arrested; but if guilty, he He was all geared-up for self-preservation (like school/movie theater terrorists who wear bullet-proof vests while gunning down unarmed prey). will ultimately be judged.

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