WATCH: ISIS Imprisoned ‘Russian Intelligence Officer’ Delivers Message to Russia

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State alleges to show a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agent asking for help to be freed from ISIS. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on September 20.

It is stated to have been filmed in “Wilayat al-Furat”, an ISIS-occupied area on the Euphrates River that is part of Syria. “Al-Furat” is Arabic for “Euphrates.”

This is a developing story. Check back for a further analysis of the video.

A previous video by ISIS fearured an alleged FSB agent. The video ended with the “agent,” an alleged Chechen Federal Security Service spy named Khasiev Magomid, being beheaded in the terrorist “capital” of Raqqa, Syria.

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PHOTOS: ISIS Amputates Hand of Alleged Thief

A new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State shows ISIS religious police known as "hisbah" carrying out a sharia law punishment on a man accused of stealing.

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  1. These videos are grotesque. If you agree that these videos should not be hosted in full on this website join me at @end_of_daesh.