WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Battlefield Kills & Belgian Suicide Bomber

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “The Epic Battles of Constancy 3,” ISIS militants are shown on the attack in “Wilayat Dijlah,” Iraq and Syria. “Wilayat Dijlah” was one part of nine Syrian provinces claimed and subdivided by ISIS when they expanded from Iraq into Syria in April 2014. “Dijlah” means “Tigris” in Arabic.

The video begins with “historic” and recent battles out of the war torn Middle East.

Later in the video, a Western ISIS suicide bomber is introduced. International terrorism watchdog group Site Intel has identified the man as Abu Anwar al-Baljiki.

According to the group, al-Baljiki tells ISIS sympathizers in an interview before his August 9, 2016 attack that Muslims in Belgium, France, and Germany should not “fear death or love life.”

He then drives an armored VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) into an Iraqi military compound in Qayyarah, Iraq.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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  1. You have to give it to these guys ISIS. They really know how to do their thing. Our world is not going to be the same again. They just don’t give a F#@k about what we think.

  2. you might be able to bind a facial structure in a fake bomb truck video, with a militants desired facial composition for security curcumventure, so you can load both profiles into visual identification