WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Adults Helping Children Execute Iraqi ‘Spies’

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “But If You Return, We Will Return 3,” ISIS militants and their boys are shown mass shooting and beheading captured “spies” in “Wilayat Ninawa,” or Nineveh, Iraq . The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on September 19.

The video comes from the ISIS-occupied territory of “Wilayat Ninawa,” Iraq, which includes the city of Mosul. Other vulnerable cities include Tal Kif, Hamam al-‘Alil, Qara Tabba, Ba’ashiqah and Bahzani, Al-Khidhr, Khorasabat, Bazawiyyah, Tarjalah, and Mount Aski.

The video is 15-minutes made up of nearly entirely executions. The first execution begins at 2:55, where children are shown watching men in orange jumpsuits locked in steel cages.

The men are then beheaded.

Most alarming is the end of the video, where an ISIS executioner aids a young, blond boy, no older than 10, in executing an alleged spy with a handgun. The Mirror suggests that the boy is of European descent.

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WATCH: ISIS Ties FSA Militant to Pole, Fires Machine Gun at Him, & Beheads Him

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled "So Take Warning" shows a Free Syrian Army militant being brutally executed in "Wilayat Halab," aka Aleppo, Syria.

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  1. one prisoner unfolds a note, to read, he may have hidden a note (most liekly a trap), but all places prevously that held prisioners that are now militant free should be checked. With the slaughter house video their is a facial simmertery towards Obama, watching this video and the same facial contours I think it would be possible to hide a super cell by exicuting the closet facial similarity to that cell. This could be a Trojan House of self security not offensive attacks, in the way one might make a suicude car bomb video and switch drivers.
    they are obvously grooming future leaders, it has a terrosim university feel, in a way their operational mannuels are inert and require no security or food or water. they certainly require information interation as they are so reflexive, it means they build theories on ideology, and construct systems. obvoussly, counter terrosim projects have an effect, on weakening their own security of diplomats, but the it may appear that the stadium strategists are in the game from the void on false petences of ideology, while leadership scatters and goes to ground.
    seemed like a very special message, towards something.

    • God is against ISIS. Youre the one that should be killed. Dog.
      God stands with the Shias, and the innocents not terrorists and Shaytans like you are.
      You should be sent to jail for making that ugly statement.

  2. Looks like the executioners in the video are from Russia, because parts of the video, they play a Russian language Islamic State nasheed.

  3. These videos are grotesque. If you agree that these videos should not be hosted in full on this website join me at @end_of_daesh.