Nicholas Glenn: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nicholas Glenn. (Philadelphia Police)

Nicholas Glenn was identified as the 25-year-old gunman who shot six people, including a police sergeant ambushed in her squad car, in a deadly rampage through the streets of Philadelphia, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The gunman – who police said acted alone – had penned a letter expressing his hatred for police officers, said Philadelphia Commissioner Richard Ross.

The chaotic sequence of events started with the gunman’s ambush and attempted assassination of police Sergeant Sylvia Young in her squad car, and continued throughout the Philly streets before ending in the gunman’s own death during a gun battle.

Along the way, he also shot four civilians, killing a 25-year-old woman sitting in a car, shooting her seven times in the torso after targeting her randomly, said CNN.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Gunman Left Behind a Letter Expressing Hatred Toward Law Enforcement & a Parole Officer

The police commissioner said police found the letter at the scene. “Commissioner Ross said the letter contained ramblings about his hatred for police officers and named a specific parole officer as a target,” said NBC 10.

The police spokesman said on Twitter that Glenn was “driven by hatred.”

Glenn was from West Philadelphia, according to

ABC 6 said the note said “doomed people” on the envelope and was rambling.

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Two Philadelphia police officers were shot on September 16. The Philly shooting came just hours after two officers were shot in Fort Worth, Texas.

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2. The Gunman Ambushed Sergeant Young & Shot at Her Fifteen Times

Sylvia Young

Sergeant Sylvia Young. (Facebook/Sylvia Young)

Ross said in a news conference that Sergeant Young was ambushed as she sat in her squad car by the lone gunman, who fired 15 rounds into her car. She survived in part because she was wearing a bulletproof vest, he said, declaring her “very, very fortunate.”

The commissioner said that Glenn didn’t talk as he opened fire on Young; he just started firing… and firing.

Ross said that authorities believe that Glenn harbored negative “feelings about police departments and police officers in general and probation officers” but there was no evidence at this point to suggest religious or terrorist motivation, according to CNN.

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3. Glenn Has a Lengthy Criminal Record & Was Charged in a Gang-Related Rape but Charges Were Dropped, Reports Say says that Glenn, according to court records, had a criminal record that consists of Philadelphia drug-possession convictions.

“He had also been arrested and charged in connection with a gang-related rape in a November 2009 incident, but these charges were later dropped,” said the newspaper, adding that, in that incident, a woman alleged she was raped by a group of men who attacked her while she got takeout food.

According to Fox29, Glenn had 16 prior arrests.

In the September 16 rampage, Glenn left many victims in his wake. ABC 6 said “the gunman was carrying at least three magazines and multiple live rounds.”

After ambushing Sergeant Young, the shooter took off and police pursued him, Ross said. At that point, the gunman fired randomly through the open door of a bar, striking a security guard, said the police commissioner in the news conference.

The gunman then grabbed a woman and used her as a human shield before also shooting her, said Ross. At one point, said, he also hid inside a Toyota dealership, where he was spotted by the cleaning crew but didn’t see them.

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4. The Shooter Was a Former Foster Child

As a child, said, Glenn ended up in foster care with his siblings because of his mother’s drug addiction.

Officer Miller was shot in an alley as he engaged in a gun battle with the suspect, Ross said in the news conference. He had responded to a call for assist; a retired Philadelphia police officer, he is currently employed with the University of Pennsylvania Police Department, Ross said.

Miller, as with Young, was expected to survive and was well enough to crack jokes later in the hospital, police said in the news conference.

5. Four American Police Officer Were Shot in Two Different Cities on September 16

fort worth police

Fort Worth police address the media at the hospital. (Facebook/Fort Worth Police)

The shooting in Philadelphia came just hours after two police officers were shot in an unrelated incident in Fort Worth, Texas. Both of those officers are also expected to survive.

In the Fort Worth incident, the officers were shot when they responded to a 911 call and found a dead body in a house. They then found a gunman in a shed, and exchanged gunfire. That gunman is also dead.

In January, a gunman ambushed an officer sitting in a squad car in Philadelphia, shooting and wounding him; CNN said he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

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  1. Obama is a campus radical incognito. He is a glorified community agitator who has stirred up hatred of law enforcement. Obama is of the devil.

    • Stop the hate America! Violence that sweeps our nation’s streets could stop when we stop blaming each other, race creed or job profession, and start acknowledging each other as citizens of the same country. President Obama has been an unremarkable leader, his words and grit help me through this turmoil sh*t every time it happens. I’m going to miss you President Obama, thank you for your incredible leadership

      • Sarah, 0 has been without doubt the worst president in American history. I don’t believe there’s ever been a president before him that actually disdained this country. 0 has done everything he can to weaken America and make Americans more dependent on the government. Several stats bear this out including the number of people on food stamps, and the labor participation rate.

        It’s a wonderful thing that soon we’ll have President Trump. His plans should turn things around pretty fast… :-)

        • Objectivist, Which plans will turn things around? Please enlighten us with your wisdom. Where are his tax returns? Why did he dodge the draft? Why does he spew ridiculous plans such as building a wall and making Mexico pay for it? Or, my favorite plan “we will take Iraq’s oil”? Oh yea that’s right.. because he loves the poorly educated and knows they will fall for his baloney.

      • I think you were trying to say “remarkable” not “unremarkable”. You seem like an educated person who should have a public voice…. RIGHT

      • excuse me……this is the guy that said he would be transparent and part the waters! He has reversed all of the good that Martin Luther King Jr. preached and stood for. It his lack of leadership and having empathy for Islamic Terrorist countries that has divided the USA. Racism is worst than when I was a child in the 60’s. I believe their are more black racists than white racists. BLM says it all. Lord help the USA.

  2. Y’ all forgot to mention he picked out two civilians in a car and shot over a dozen rounds into it, he succeeded in executing one woman in the car, injured the other person. I’m wondering why this was left out?

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    • Remember when George Zimmerman shot the black teen in Florida? They called Zimmerman a White Puerto Rican. (he was half white and half PR.) How come we never have called Obama a White African? Tired of all this labeling. I am an American first…..not a White, Catholic, Italian, Irish women. Profiling races is needed when the police need to know what the person looks like. Can’t just say….oh, was a tall male. duh

  6. What you will never hear Obama or any other race baiters say that blacks need to start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures.

    Yes, America, including many blacks, does show prejudice agains blacks, NOT because of the color of their skin, but due to the bad behavior of a disproportional number of wrongdoers.

    Unfortunately, those black offenders have conditioned us to expect the worst.

    Black Fatigue

    • Yep…….only when a white cop shoots a minority. Do you hear of any reports of black police officers shooting or killing a white person?! Stats…..there are 8.4 million people in NYC and 36,000 cops. In 2014 there were eight people shot……all 8 had weapons (gun/knife) all felons, but 1 was a head case. Now….put that into perspective you people that think most cops are out to get Blacks/minorities. They don’t wake up in the morning and say to themselves…”hmmm which black person am i going to kill today” Rather….”Lord keep me safe and let me come home today to my family”

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  10. Nicholas Glenn was not a Foster Child N his Mother was not on Drugs! These Facts are Fiction! Nicholas Glenn Was Mentally iLL after his last drug possession arrest where he was in a hole in prison for half a yr in prison and released with a bag of Medications that he was not on before his arrest. Nicholas Glenn was not in the Right state of mind and Wanted to Die And Decided to do A Suicide By Police.

  11. Obama has been a wonderful peaceful president. He has nothing to do with people behaviors . U r just a racist who is the devil urself cuz of ur hate of others just because of the color of someone skin. So u r no better than a killer

  12. Maybe if people show more love towards each other there wouldn’t b so much violence. All this bullying on the Internet is just the Devil. Stop being the problem and start being the solution.