2016 Second Presidential Debate: Funniest Memes & Jokes

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  1. Trump gave me confidence- most men have bragged in the past saying vulgar things- when caught Trump handled as best as you can and apologized- – admit the crap and move in to serious national issues- Going into 2nd debate I expected a weak performance like the first- No doubts in my mind Trump won 2nd debate by a wide margin- I have made up my mind now- voting for Trump- ballot in the mail in AM!

  2. Though trump called his comments of 11 years ago locker room talk I believe it still reflects who he is as a person. And to say Bill Clinton is worse because of blah blah blah kind of negated his (trumps) apology and seemed like he was trying to justify what he said on the tape.
    As far as comparing it to benghazi and saying benghazi was worse, again it sounds like trying to justify his apparent low regard for women, and high regard for what he can do with his celebrity status. I don’t understand how he can have a high regard for women, and then say what he says.

    • How soon we forget. When Bill sperm was found on Monica’s dress . WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT, WHILE HE WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE . WHILE HE WAS MARRIED!
      That is fine . Right? But talking privatly in the bus……that is omg he is not fit for president! Pleeeeeeeease!

      how disguisting that Hillary has the nerve even bring the subject up!

      • AGREED! Hillary is the biggest HYPOCRITE produced by American politics in over 200 years, probably more! She is a hypocrite, liar and a treasonous traitor! If she get elected, you can kiss the American you once knew, and the Constitution goodbye! She is only loyal to herself and her thirst for power! She doesnt give a Shyte about any of the working class, any of the minorities, any of the real folks struggling in this country today. She BOASTS about being in out of Touch with the Middle Class today in PRIVATE, but in public, she feigns concern and unity! what a Crock of Shyte! Hillary abandoned her responsibility, which lead to the DEATHS OF 4 BRAVE AMERICANS, in Benghazi, then LIED about it to the Public. She lied to Congress, the FBI and the American People. Her behaviour is arrogant, and flies in the face of common and public decency! African Americans, dont buy into Clinton’s false promises and lies yet again! she only wants your vote, but she will NOT Change things for you! If Obama didnt do it, what makes you think that Hillary will or even can? She called your fathers SUPERPREDATORS 25 years ago! Hillary cheated the poor earth quake victims in HAITI out of 100s of millions, awarding contracts to her cronies while she was SoS. If you dont believe me, just google what happened in Haiti. Its IMMORAL! There is a special place in HELL awaiting those that mistreat the weakest among us, the POOR. And Hillary will have her day of judgement on day. “A tree shall be know by the fruit that is bears…and HIllary’s is pure ROTTEN.”

        Hillary belongs in the house, The Big House, The federal Penitentary! Just my opinion, based on the FACTS!

    • I have met many “macho” men and they are all the same. Women: in the kitchen, pregnant, cooking, ironing while I go drinking and more with a “real babe”.
      I grew up with a father and family men that thought that way. I am voting for Hillary. She has paid taxes just like me.

      • To pay taxes you have to work she has paid no taxes because she has not had a job. She gets money from the Middle East has donations. Where women can’t drive they get stoned to death. Where they’re told what to wear what they can do. You would have lived covering up your body like you’re ashamed of yourself. Didn’t move to that country

      • well, good luck with taking care of a manchild; although i fail to see too much dif between taking care of that with the former. or taking care of the needs of an adorable metrosexual dude that’ll leave you for the mirror, or some other dude, at the drop of a hat. or worst, your very own ambiguous mbff, or any non sexual threatening ‘special’friend for that matter. whatever you tell yourself at night… so anyhow; mucho macho men… i don’t want to be a gacho man1

    • At least nobody got killed by his comment. She got 4 people killed in Benghazi did you forget that already typical left-wing liberal. She let a 12 year old girl that got raped and she let the guy off and laughed about it what a bitch.

    • No, the point is TRUMP was talking “bragging guy talk” 11 years ago. So what, he likes beautiful women. They were just WORDS!!! Bill Clinton chose to act upon his lust and hillary did her best to destroy his victims, just like she has destroyed so many other things, just like she will destroy our country!!! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!

    • The old sea-hag is evil and a liar. Americans pleased do the right thing; even though Trump is not perfect but he doesn’t come with baggage as she does. I am a Canadian, and we have a twit of a Prime minister leading our country down the tubes. Trudeau is one useless tool!

  3. Trump wants no war. Hillary is provoking Russia all the time! She wants nofly zone! Equal WAR!!
    She is a rotten liaer while she is smiling in your face.

  4. I think that what you wrote made a great deal of sense.
    But, what about this? suppose you added a little content?
    I ain’t saying your information is not good,
    however suppose you added a post title to maybe get folk’s attention? I mean Second Presidential Debate 2016:
    Funniest Memes & Jokes | is a little plain. You should glance at Yahoo’s front page and watch how they create news titles to grab viewers to open the links.
    You might add a related video or a related picture or two to get readers excited about everything’ve got to
    say. In my opinion, it might bring your posts a little bit more interesting.

  5. Anybody can do write off if you donate money,but clearly he we are people stupid and his supporters most people here in dc will not put support in the anti christ Trump who don’t like people of color everything he out mouth is lies the devil himself and his people now we as people of will tall though this .

    • Can you PLEASE speak proper English…I bet you are a black from the Democrat Plantation. One of the things we will get from Trump are Charter Schools, which will teach your kids proper English, and we Can make America great again. When you think you are better off today because more people are getting more from the “government,” which are the workers like me, then you are allowing the government to enslave you. Start standing up for yourself…I don’t mind giving you a hand-up, but I’m against the hand-outs.