Alec Cook: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Alec Cook’s LinkedIn profile photo.

Alec Cook, a 20-year-old University of Wisconsin student, was arrested last week and charged with sexual assault against a woman in his apartment in Madison on October 12. But since the initial charges against Cook were filed, new revelations indicate that Cook’s alleged activities as a sexual predator may be far more extensive and disturbing than police first believed.

Cook appeared in court on October 27, where his lawyers argued that all of the sexual encounters in question were consensual — even adding that in one case, an alleged victim faked an orgasm.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. His Initial Alleged Victim Says He Held Her in ‘a Death Grip’

Cook, a junior at the university who is also a graduate of Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota, was first charged last week after a 20-year-old woman said that after she and Cook had studied together in the school library then went back to Cook’s apartment at about 11:30 p.m., according to a report by KSTP TV in Minneapolis.

Shortly after they got back to his place, she says, he violenty attacked her.

In her complaint against Cook, she told cops that even though she prefaced their make-out session by informing Cook that she was not interested in a casual sexual encounter, and that he assured her, “We won’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with,” he quickly became “forceful.”

She alleges that Cook pinned her to the bed even after she told him to stop, and then raped her for a period of about two-and-half hours. She also said that Cook slapped her and choked her until she almost passed out and that she was unable to escape because he held her “in a death grip.”

The woman also told police that she didn’t fight back against Cook because he was simply too strong for her, so she “accepted my fate and gave up a little bit.”

Cook told police when he was arrested that the sexual encounter was consensual. He acknowledged pulling the victim’s hair, but said he did not remember choking her, according to a CNN report.

2. Three More Women Have Since Come Forward, Accusing Cook

Alec Cook sexual assault, University of Wisconsin student, Alec Cook Edina, alec r cook uw madison, Alex R Cook, open letter to alec r cook, Phi Delta Theta

University of Wisconsin-Madison campus building. (Getty)

Cook was charged and released last Wednesday, October 19, but turned himself back in the following day after another woman, also 20, accused him of a separate sexual assault in an incident that took place last year. That woman told police that after she dated Cook briefly, he slipped her a drug-spiked drink that left her incapacitated, and he then sexually assaulted her.

“She told a detective ‘I saw the news story and was empowered by another girl being able to tell what happened to her, that I thought I could now finally tell,’” Madison Police Spokesperson Joel DeSpain told The Wisconsin State Journal.

But the charges against Cook were only just getting started. As the student was sitting in jail over the weekend, another two women approached police with their own accounts of attacks by Cook. As a result, Cook was set to be charged on Tuesday with numerous counts of felony and misdemeanor sexual assault and related charges including false imprisonment. His hearing was postponed until Thursday for administrative reasons, however.

3. He Kept Notebooks Detailing What He Planned to Do to His Victims, Say Cops

Alec Cook sexual assault, University of Wisconsin student, Alec Cook Edina, alec r cook uw madison, Alex R Cook, open letter to alec r cook, Phi Delta Theta

Alec Cook’s booking photo. (Dane County Jail)

Prosectors said this week that investigators executing a search warrant found several notebooks kept by Cook in which he listed his potential victims.

In fact, the cops found more than 20 notebooks that they believe were kept by Cook, in which he identified potential victims and, shockingly, wrote in detail about how he planned to groom or stalk them — and even added a column in which he wrote exactly what he planned or at least desired to do to each woman in the notebook.

“The entries went on to document what he wanted to do with the females,” investigator Grant Humerickhouse said, according to The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Disturbingly enough, there were statements of ‘kill’ and statements of ‘sexual’ desires.”

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4. He Said That he is Not Guilty in Court on October 27

Cook appeared in Dade County court on Thursday morning, and according to a running account by Alice Vagun of the Badger Herald student newspaper, his lawyers not only told the court that Cook is not guilty, but that all of the allegation of sexual assault against him involve encounters that were consensual.

“Everything the complainants have described are consistent with consensual sex,” defense attorney Jessa Nicholson said.

Cook’s lawyer Christopher Van Wagner scoffed at the idea that reactions of the alleged victims after the encounters were those expected of sex assault victims.

“Do you say ‘LMAO’ to a rapist who just assaulted you?” he asked the court, according to Vagun’s account.

“There is a climate that suggests people who step forward as victims must be believed,” Nicholson said. “That is inconsistent with the assumption of innocence.”

Nicholson told the court that one of the women accusing Cook faked an orgasm in order to put an end to the sexual encounter, and that orgasm is an indication of a consensual encounter, Vagun reported.

The lawyers said that Cook was “insecure” around the women, and that they are now worried abut his physical safety and mental health.

Van Wagner also disputed the police account saying that Cook had written the word “kill” next to a woman’s name in one of his notebooks.

5. Both the School and Cook’s Fraternity Have Apparently Suspended Him

Cook is a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, but according to The Daily Beast, the frat says that it has “separated” from the accused sexual predator, though what that means wasn’t completely clear.

The university has suspended him, however, and Cook’s attorney in arguing for his release on just a signature bond said that he would return to Minnesota where he would live with his parents. Prosecutors ares seeking $250,000 bail.

The charges so far against Cook are set to include 11 counts of felony sexual assault and at least 15 misdemeanor sexual assault counts — along with two counts of false imprisonment and one of “strangulation.”

Cook’s many alleged assaults appear to have started in 2015 and he became more and more “aggressive” as he continued his crimes, prosecutors said. He started off with misdemeanor assaults, which included groping women in a dance class he was taking at the time, the prosecutors explained.

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  1. Why never Attempted Murder charges with something like this? Do any of the charges include attempted murder? His own 20+ notebooks say as much, himself using the word “kill”!

    • What makes you say that? Ever been to UW Madison? Ever met any of the students here? As someone who completed undergrad at UW Madison and as a current grad student here, and as someone who has been raised by alumni (both parents and over 15 aunts/uncles) your comment seems to come from an ignorant place. Here is the email the Dean sent out to us:

      Update on sexual assault cases

      To our UW-Madison Community,

      I was shocked and saddened to learn that several UW-Madison students have reported being sexually assaulted by a fellow student.

      Sexual violence is unacceptable in our campus and community. We’re committed to transparency and communication, especially in a case as serious as this one.

      I want to start by sharing exactly what we know at this time:

      —The student has been arrested on multiple charges. Upon notice of his arrest, we acted immediately to place the student under emergency suspension. He is prohibited from being on campus.

      —The Division of Student Life and other campus units are assisting the Madison Police Department and UWPD in this investigation. University leaders are monitoring the case and receiving regular updates.

      —We take every report of a sexual assault seriously and are committed to building a campus free from sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. We encourage survivors to come forward to police, who have specially trained officers who can help. But it’s up to each survivor to decide whether to report and to whom. If you’re not ready to report to police, students can also report a sexual assault to UW–Madison by contacting the Title IX Coordinator or the Dean of Students Office.

      —We provide resources to survivors regardless of whether they choose to report the incident. The Division of Student Life and University Health Services (UHS) can help direct students to options and services, including mental health counseling, medical care, victim advocacy and off-campus legal assistance. For more information on confidential resources and reporting options, visit

      —In addition to responding to reports, we continue to work with campus and community partners to prevent sexual assaults and hold those responsible accountable. Sexual assault, dating violence and stalking are public health concerns that affect both individual survivors and our campus as a whole.

      These are serious allegations and I recognize the impact this news is having on our community. Please also know that I and many others here care deeply and continue to strive to create an environment where all of our students are safe.

      Lori M. Berquam
      Dean of Students and Vice Provost for Student Life

      Brian Bridges
      Interim Chief, UW Police Department

      Sarah Van Orman
      Executive Director, University Health Services

      After reading their reaction to this student and considering that the entire School of Medicine and Public Health is required to take an online course on “Preventing Sexual Violence at UW-Madison,” do you still stand by your original comment? If so, elaborate why now that you’re more informed…

      • No mention of protecting the accused eh? Schools WILL PAY HANDSOMELY for their denial of due process rights OF MEN BY FEMALE PARASITES. Bankrupt them, humiliate them, dox them, destroy them. Ruin them.

  2. Meh. There’s an epidemic of rape accusations at that school. 25% of the females claim to have been raped. It’s absurd. No evidence. Just a competition for victim status. And the notebook was just a diary of who he thought was hot. This is the UVA thing again.

    • Learn the law: a victim’s accusation and testimony is evidence. It’s extraordinarily rare for women to fake sexual abuse claims. What are you expecting as evidence – film footage? Witnesses invited to his apptment to? Get back to realitity, brother. Man up! This could have been your sister.

  3. As a woman, I feel the gal who went to his apartment for a make out session at 11:30 pm was imprudent. The concept that women are empowered by arousing a man is a massive lie the entertainment industry sells. Learn from your grandmas: do not be alone with a man in an apartment or room unless you are married to him.

    • You break my heart. Perhaps you should spend some time doing a little soul searching…this only further empowers people who feel the victim is to blame instead of the rapist. Perhaps one day the daughters of this world will be able to live in a place where a harmless makeout session will remain as such

    • Is it still 1953? Was your last date getting a malt at the local diner before a trip to the drive-in? Oh the good ole days!!