Blake Snyder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

blake snyder

St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder. (St. Louis County PD)

A St. Louis County police officer shot and killed October 6 filled his Facebook page with pictures of his child in police regalia and posted a memorial picture of a slain Memphis officer that included a powerful and now even more poignant phrase: “I matter.”

Snyder, 33, was a four-year veteran of the St. Louis County Police Department who was gunned down while responding to a disturbance call, police said. Police said he was shot “pointblank,” immediately after exiting his squad car. He left behind a young family.

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The suspect was identified as Trenton Forster, an 18-year-old already facing a felony marijuana charge and who allegedly filled his social media account with disgust for the police and posts about drug use.

Wrote one law enforcement colleague on the site Police/LEO/Cop Relatives & Friends: “This Officer should NEVER have died. His legacy will be one of great honor and service to his country, the people in his community and his church. God Bless Officer Blake Snyder and please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. I am still in shock over this one, as he is in my precinct and I know him.”

The death of Snyder on October 6 comes after a sheriff’s sergeant was shot and killed in California the day before while responding to a burglary call.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Snyder Became a Police Officer Because His Father-In-Law Was an Officer Who Died of Cancer & Snyder Leaves Behind a Young Family

Cuddle time with daddy❤️

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KMOV-TV said that Snyder was survived by a wife and a son who is only 2-years-old. On social media, Snyder’s posts are dominated by his young family.

St. Louis Today said Snyder’s father-in-law and brother-in-law were both police officers. Snyder died after responding to the call around 5:05 a.m. in the 10700 block of Arno in Green Park.

According to Fox 2, Snyder became a police officer because his father-in-law, Mike Sparks, was a police officer who died of cancer.

According to Fox 2 Now St. Louis, Snyder “was a part of the community at Destiny Church in West County,” and he met his wife, Elizabeth, through that church community.

Many of his Facebook posts revolved around his boy, including pictures of the child as an infant surrounded by police regalia, such as a hat, belt, and handcuffs, and even wearing a police onesie. Snyder’s Facebook page says he is from Godfrey, Illinois.

An officer memorial site wrote on a photo of Snyder’s son, “My daddy’s life mattered to me!” Snyder’s social media posts show a close bond between father and son.

Elizabeth frequently wrote about her love for her husband on social media. She also regularly posted now heart-breaking family photos, as did he. If you want to donate to help Snyder’s family, the Police Department suggests you use Backstoppers.

2. Snyder’s Last Public Facebook Post Was of Another Slain Officer Holding a Sign Reading ‘I Matter’

blake snyder

Blake Snyder’s last Facebook post.

The memorial post that Snyder shared was for Memphis officer Verdell Smith, who was run down and killed, allegedly by a fleeing murder suspect.

Smith also had an incredibly moving story. News 3 said Smith formed “a program for juvenile offenders to deter young kids from crime” and quoted the Memphis Police Association president as saying, “This was a good one. This was a good one. Most are good, but this was a good guy.”

The tribute was the last public post on Snyder’s page.

St. Louis County Police Chief John Belmar described Snyder as a “great guy,” who was a “dedicated and a very good police officer,” said CBS St. Louis.

The Police Department lowered its flag for Snyder a few hours after the shooting. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt wrote of Snyder, “The Snyder family lost a father and husband today, and the St. Louis community lost a hero. We are eternally grateful for his service, and we will never forget the sacrifice he and his family have made on our behalf.”

A candlelight vigil is planned, and police placed memorials on Synder’s squad car.

St. Louis Today said Snyder “is the 10th St. Louis County officer to be killed in the line of duty since the department’s inception in 1955.”

SEE: Slain Officer Blake Snyder’s ‘I Matter’ Facebook Post

The memorial post that Snyder shared was for Memphis officer Verdell Smith, who was run down by a fleeing murder suspect.

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3. Snyder Was a Former Graphic Designer Who Studied Religion

blake snyder

Blake Snyder with his wife. (Facebook)

According to his LinkedIn page, Snyder was a graphic designer before becoming a police officer.

Recommendations on his page said, “Blake is a highly talented and creative graphic artist. He continually goes above and beyond for us. Highly recommended!!!” and “Blake is an individual who gets the job done right the first time. He is also a responsible person and is committed to the task at hand.”

He received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Ranken Tech, where he listed his activities as “President AIAS, Phi Theta Kappa” and was engaged in religious studies and pre-law at Washington University in St. Louis. He also attended Lewis and Clark Community College, where he played soccer, said LinkedIn.

blake snyder

Blake Snyder with his wife. (Facebook)

Officer Snyder was shot “almost immediately” upon exiting his car, said St. Louis Today.

4. The Slain Officer Was Remembered as a ‘Man of Faith’

blake snyder

Blake Snyder with his son. (Facebook)

The former St. Louis County police chief remembered Snyder as a family man of faith with a kind heart, echoing themes from others who knew him.

Fox 2 St. Louis said that Snyder was a board member at Riverbend Family Ministries where he “helped to provide a safe place to go for the children of families in crisis.”

Snyder wrote on LinkedIn that he was involved in Destiny Church and Riverbend Family Ministries.

According to KSDK-TV, the suspect is 18-years-old.

In contrast to Snyder’s life story, the suspect, Forster, is involved in a felony narcotics case, according to CBS St. Louis. Forster now faces a charge of first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bail, the police said on Twitter.

Trenton Forster

Trenton Forster mugshot. (St. Louis County PD)

According to Wave 3, tweets on Forster’s page allegedly expressed disgust for the police and one said, “I want f*** the police carved on my grave.”

“Other posts point out getting drunk and smoking weed,” said the news site. “Another references a ‘.40 cal weapon, sending all of my enemies to hell.’ And one says ‘I’m gonna kill them all, just watch.’”

You can watch the police news conference here:

The television station said the suspect shot Snyder “pointblank” with a pistol. The suspect was shot by another officer and was initially in critical condition but is now expected to survive.

Trenton Forster: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Trenton Forster, 18, is accused in the murder of St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder, who was a young married father.

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5. Snyder Was the 97th United States Law Enforcement Officer to Die in the Line of Duty in 2016

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, as of October 6, 97 law enforcement officers had died in the United States in the line of duty.

Forty-two of those cases involved non-accidental gunfire. The site recorded 130 deaths in 2015.

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant was shot and killed. Steve Owen had recently received his department’s Medal of Valor.

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      • I think the good guy with the gun is in jail right now. Give the shooter paid leave until we have alllll the facts. My guess is he feared for his life.

        • Are you hateful and sad cause you have to work for a living? Sorry there are cops out there and you cant just run amok. Sorry the cops make it hard for you steal from your neighbour. Sorry there are not more entitlements available to you to make your life easier. Sorry your inadequacies make you happy someone lost their life. Try getting an education so you can understand big people thoughts.

        • Oh my God! What kind of person would say such a thing when you know a wife and son have lost the one person who meant the world to them. Reminds me of the awful people in other countries cheering when the towers fell. For anyone to take you from the loss of life is despicable. Be respectful to his family.

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  1. I applaud you for stating these unbiased facts, and for sharing photos off of social media (where typically a true personality of a person is displayed ).
    Blake was truely a beautiful human being both inside and out and will be missed by many , because he touched so many lives!

    • There are no mentions of him on major news sites, only local ones and dailymail which is based in the UK. So, no dice. Apparently career criminals are worth more than the ones keeping us safe.

  2. Rest in peace hero Snyder. Prayers for your family and friends. You are the definition of love and inspiration So very sorry you encountered a thug You are never forgotten.

  3. Dude that is happy a cop is dead just know you will NEVER win. He is better and will always be better than you! You don’t matter because you’re an absolute drain on society. There is no place here for you. You’re so small minded that you do the same things that you complain of which don’t happen near as often as you claim they do. You want attention, more s hit for free, false sense of entitlement just because you’re born. What are you mad because you don’t have a dad, you wish you had a dad like him? You never will. You never will be a father/mother/brother/friend like him because you’re a stain on society and so simple minded that you lack that capacity. You’re the problem you will never be the solution.

  4. Why oh why u someone would shot a good person .I just cann’t understand . God. Bless his family. May he rest inpeace Amen.

  5. All of you with the nasty and hateful remarks should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Bring back the Death Penalty for anyone who shoots and kills an officer of the law, regardless of their color or race!!!

  6. Don’t even show the murderer’s face. Let him rot in hell. I hope he suffers a lot from his injuries. I feel for the officer’s family. Our Police have a hard enough job to do & the justice system is a joke as mollycoddles the criminals. Bring back Elliot Ness.

  7. May god bless this family thought this tough time !!! My prayers are with you Liz and your sweet baby boy !!! May he help you through this struggle and grieve he was ready for him to come home even though you weren’t !!!

  8. WOW this Post is about a death of a police officer, father,husband VERY young man that didnt deserve to die and these are the comments you guys are going to leave on here. Have some respect . His son now gets to grow up without a father because of a careless person…. God bless his family and friends

  9. I hope the devil stokes up the fires in hell when this ass arrives soon!!! (I’m talking about the killer not the officer)

  10. Another hero is being laid to rest simply because his profession was to ‘protect and serve’. I expect this sort of jungle mentality in North St. Louis but not in the Green Park area. May God comfort and bless his family as the put him to rest. May the community become way more diligent with watching AND reporting unusual activities, no matter how simple. Home defense is a good start but this is not the forum to expand on that. God Bless the District 3 St. Louis Police after their loss of a brother in arms.

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