Did Democrats Incite Violence at Trump Rallies? [VIDEO]

In a video just released titled “Rigging the Election,” James O’Keefe of Project Veritas speaks with several Democrat officials who talk about tactics they use to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies. The audio is a little off at times, leaving certain parts difficult to hear, and there’s a long intro to the video. The meat of the video starts around 2:19 and is embedded above. However, the creator of the video, James O’Keefe, has faced trouble in the past for editing videos in a way that made them misleading.

Here’s what you need to know.

O’Keefe Interviewed Officials with Americans United for Change and Democracy Partners

James O’Keefe released a new Project Veritas video that puts a big question mark on the idea that Trump supporters are violent, placing the blame possibly back on a group of Democrats who are used purposefully to incite violent encounters during the rallies. O’Keefe spoke with Scott Foval, National Field Director for Americans United for Change, and Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, along with several activists. The video is edited, so although it appears that these organizations did incite violent interactions, according to what’s shown in the video, it’s unclear just how closely this was associated with the DNC or Clinton’s campaign.

“The whole point of it is that we know Trump’s people will freak the f*** out, his security team will freak out, and his supporters will lose their sh**,” Foval said during the undercover recording.

“We are contracted directly with the DNC and the campaign both,” Foval explained, adding that he’s contracted with Bob Creamer, but answers to the head of special events for the DNC and the Clinton campaign. “We are the primary mechanism as a team. Democracy Partners is the tip of the spear on that stuff.”

What’s unclear is whether the actions at the rallies are done in coordination with the DNC or separately. Since the videos are edited, it’s tough to tell in what order things were said, or what questions the statements were in response to. Foval later said on the video that they had to make sure there’s a “double blind” between what they do and the DNC, so the DNC has plausible deniability.

Officials Said They Made a Script That Involved Getting Trump Supporters to Punch Agitators

“There’s a script of engagement,” Foval said on the video. “Sometimes the crazies bite and sometimes the crazies don’t bite. … The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. I mean, honestly, it’s not hard to get some of these … to pop off. It’s a matter of showing up, to want to get into the rally, in a Planned Parenthood t-shirt. Or, Trump is a Nazi, you know… You can…. draw them to punch you.”

He talked about a schedule of ongoing events for Trump and Pence rallies that they update every day.

We have to have a central kind of agitator training…”

Foval explained that his work involves having built-in groups of people in New York, D.C., Colorado, Vegas, Minneapolis. Next, O’Keefe’s reporter talked to a Deputy Rapid Response Coordinator who said that if a riot or an engagement was branded a DNC protest or a Clinton campaign protest, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Zulema Rodriguez, another activist, then talked on the video about how they were behind a riot that turned violent, leading to the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago in March. Fights broke out between supporters and protesters at that event. She explained that she has calls with the DNC every day. (Once again, scrutiny should be used while viewing the video, as it’s unclear if her talks with the DNC are about riots or something completely different, due to video editing.)

We also did the Arizona one where we shut the highway down.”

Foval explained on the video that if someone is hurt or gets in legal trouble, he’ll support their bills. Even before Trump’s nomination, they were at work, he said. When Scott Walker grabbed a sign out of  protester’s hand during a rally, “That was all us,” Foval said. “The guy that got roughed up is my counterpart,” he said.

A COPD sufferer who was assaulted at a Trump rally in North Carolina was also one of their activists who had been trained to bird-dog, Foval said. They put people in line at 6 a.m., so they’re at the front of the rally and they’re the ones asking Trump questions when he comes down. They train people two weeks ahead of time on birddogging.

Foval added on the video that they also hire mentally ill people “to do some crazy stuff.” He also makes sure they get a hotel, shower, and puts them in a program afterward.

James O’Keefe, Who Put Together the Video, Has Been Accused of Editing Misleading ACORN Videos

James O’Keefe, who put together this video, owns Project Veritas. The organization was formed in 2010 with the mission of investigating and exposing corruption, dishonesty, waste, and fraud.

In the past, O’Keefe has been accused of selectively editing videos and distorting chronologies of ACORN employees. He published hidden camera recordings in 2009 in which his associate dressed as a prostitute and he posed as her boyfriend, a law student. They tried to get damaging responses from employees of ACORN. The videos showed low-level ACORN employees in six cities providing advice on tax evasion and human smuggling. When he showed the videos, he was dressed in a pimp costume, but he wasn’t actually dressed that way when he visited the employees. ACORN employees shared his visits with the police after he left. By December 2009, an ACORN investigation cleared it of any wrongdoing, but noted that poor management contributed to unprofessional actions. The California Attorney General concluded the videos had been “severely edited.” The New York Times came to the same conclusion, saying that the sequence of some conversations was even changed. ACORN dissolved in March 2010.  (Note that O’Keefe’s videos are a separate issue from the voter fraud questions that ACORN faced.)

In 2010, O’Keefe and three accomplices were arrested in New Orleans for attempting to illegally record a Senator. Two were dressed as telephone repairmen. O’Keefe was sentenced to three years’ probation and 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine.

In 2011, he staged encounters with workers that he claimed showed Medicaid fraud, but later examination showed there was no fraud.

In 2013, O’Keefe paid $100,000 to a former ACORN employee, Juan Carlos Vera, for misrepresenting Vera baed on selectively editing videotapes. The editing made Vera look like he was a willing participating in O’Keefe’s plan to smuggle women into the U.S. illegally. Vera said that he encouraged O’Keefe to share more information so he could turn him in to authorities. Vera lost his job because of the way the video was edited.

The video that O’Keefe released appears to show dogged attempts on some Democrats’ part to incite violence and create a violent narrative about Trump supporters. At the same time, the videos should be scrutinized closely, with an eye for when editing occurred in case anything wsa edited in a misleading way. After reviewing the videos and reading the full story, what do you think about what you saw? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Even if this was selectively edited, I don’t see how any of these statements could be misconstrued. It’s pretty clear that further investigation should be done into this matter and that, yes, it should be televised since the major news networks have no problem running much less substantiated stories.

  2. I’ll give credit for at least covering the story. What was not mentioned is that O’Keefe’s ACORN video is widely credited for closing down ACORN. Somehow that’s not mentioned above but “editing” is referenced. If you can’t see what the purpose of Hillary’s henchmen group Are doing you likely still think “hands up, don’t shoot” happened in Ferguson, MO.

    • If Hitler had risen from the dead to make this film it wouldn’t change the content. I know he’s done some shady stuff in the past, but the video speaks for itself.

      • But that’s what “they’ wanted to say to the public. In actuality, logically, the video played a role in the decision as well.

    • Heavy’s coverage of the despicable actions of Hillary PAID Operatives and the continued propaganda pushing narrative of the media and press, Heavy’s “Sci-Fi” writer is not different with her attempts by none other than the Crooked NY Times deflection to distract from the REAL Story. WikiLeaks and THIS STORY are not going away.

  3. This is a devastating video that reveals criminal conduct that we now know is known and approved of at the very highest level in the Democratic Party (Wikileaks email – Bird dogging). Hillary knows full well what’s going on and the machine has been set up, as the idiot in the video admits, to hide behind plausible deniability.

    Americans must ask themselves – if this is what Hillary and Bill are like on campaign, what on earth will they be like with the keys to the WH?

    Sorry no one in their right mind can vote for these people. Disgraceful but consistent with the Clintons track record. Hillary is now unelectable.

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  5. NIce try Heavy, and your Hillary corruption deflector and Sci Fi Writer, Stephanie Dube Dwilson, in your attempts to discredit and deflect from Hillary Clinton’s mounting issues and long record of corruption… Creamer and Foval’s actions, along with Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s actions are going to be plastered all over social media just like the damning WikiLeaks emails that Clinton’s errand boys and errand girls in the media and press are attempting to ditch…Hillary won’t be able to buy herself out of these daily scandals…

  6. This article is badly written and largely nonsense, particularly the parts pertaining to ACORN. I know this because I wrote the book on ACORN. (“Subversion Inc.”, WND Books, 2011)

    “What’s unclear is whether the actions at the rallies are done in coordination with the DNC or separately.” WRONG. it is clear from the video that both Fovan and Creamer are saying that the DNC is both aware and supportive of their operations all the way up to Hillary Clinton herself who knows what is going on through her subordinates.

    “ACORN employees shared his visits with the police after he left.” NOT QUITE. Two employees, fearing they had exposed themselves to criminal liability, called the police after the fact in order to cover their posteriors.

    “In 2010, O’Keefe and three accomplices were arrested in New Orleans for attempting to illegally record a Senator.” WRONG. They were arrested but not for recording anything. They were arrested for violating an obscure federal law that forbids entering a federal building under false pretenses.

    This is not an exhaustive list of what’s wrong with this article.

    • The video is edited. Not one clip reveals that the campaign knew that inciting violence was a strategy. A couple of clips show the operatives discussing Hillary being aware of the contracted groups actions, but the clip doesn’t specify what those actions are…..the viewer is led to believe that the actions are inciting violence at trump rallies, because it is edited. Why edit it? Why not have one operative say point blank: “Hillary knows we incite violence”? In addition, I say the strategy just shows how many nutjobs support this walking ego, a billionaire leading the working class, a loud mouth, crass, inarticulate fool that speaks nothing of policy and everything about his own greatness. Trump sucks, and he is feeding you all BS

  7. You are heavily full of shitte when you say he was accused of editing videos. He released the entire videos and other people edited them. These videos are in their entirety as he always makes available.

  8. This video says it all and much more. It is so obvious there is corruption on the democratic side but my God what does it take to ever get anything done to the democrats! They could murder someone in front of a million people and get away with it! This video is scary and the whole world needs to see it. This has been going on for years and then PRESIDENT OBAMA tries to make Trump look like an idiot because he is discussing rigged elections! Obama is the idiot and the guilty party here. Trump knows exactly what he is saying. It is very clear on this video what is going on. For him to get fired he must have done something, but they had to do something. The whole world should view this!

    • Good. Doesn’t take much to get a bunch of rage full idiots to jump off. Shows how juvenile the Trump army really is, and how much the world doesn’t need him leading

  9. “Trump supporters aren’t violent! It’s those darn liberals. They wore the t shirts, it’s their fault someone punched them.”

    Ethically deplorable behavior aside, is anyone buying this excuse for their violence?

  10. Why would two operatives for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party resign? How do you explain? That’s the real story not discrediting a real journalist who is trying to uncover the truth.

    • Maybe because Hillary and Podesta were pissed that they were inviting violence as a strategy? Maybe because they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the fear of Trump as president

  11. I think your headlines should have been “Democrats incited violence” not did they. We have a video, people ‘s faces and words.

  12. I am not a Trump supporter, and believe that despite the loose “he said she said” allegations leveled against him, that Trump is VERY LIKELY guilty of groping women. Likewise I also believe my own eyes and ears when I hear Creamer (a former prison inmate) talking seriously about using voter fraud. (Of course he has now “stepped down.”) And come on – how about this guy Foval talking about using the menatally ill and paying union workers to stir up Trump rallies! Don’t try to defend that, he was loving it! Sad that we have to depend on the likes of Russia and James O’keefe for any investigative reporting these days!

  13. It’s been stated and seen elsewhere too. He still said the words and it can only be edited ONLY so much. This is conspiracy to incite violence. Hopefully the FBI and local PD’s will investigate and charge with conspiracy.

  14. Look, it has already been decided. You cannot just protest to get an elected president out of the parliament. You can now ensure the power of the minority. Make sure life of the minorities do not get hampered. That is all real activist can do.