WATCH: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Such a Nasty Woman’

Republican nominee Donald Trump interjected during Hillary Clinton’s response to a question about entitlements during the third presidential debate by calling the Democratic nominee “such a nasty woman.” You can see video of the moment above.

The line came after Clinton said that her plan would raise taxes on the wealthy, including contributions to Social Security. She added that her contribution would go up along with Trump’s, unless he was able to get out of it somehow.

“Well Chris, I am on record as saying that we need to put more money into the Social Security trust fund,” Clinton said while answering the question by moderator Chris Wallace. “That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”

Trump appeared to be angered by her comment and butted in with the insult.

“Such a nasty woman,” Trump said, pointing his finger out, smirking and shaking his head.

Clinton ignored Trump, continuing to answer the question.

“But what we want to do is to replenish the Social Security trust fund by making sure that we have sufficient resources,” she said.

Earlier in the debate, Clinton addressed the way Trump treats women, including those who have accused him of sexual assault, saying, “Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He goes after their dignity, their self-worth, and I don’t think there is a woman anywhere who doesn’t know what that feels like.”

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  1. Hillary is a nasty woman-
    She takes money from a country that disparages women. Shame on her. She has no intention to give it back.
    The Federal government is to Serve the people not tell us how to run how lives. She wants to purposely ruin America so we have open borders… allow people in who do not care for American values in order to support a one world government.

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    • “She wants to purposely ruin America so we have open borders . . .” Really??? Your saying Hillary stood up to more personal abuse than any other candidate in the last 60 years of Presidential contest , and did so just so she can get a good deal on a poncho? Oh, I forgot, it’s Donald and Ivanka who had their clothing line produced anywhere but America–now, there’s American values for ya–NOT!! Oh, and btw, next time you stay in a hotel, or eat out in a restaurant, check to see who cleaned your toilet, or washed your dishes–it ain’t white folk!

      Regardless the black-and-white evidence, and specific, detailed documentation, (most of it admitted to by Donald himself), juxtaposed against and all the independent nonpartisan organizations documenting that it is Trump that repeatedly lies, including multiple videos (and I’m not even talking about the vulgar Access Hollywood tape), and you say shame on Hillary? Shame on Hillary for taking money “from a country that disparages women???” Hillary didn’t take any money. You need to learn to distinguish donations to a foundation and there is no monetary gain, and which is documented by the independent Charity Navigator as a 4-star charity that gives away 90% of is donations, and taking money from a country that goes into one’s bank account. Lastly, if anyone disparages women, look no further than Donald, who states on nationally syndicated radio that it’s OK to refer to his daughter as a “piece of ass . . . now, THAT’S disparaging!!

  2. She is a nasty women. Watching her speek you can basically see the evil ozing out of her. If would be a catastrophy not only for the USA but for the world if she becomes president. I am German, i know what that kind of nasty women can do to your country.

    • If anyone knows a nasty woman looks like, it’s a German woman. German women eat shit. They actually *like* to eat shit. You enjoy eating shit, don’t you, Claudia?

    • Oh, puhleeze! Do you have any clue how to debate or to state a reasoned position? Your claim amounts to that we must keep the fear alive, but doesn’t give any specifics as to why. What kind of debate is that? Your comments are mere self-masturbation if you can’t defend your position with specifics and accompanying documentation.

      • Really, I’ve read several articles in several different publications and multiple sources that Canada will welcome Americans who disaffect over Trump. What are your sources?

      • “Nothing was more sacred to the founders than the peaceful transition of power. Without that, we don’t have a democracy, and more than anything else, that’s what 1776 and beyond was about. Yet asked if he would accept the result of this election, Mr. Trump said he’d think about it when the time comes, and then he’d let us know.” ~Bazelon

        If you ever thought of voting for Trump, the above quote should change your mind. If not, you don’t comprehend the basic understanding of the American political process

  3. Trump is correct…….She is a nasty woman! She is a wolf in sheep clothing…..
    … very greedy, selfish and shameless…….she cares only about herself, not America as she claims….
    She is all talk but no action!

      • How did she make her millions? Through “speeches”?! If you believe her sacred words are worth millions, with no anterior motives or straight corruption, you’re deluded. Another greedy pig using her elected position to line her pockets. She’s a piece of shit. If she cared so much, she’d give away the vast majority of her multi million dollar fortune that she hardly earned. But she won’t, because she doesn’t care about public service. She cares about power and the fortune to be made with it. At least Trump is a business man and didn’t spend his life posing as a politician to get rich.

        • You could say the same thing about Donald Trump … we don’t even know if he donates to charity, becuz he won’t release his taxes … and remarks such as “piece of shit,” might get u off and further solidify Trump’s base, but they do nothing to convert the Undecided voter–in fact, as the polls show, the Undecideds are running towards Hillary!

    • Illegal immigrants say where my free Obama phone! I want free stuff, tax more movie actors and millionaire. Let bank CEO’S and GM get another bailout because crooks like $! History repeats itself, Hilliary just needs a darker Tan! LOL!!!!!!! Real dark 1!

  4. Americans it is your rare chance and one in a million times to take your country back !! Globalist are losing in ballot all over across the Europe. Why not in America !?

    • Yeah, how’s the British pound doing since the Brexit vote … yeah I thought so … get real people, the world is changing, and no amount of denial can repudiate that .. it ain’t perfect, but all nascent enterprises are never without their problems …metaphorically, you’re trying to go back to horse and buggy days … but when push comes to shove, even you wouldn’t give your car!!!

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  6. Wikileaks emails line up the people in the Project Veritas Videos. Where is that story you Digital DNC rag?
    If Donna Brazile (the one who gives debate questions in advance against Bernie) wasn’t the DNC Chair when these guys were hired guess who was Debbie WS who is now on the Hillary Campaign as she so publicly announced when she got canned because of Wikileaks. And.. if it was before her time it was Tim Kaine. HRC is a Chicago style thug, with a nice demeanor in public. Shame Shame Shame.

  7. So True if Hilliary wins, America will be the next 3rd world country. Tax the rich to give more to welfare and freebies to illegal immigrants!

    • If what u say is true, then why would so many uber billionaires be supporting Hillary, or at the very least, refuse to support Trump!?

      • Uber BILLIONAIRE??

        I suggest you get to rehab, stop the drugs, and finally finish your GED. You’re living in an alternate reality.

        • Ever heard of Richard Branson, Warren Buffrt, the Koch Brothers … try getting out of ur echo chamber and learn something … maybe then you’ll be able to finally answer my question instead of hiding behind juvenile insults!

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