Donald Trump’s Fletcher, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Did Democrats Incite Violence at Trump Rallies? [VIDEO]

A new video shows Democrats talking about inciting violence at Trump rallies. See the video here.

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  1. Two total dangerous idiots who feel so privileged that they can do and say anything they want. Remember every DOG has his day. Putin will one day be led through the streets of Moscow to face the people in the square. Trump will also fall. Like Jimmy Cliff said the harder they come the harder they fall. It is just a matter of time.

  2. Thanks for the great pics! We had a terrific time standing shoulder to shoulder with all of you. The darling legal immigrant lady from the Ukraine, the young gentleman who’s father legally migrated from Syria before he was born, the legal immigrant Taiwanese gal who drove all night to get to the rally and the legal immigrant Buddhist lady…we all held our pink Women for Trump signs high and the unity was unmistakable. All right here in small town Franklin, NC, all together for one reason and it wasn’t just to see the great man but rather to feel again and for the first time in decades what it feels like to be Americans together proudly and BIGLY. Oh, I wish you could have been there!