Donald Trump Rally in Kinston, North Carolina: The Photos You Need to See


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Is it possible to hear the crowd beforehand instead of music? Thanks so much


Someone needs to tell Trump to blend his makeup!! Maybe Melania could help, if she’s allowed out of the tower!


You might be right, but maybe in the meantime they are actually listening to what he has to say rather than judging him on his looks. Ya know something you liberals say isn’t a nice thing to do to people? Isn’t that why you have you have the stupid “Coexist” bumper sticker on your dorky looking Prius? But then again that’s the ever present hypocrisy of you guys, do as you say not as you do. Maybe instead of judging peoples looks you should attend a Hillary rally, from the sounds of it she cant fill a coffee shop without bribing people to sit through her same tired message she has repeated for the last thirty years and never fulfills any of it.

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