WATCH: Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Isn’t “Even Loyal to Bill”

During a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Donald Trump took his criticism of Hillary Clinton to the next level, referencing her marriage to Bill Clinton and apparently accusing her of having cheated on him.

Towards the end of the event on October 1st, when Trump was talking about Hillary Clinton being bought and paid for, he added in an improvised line referencing her relationship with her husband.

“I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth,” Trump said.

The entire audience laughed at this remark, also clearly expressing surprise that he had gone there. Trump then followed this up by saying, “And really, folks, really, why should she be?”

This comes one day after Trump said that he planned to be nastier towards his opponent and begin bringing her personal life into the campaign.

“She’s nasty, but I can be nastier than she ever can be,” Trump told The New York Times on Friday.

Trump also said immediately after the debate on Monday that he was proud of himself for not getting personal and for not referencing Bill Clinton’s past. It has become clear since then that Trump plans to bring Bill Clinton’s sexual history into the campaign, especially talking about the way Hillary Clinton dealt with the women with whom her husband had relationships.

Although Trump spoke from a teleprompter during his Manheim rally on Saturday evening, he went off script many times, getting in some jabs at Clinton that were not in the prepared text. In addition to the “loyalty” comment, he also mocked Clinton for her recent health scare, saying that she can’t even get into her car by herself.

Trump also floated the conspiracy theory that he was purposely given a bad microphone at the recent presidential debate.

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  1. Trump supporters should understand that he thinks you are stupid.
    In his speech, where he, not so subtly, called for you to assassinate Hillary, what did he call you?

    He called you “those second amendment people.”

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It isn’t just people who are passionate about their Second Amendment rights that he despises and disrespects. It’s all the voters that can be manipulated into voting for him. Even if they oppose everything you hold dear, he wants their votes, no matter what it takes. Trump couldn’t care less about constitutional amendments, or constitutional law, or laws in general. He cares about Trump. And Trump’s above the law. He can ask a foreign intelligence service to “find” his opponent’s emails, or even suggest his supporters murder her, and there are no consequences. So, why should he be concerned?
    But remember, when he says that all he has to do is “mention the wall,” when you’re getting bored during a rally, or that he could murder someone and “not lose a single vote,” he’s talking about you, his “useful idiots.”

    And, speaking of immigration and “the wall,” what did he say?

    “I’ll build a great wall…” And make Mexico pay for it?

    Do you believe him? Does he think you are an idiot? Of course he does.

    I, on the other hand, don’t believe all Trump supporters are stupid. Some are merely ignorant of the facts.

    Ignorance and stupidity are dreadful maladies.

    One is treatable, the other is terminal.

    Now, let’s see those tax returns.

    • 1. You dont have to agree or plan to vote for Trump and be a replican. It is far better to vote Republican, whover the candidate than vote for the other parties that run on false pretenses and plans od making everything free

    • That’s about the equivalence to Donald saying Hillary is not faithful to Bill. Wish Hillary surrogates would attack her.