Racist ‘Trump Twitter’ Comes Out With Coded Ways to Share Racial Slurs [PICS]


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Hey thanks for this handy guide. I left mine behind after our last clan rally. I needed another copy. Thanks for not being a skype like most of your fellow car salesmen.


So Hillary’s supporters calls themselves “deplorables” and tweet “coded” racist messages to make folks think they came from Trump supporters. How naive you are to fall for this crap. Hillary really doesn’t need to have such fakes and shills – she tells the lies herself, and the lapdog media and pathetic writers like you believe her every word. So sad.


You think that these things are just Hillary supporters are pretending to be Trump supporters? That’s really retarded. Go on Twitter and look for any Alt-Right account (or look for YouTube videos popular with that type of person), you’ll probably find the term “sandgoogle” within minutes. As for people calling themselves “deplorable” or “basement dweller”, you do realise they’re being ironic, right? Not everything is a Hillary Clinton conspiracy, you know. Also *call, not “calls”.

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