WATCH: Fly Lands on Hillary Clinton’s Face During Debate

In an incident that all too closely resembled something from HBO’s new show “Westworld”, a fly flew on Hillary’s Clinton forehead last night during the second presidential debate, sending Twitter into a frenzy. While some commented that the fly was the evening’s MVP, others made jokes about how the insect is known to be attracted to feces.

Sunday’s debate was rife with memorable lines, from Trump saying “It’s just words, folks”, in response to what he said in the 2005 tape released late last week, to Anderson Cooper telling the Republican nominee, “You bragged that you sexually assaulted women.” Heading into the night, polls were in favor of Clinton, according to Newsweek. The New York Times polls predicted that as of early Sunday morning, Clinton had an 82% chance of winning the presidency.

Read on for some of the night’s funniest tweets regarding the fly that landed on Clinton’s head.

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  1. Flies are attracted to objects based on smell. Hillary Clinton has so many medical issues that she probably smells bad. “Attracted like flies to shit” is the old saying.