Hillary Clinton & Anthony Weiner: Memes & Jokes You Need to See

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  1. Some Americans, have not stopped surprising me over and about Hillary. Here is a woman, who has served her Nation, most of her life. Give her the maximum support to take Americans through to the “American Dream”. She is well able. For sure, she’ll be your next President. Her travails now, at this ” Eleventh Hour”, is to ensure that she recognises the fact, that she does and should not take anything for granted. America, is the greatest nation, presently, on earth. Hillary Clinton, is sure to be, that human instrument, to be used by God Almighty, to position the USA, for three core Cardinal values; World Security, Global Economics and Universal Diplomacy and international Law.

    • Your seriously kidding me right? Because of her treasonous behavior 5 foreign governments have hacked and taken our Secret classified information from Hillary basement email account.She has stolen billions from our government. THE ONLY REASON SHE FLEW AROUND AS SECRETARY OF STATE WAS TO RUIN THE WORLD AND MEET WITH HER NEXT POCKET LINING CRIMINALS. ANYTHING she has done has only been done for contacts for future bribes and blackmail. Or POS president knows it and has had communications with her with a fake name. Huma , Obama and Hillary have totally ruined the USA and aren’t through yet. They will start more Wars before she gets tossed in her Orange jumpsuit.