Hillary Clinton’s Columbus, Ohio Rally: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. Maybe 500 at max. One of her larger crowds just because it was at Ohio State. Still nothing like Trumps rally’s.

  2. Strange.. Doug Mills posted a panoramic photo on Twitter of the rally with thousands of “people”… How is that not only does the whole middle section appear to look lower and different than the rest of the crowd in view, but all of the shots in the gallery on this page are only from the one or two sections in the front? Very interesting..

  3. Looks like a cozy little get together, 500 max. When you’ll be honest enough to show a full panoramic view, we’ll start taking your numbers seriously. Your report is a joke and you know it.

    • Actually, the numbers are quite real. I attend the Ohio State Univeristy (second year) and while Clinton was giving her speech, the south oval was overflowing with people, the 18,500 number is very real. Believe me, I was there and it was an incredible amount of people. More than I was expecting even and I was expecting a lot. How you can say 500 max baffles me and frankly, is quite hilarious. If you don’t believe me, I have photos.