New Hillary Clinton Email Announcement: Why Did FBI Do It 11 Days Before Election?

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Hillary Clinton aboard her campaign plane on Friday. (Getty)

The Hillary Clinton campaign was rocked Friday by what was initially reported as an FBI announcement that it was “reopening” the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. The details of the story quickly revealed that there was no “reopening” of the investigation — so why did FBI Director James Comey make the announcement just 11 days before the 2016 presidential election?

The answer, according to an account by Newsweek magazine, is that Comey had no choice.

“Because the new information followed his sworn testimony about the case, Comey was obligated by Department of Justice rules to keep the relevant committees apprised,” Newsweek reported. “Under oath Comey had stated that the bureau had completed its review. Once he learned that there were new emails that required examination, Comey had to notify Congress that he had to amend his testimony because it was no longer true.”

The magazine also said that there was a “political dimension” to the announcement. Comey knew that if the FBI had come into possession of any new information relevant to the email investigation, but did not alert congress to that fact prior to the election on November 8, “the director and his entire agency’s credibility might have been questioned.”

Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald reported on his Twitter account that the announcement involves only three emails.

Newsweek noted that Comey did not use the term “reopened” with regard to the email investigation, likely because, “technically it was never closed.”

Nonetheless, Clinton Campaign manager John Podesta blasted Comey in a statement of his own later Friday.

“It is extraordinary that we would see something like this just 11 days out from a presidential election,” Podesta wrote. “The Director (i.e. Comey) owes it to the American people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. We are confident this will not produce any conclusions different from the one the FBI reached in July.”

The Clinton email investigation is not the first time that Comey has been involved in an investigation targeting either Hillary or Bill Clinton. In fact, the email probe is the third time Comey, who has said that he was a registered Republican for his entire life until recently when he dropped his party registration altogether, has investigated the Clintons.

Comey served as special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee in the 1990s, which investigated a failed real estate deal involving the Clintons but ultimately resulted in charges against either Clinton.

Then, when Comey was a federal prosecutor, he led an investigation into a pardon given to fugitive financier Marc Rich in the latter days of the Bill Clinton presidency. But that investigation also went nowhere.


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It’s blackmail plain & simple. They make a deal Comey agrees to, then he decides to sweeten the deal with new leverage. Whether or not he always knew of the Weiner emails is irrelevant – anyone else would have been in jail by now for what they did and Hillary was one of those few gatekeepers of security for our nation that knew better. The power structure(s) that never get voted out of office want they way by use of influence on candidates before they even enter office and right now they are tightening the screws. Perhaps the Koch Brothers pulled some strings, or perhaps theTrump campaign (same thing really) offered a better deal to the FBI that they liked. It’s blackmail either way.


No wonder Trump has been talking about October surprise, he kept repeating the email problem throughout his campaign and even suggested to cancel the election and appointing him as President. As usual people paid no particular attention to his foolish babbling, only now that they realized what was behind the puzzling performance. He knew what was coming and his Director friend chose the right moment to explode the bombshell.


It is not the Donald Trumps of the world that we must fear. It is the ignorant, functionally illiterate, and inarticulate citizens like “Frank” who will harm our beloved country irreparably.

Earth Provides Store (@EarthProStore)

Trump is one of the least literate and/or articulate candidates to run at the national level. He has misquoted and manufactured “facts” throughout his campaign, only to have them debunked, often by members of the Republican party. He has expressed an unwillingness to pay one of his contracted pollsters, which is an example of the more than 3,500 lawsuits against, with the largest majority representing a failure to pay his bills. His companies have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization six times since his rise to “success,” and according to Federal Election Campaign filings, which are REQUIRED disclosure in order to run for office, Trump has less than $200,000,000. Beyond his lack of knowledge about foreign, and his evading taxes for nearly two decades, he has suggested that he would consider continuing his show “The Apprentice’ while in office.

With all due respect, Phil, Frank’s “inarticulate” language can’t match the scope of Trump’s business misrepresentations, lack of knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs, nor his propensity for accosting women around him. It is unlikely that all those women have been scrambled up like eggs, simply to tarnish his reputation. He did that when he was unaware of an open mike, and bragged about his foul and inappropriate interactions with women via “locker room talk.” Had these comments been made about Angela Merkel, or another female world leader, we could be facing the first ever major diplomatic incident Germany that could destroy our relationship with the EU, and the rest of the world. That’s a lot more “harm” than people like Frank could ever dream of.


The GOP has acted criminally ever since we elected a black president. Trump represents a large portion of their party. I am disgusted with the GOP because they think that holding voter depression and circulating false information to win their way is a new low! I never voted along party lines. I always voted the candidate. I now have to say that I will never vote for a republican candidate again!There is a cancer running through the party that will not be erased for a very long time. Shame on all of them!


I agree. They are so deceitful in just about everything anymore. The Democratic party has it flaws, God knows, but not to this extent. I am also very upset with the American public for not making themselves more informed by reading and listening to a variety of information. The news media are NOT that helpful in making us informed (although they will make you an expert on ads). Fox news is so vitriolic and one-sided. MSNBC is not a whole lot better. It is so depressing. Our founding fathers warned us that a democracy would not last unless the public was thoroughly informed. They thought it was a matter of having a free press, but it is also a matter of intellectual sloth.


Dir Comey was in a situation where he would be blamed by one party or the other either way. If did not release the information to the Congress then if Hillary had won the republicans would have gone after him for hiding crucial information regarding a candidate. However, he did violate an standing instructions which said not to interfere with the election process.

David Rodriguz

Comey is a person who knows how to piss on himself with the rest of Congress pissing on him.

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