Hillary Clinton’s Kent, Ohio Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton’s Wilton Manors, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a rally in Wilton Manors, Florida today. It was a rally and concert. See photos and stories here.

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  1. Tiny crowds compared to Trump’s massive crowds!! Hard to believe anyone could support such an evil woman?? Just shows the moral decline of our country. Wikileaks will finish her off by the end of the week!!

  2. lol huge, just look at the picture, she couldn’t even cover half the recreation center, see all the wood flooring in the background behind the flag!

  3. Donna Brazile is the acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee who resigned in July from her role as a CNN contributor. Why? Ms. Brazile was sending Hillary Clinton advanced questions for the CNN Town Hall Presidential Debate. One question reportedly advanced to her was on Flint MIchigan’s lead water crisis. Wikileaks showed emails from Ms. Brazile saying she would send Hillary “more”. Crooked Hillary and cheater Donna Brazile please hang your heads in shame

  4. So….. Half a basketball court filled with people is a “Massive Rally”??? What do you call one of Trumps rallies that fill stadiums?

  5. This was at Kent state in their student rec center. It is literally 4 basketball courts. 1/3rd was blocked off. Source: I go there

  6. LOL A few hundred packed into a small space, yeah right, checkout Trump’s Rallies, REAL People vs a bunch of brainwashed media morons, and paid supporters.