Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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That’s Reptillary and Michelle …….sorry for the spelling !


Michelle Obama ,does not need to campaign for Hillary Clinton !!

Michelle Obama must campaign for Hillary Clinton !!

If Hillary Clinton is elected president ,she can give Michelle Obama a pardon !!

For her alleged criminal activity of fraud !!

Michelle Obama ,is campaigning for her freedom !!

Michelle Obama is campaigning for alleged criminal fraud !!

She is also also campaigning, for the foreign investors into the Clinton Foundation !!

Michelle Obama ,is well aware of Isis Muslim Fighters and their connection with the Clinton Foundation !! Michelle Obama is well aware that women are being stoned to death !!

Gays, being thrown off buildings, for being gay !!

The same investors, have a big interest in the trans-pacific partnership, also known as (TPP).

These (investors /donators), into Hillary Clinton’s Foundation ,have given Millions too Aid in the Clinton family !!

sources say ; Michelle Obama has learned from her good buddy Hillary Clinton, on how to deceive and take things that do not belong to her !!

Michelle Obama is campaigning, for the illegal Obamacare !!

Michelle Obama is campaigning, to help destroy America, and its values.


Omg…you’re so right. The 4 of them plus countless others are all in this corruption together. I can’t believe the American people are this stupid and haven’t learned from our mooselum ManchuRian president who has promised to ruin this country

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