Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine led a rally in Pittsburgh, PA today. These are photos & stories from the event.

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  1. Ah, the same city where they hired thousands of extras to take the chairs of the Sander’s delegates at the DNC?

    What a coincidence!

      • Not really hyperbole. Here is part of an article talking about the real numbers
        “Hillary has only had 12,000 total at her rallies since August 1st. To put this in perspective, Trump has had 300,000 more people at his rallies than Hillary and over 26 times the crowds she has entertained and Trump turned away 12,000 people Tuesday night which is roughly the same amount of people that Hillary has entertained at all her rallies since August 1st!”

    • The same convention where Hillary Clinton REFUSED to allow uniformed Philadelphia police officers participating in the convention…by the way Trump rallies had 20,000 30,00 plus in PA..Kaine had 14 the other day !

    • Something doesn’t make sense !

      I was there and there and there wasn’t that many people ?

      And they asked me to hold a Hillary Clinton banner !

      I told him no thank you ,don’t want one !

      That’s really weird it must be photoshopped or something ?

      Well like I said, that’s really weird.

  2. Killary was only able to draw 7,000 people in a city of three million. Trump was able to draw 6,100 in a town of 22,000 people. She is a joke!

  3. Ivwasvthere. Trust me, the estimate is close to accurate. I thought there would be a much lower turnout, the weather being in the 30s, but I was mistaken. Now, I was an ardent Bernie supporter and his rallies were YUGE but I was quite impressed last night by the amount of people. Hey, I guess she can fill stadiums too

    • You were Bernie fan but will vote for the person who cheated him out of primary?? She and her whole campaign is corrupt. My not like Donald Trump but you should give him a chance! Killary will be end of America as we once knew it. :-(

    • I don’t think she filled the stadium,because I was there and I didn’t see that many people ?
      There were people around the stage, but I didn’t see all them people behind me like it shows in the picture ?
      This is very very strange to say the least.

      • No wonder why Trump is losing . . . all his supporters can talk about is the size of the crowd . . . it’s akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burns!!!

  4. hy does the media hide the 20k+, 30k+ crowds at Trump rallies? Because they are twisted and afraid of the visual effects on voters. And Hillary draws an average of 3k crowds, shame on the fake media eg CNN, ABC and Co.

    • Why all this obsession with crowd size . . . the only “size” that counts is the candidate’s turn out at the ballot box. Focus on the prize; school yard bullying just ain’t gonna cut it!

  5. Looks to be about 2,000 to 3,000 in the picture. Huge for a Clinton rally but about the same number of Trump supporters who can’t get in to see him at his much bigger events.

    • If I were you, I wouldn’t spend time worrying about the number of people at of Hillary’s rally, but rather the number of of Trump’s voters at the ballot box on November 8th!

    • Hillary had Katy Perry perform at her rallies before, so why would it be news now? BTW, is it that Donald won’t share the stage with a celebrity, or he only has second-rate, long-forgotten actorys such as Scott Baio endorse him?

  6. So I travel all over with my job, many in the battleground states, I hear a lot of people saying (both men and women) that they are sick, tired, and board with the media, and people saying lock her up, Benghazi, emails, wiki leaks, Clinton foundation — such a turn off that they are voting for Hillary. I do hear a few people saying they will vote for Trump, but because of the same O same O lines they hear from reporters, neighbors, Trump ralles, etc., many will now vote for Hillary and as of today, many already have voted for her. Also have noticed a lot of people that go to Trump rallies say they are going there only for the show, to see a show, then they get turned off and vote for Hillary. Just saying we can’t get to confident.

  7. Looks like a Trump crowd to me. Can’t believe there are this many idiots anywhere that would be stupid enough to support Crookery.

  8. This evil WITCH doesn’t miss 1 trick. The working people are onto her and we will not allow her to take office. One way of another.

  9. Nothing new with good old Hillary, same promises as Obama but in sheeps clothing. Wake up America, its time to take the rose colerd glasses off and be honest with ones self. Nothing will change as she promises to raise health care premiums, and tax the blue collar into poverty…

  10. Good point, but she can’t execute her plan of social dependence if she’s paying the price of reckless intent and gross negligence. How many more untruths will America talerate before realizing they have been had once again?