Hillary Clinton Pueblo, Colorado Rally: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. I will raise taxes on the middle class !! I will allow Isis Muslims Fighters from Syria, to come to the United States to rape your 14 year old daughters !! I will allow Obama care to continue, it’s just the craziest thing !! I will allow foreign investors to steal what is left of this country !! I will bring America to its knees !! I will continue the legacy of the Muslim King Obama !! After all, I’m used to rape, murder ,and pillaging this shit it’s right up my alley !! I will be ruler of the world hahahahaha.

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  3. Hillary Clinton, the people hater, unless you are very rich like Warren Buffett and all the other very
    rich elites, will be your President unless ordinary people like you and me, Wake Up before it’s too
    late. Hillary makes it very obvious that you and me are losers and she will make sure we stay that
    way, while the very rich get richer. That is Hillary’s goal if she becomes President. She is a very
    evil person, reminding me of the other dictator that tried to take over their country. Hillary Clinton
    is a very dangerous person and if she wins, you will realize that, but it will be too late then if you
    vote for the psychopath Hillary Clinton. Go with Donald Trump, he’s the only one you can trust
    because he loves this country, but Hillary hates this country and wants to turn it into our enemy’s
    country. The only reason Hillary keeps putting out these ridiculous sexy charges of Donald Trump
    is because she doesn’t want the stupid people to think about what is happening in this country and
    it’s working for her. Stop listening to the lies that these cheap women are saying about Trump and
    start thinking about what Trump will do for this country, like a safe country from terrorists by building
    a wall, jobs for the people, safe cities from criminals, good insurance for people, good education
    for everyone and many other things. Hillary will give you none of these things. You must vote for
    Donald Trump if you want prosperity and freedom for all people in the USA.

  4. Clinton Camp Discussed Deleting Emails Despite Knowing It Was Against the Law. Assange is warning us, she is corrupt to the core. Her whole campaign is based on HATE & DIVISION, an Alinsky tactic. I’ve asked her supporters for one policy of hers they support…still waiting to hear from any of them. She has nothing but the media.

  5. When you get your mail ballot fill it in and return it right away, before the next wikileaks drop or you might not vote at all!