Hillary Clinton’s Tampa, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Trumps rally had a a turn out of 20,000 and about 7,000 that couldn’t get in. So your 15,000 claim is wrong


What don’t you bring up Hillary’s emails . . . no, Trump supporters would rather fixate on the size of Hillary’s rallies . . . geesh, not only how ineffective, but sad!


I was there walking around on my lunch break and yes it was a huge turnout. I don’t know where you got 300 from but more than 300 alone were turned away after the event filled up. There were still folks all along Ashley Dr and across the river at UT watching and supporting her too. Hillary may not have the most enthusiastic supporters at times but don’t think for a second she didn’t have a great turnout today in Downtown. Lots of excitement, Florida is gonna be a close race!

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