Hillary Clinton’s Tampa, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton’s Lake Worth, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Clinton led a rally in Lake Worth, Florida today, with thousands attending. See photos & stories here.

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    • I was there walking around on my lunch break and yes it was a huge turnout. I don’t know where you got 300 from but more than 300 alone were turned away after the event filled up. There were still folks all along Ashley Dr and across the river at UT watching and supporting her too. Hillary may not have the most enthusiastic supporters at times but don’t think for a second she didn’t have a great turnout today in Downtown. Lots of excitement, Florida is gonna be a close race!

    • What don’t you bring up Hillary’s emails . . . no, Trump supporters would rather fixate on the size of Hillary’s rallies . . . geesh, not only how ineffective, but sad!

  1. Most of these photos seem “close up” — not the VERY wide angle photos at the Trump Rally in Tampa. There was 20,000 ppl at the Trump rally with 7,000 sitting in the grass outside the venue- just under or at 30,000. In Sanford, Florida (think Trayvon Martin), they had to move Trump’s rally from inside an airport hanger to outside on the tarmac to fit in the crowds. I would have like to have seen an aerial of her “huge” turnonout.

    • My husband and I watched it on the BayNews9 webcam (the closest thing to an aerial view) – including before and after. It did look like about 350 at the most to us. Curtis Hixon Park was NOT filled up at all! Nobody was turned away. Most of the media outlets are lying to us. “Chris” is not telling the truth either (yes, there was a sprinkling of curious students across the canal, but they were not acting like “enthusiastic supporters”).

  2. Wrong! Trump had more than 20,000! Not 15,000! Get your facts straight, and while we’re talking about it, why don’t you give us the number of attendees that went to Hillary’s rally?? Is it because she could never pull in the big crowds like Trump does?!

    • Again . . . what don’t you bring up Hillary’s emails . . . no, Trump supporters would rather fixate on the size of Hillary’s rallies . . . geesh, not only how ineffective, but sad!

  3. Stephanie Dube, Get your facts straight! I was at Trump in Tampa, there were OVER 20,000 in attendance not 15k as in your article! FACT: There were more Trump Supporters denied entrance in Tampa because of Fire Marshal occupancy limitations, than there were total Clinton attendees in Tampa! FACT: Florida is now a true battleground state and NOT leaning Democratic. FACT: Kaine didnt even draw 100 people in Palm Beach earlier this week. FACT THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN IS A BASED ON A PACK OF LIES AND DECEPTION!

  4. you straight up lied! There was nowhere close to that many people there yesterday even the news is reporting 4,000 which is the generous I was there in the area I saw how many people were there!

  5. Is this a sci-fi article ’cause it sure ain’t reality. To begin with Donald had 20,000 capacity inside and another 10,000 outside.

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  7. For the 500 people in attendance it might have been the finest 20 minutes of their lives, but why are they all so fat?

      • you can not be proud of your parts. you have no control of your parts. you can be proud of your college degree, your high school grades, your time in a big race, but you can not be proud of something you were born with. words mean things.

  8. Nice close-cropping of the photos, and usually of the same people like those in the bleachers directly behind her. If you extrapolate what you can see from the one 20degree “wide” shot, she had maybe 1,000 people there, including press. Kaine dropped his FL appearance today. Signs of big cracks in the FL machine.

    • Even more ominous for Trump, though, there are some signs that Clinton is “showing strength” in Florida early voting with high numbers of Democratic requests for mail-in ballots compared to 2012. Republicans do lead in overall early voting ballot returns there; thus, Fox News says Trump has a “potential advantage” in Florida as a result. Others say early voting has demonstrated some indications of strength for Clinton in a state where polling has been extremely tight.

    • In your dreams she’ll lose . . .those who show up at Trump rallies are his rabid, diehard groupies . . . or those who ca’t resist looking at a train wreck . . .. only crowd tha twill matter is the ballot box

  9. If you want heroin and other dangerous drugs to come in the USA and kill our young people and
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  10. Sure there are a lot of people there but not even close to the numbers turning out for Trump. Yet the polls have her ahead yeah right.