WATCH: ISIS Gunfight Vs. Kurdish SWAT Team, GoPro Video

ISIS militants carried out a sneak attack on the northern Iraq city of Kirkuk on Friday, killing as many as 100 people, according to media reports out of the region. Kurdish police and troops reportedly got the attack under control within 24 hours.

During the fierce fighting, a CBS News crew followed one Kurdish police SWAT team as it engaged ISIS militants in a gun battle from inside a building. Watch the dramatic video, above, at the top of this page.

Be warned, the video as well as images below on this page, could be disturbing.

Here’s how CBS described the video.

“CBS News joined a Kurdish SWAT team as they fought back ISIS militants in the city of Kirkuk on Friday. Our producer wore a GoPro as they hid out in an abandoned building with security forces, overlooking the house where 6-8 ISIS fighters were launching an attack. This behind-the-scenes video shows the chaos of such an assault– a shootout in a densely-packed city.”

The ISIS attack, authorities believe, was designed as a diversion to take troops away from the push toward ISIS-cintrolled Mosul that has now been underway for more than a week. The fighting was brutal throughout the day and into the night on Friday. Citizens of Kirkuk, an ethnically diverse, oil rich town about 100 miles southeast of Mosul, did not shy away from the combat.

According to reports from Rudaw TV, a Kurdish news network, when a group of citizens apprehended one ISIS militant, they killed him by hanging, stringing him up on a lamp post.

In another incident, security forces gunned down an attempted suicide bomber before he could set off his explosive vest.

ISIS fighters, even after their lightening defeat, tried again to attack Kirkuk on Sunday. According to a Rudaw News report, security forces shit and killed one ISIS militant while a second successfully blew himself up with a suicide vest bomb. A third was gunned down as he attempted to set up a sniper’s nest on top of the Ghazi Mall in the city.


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