PHOTOS: ISIS Beheads ‘Wizard’ in Raqqa, Syria

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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The reason why they are covering their faces ,is so they can freely move in and out of borders without being recognized as a terrorist, with the Obama Clinton administration they are free to do what they want to the American people without recourse.


Lol. A religion stuck in the dark ages…..Christians at least you people moved on , we are still stuck …:)


Kudos to you my friend for saying what many Muslims are afraid or ignorant too. Also proving that these animals do not represent the vast majority of peaceful Muslims. Thank you


true.islam has to change and give euality to women. or the end is near


You silly person if you studied the Quran and Sunnah it was ISLAM that gave women their rights first. The kafir were quick to adopt it and claim it was them that gave women their rights while the Muslims have become ignorant towards their own religion just like you. Before coming on here making stupid comments please do ur research as it will save you from feeling humiliated and dumb

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