WATCH: First Mosul Videos as ISIS Fight Moves Into City

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Iraqi Shiite militiamen advance toward Mosul on Monday, October 31. (Getty)

Iraqi troops broke through ISIS lines into the city of Mosul on Monday, two weeks after the joint Iraqi-Kurdish force — supported by a United States-led military coalition — launched a massive military operation to reclaim the city held by ISIS militants since June of 2014.

By Tuesday morning, military authorities said that the attacks was moving faster than expected, but much more tough fighting lay ahead as remaining ISIS fighters continued to stage stiff resistance to the advancing troops. One firefight between Iraqi troops and ISIS militants was captured in the following video, posted by the Russian media outlet Ruptly.

Be warned, the video contains uncensored images of war, and could be disturbing — as could all the videos from Mosul below on this page.

The following video from the Iraqi satellite service Al Mawsleya also showed the reality of battling ISIS in the streets of Mosul’s eastern districts.

The BBC reported that Iraqi troops were expected to “pause” before pushing into the city, but “that isn’t what happened.”

On Tuesday, Iraqi forces took full control of the eastern Mosul neighborhood of Gogjali, according to reports by the Kurdish news agency Rudaw, while the Iraqi 9th Division and the 3rd Brigade pushed into the Judaydat al-Mufti district, also on the city’s east side.

Crucially, Iraqi forces reclaimed the Iraqi state TV building in the push inward from the east, depriving ISIS of an important outlet for propaganda.

As seen in the following video shot by Iraq’s security forces, the advancing troops have seized large supplies of ISIS weaponry as they have moved into the city.

“God willing, we will chop off the snake’s head,” said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. “They have no escape, they either die or surrender.”

ISIS-controlled media Monday had already begun spinning what appeared to be the group’s inevitable defeat in Mosul, no longer referring to the city as the “capital” of the terror organizations self-declared “caliphate” in Iraq.

“ISIS media broadcasts were saying that the fall of Mosul is not the end of the battle, by listing comparable situations in Islamic history how Muslims suffered many losses before achieving grand victories,” the Iraqi satellite TV network Al Samaria reported.

Earlier on Monday, the European news agency AFP broadcast the following video showing Iraqi troops staging for the attack on the city itself, on Mosul’s outskirts.

This video from Iranian TV network Al Alam also shows the Iraqi forces advancing into Mousl.

Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias have also taken a large role in the battle for Mosul, and Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Force — the organization encompassing dozens of independent militia groups, including the Shi’ites released a video showing civilians who the PMF says have been rescued from ISIS, including by the Shi’ite groups.

In the United States, the battle for Mosul continued to play a role in the 2016 presidential campaign with Republican candidate Donald Trump branding the attack “a total disaster.”

Trump referred, in a campaign appearance, to the troops fighting the battle — forces which include United States soldiers — “a bunch of amateurs.”

In one speech, Trump praised ISIS leaders as “very smart,” contrasting them with United States leaders whom he deemed “stupid.”

But military experts have hit back at Trump, saying that has no idea what the military operation actually entails.

“Trump seems not to understand rudimentary elements about the use of force,” said Kori Schake, former defense policy advisor to President George W. Bush.

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